1981 DeLorean DMC-12

The DMC-12’s greatest and most enduring claim to fame was its starring role opposite Michael J. Fox in Robert Zemeckis’ “Back to the Future”, the box office hit of 1985


As described by the seller, who just happened to be me, on eBay Motors: Never before offered for public sale. I am the second owner of this DeLorean, having bought it two-and-a-half years ago from the estate of the original owner, former NBC Orchestra bandleader and famed Mercedes-Benz collector Don Ricardo of Pasadena, CA.
When I purchased the DeLorean, it had just 3,211 miles (as of this writing it is still under 3,700 miles). I bought it as part of a four-car package, and it was not running at the time. I have spent in excess of $5,000 repairing the car, as the fuel system had gone bad from sitting. I had all the needed services done, the oil changed, and the shop used a careful procedure for starting a car that had been in “unintended” long-term storage.
This DMC-12 is strikingly original. I have seen other DeLoreans advertised as “with all updates.” Please know that this is not a car that has been “improved” like so many of them have. We tried to use only genuine DMC parts wherever possible. The exterior of the car is bright and shiny; it has not dulled or weathered with age, as so many of these cars have. The stainless steel panels are all in good shape, with no discoloration. There is a tiny ding on the trailing edge of the front hood, but the doors show no dings or dents, and all the other stainless steel panels seem unmarked. The rear bumper has a scratch perhaps two inches long. There was no stainless steel cleaner/conditioner/shine up used on the car, and I did not use any dressing on the rubber bits to make them shine.
This DeLorean DMC-12 has never seen any snow, sleet or hail. All the glass is excellent, there are no stars, cracks or delamination, and the original front spoiler has no marks. The tires are the original Goodyears, with no excessive wear on the tires. All the struts to hold open the doors, trunk and hood were replaced last year. The engine bay is very clean and tidy. The trunk is clean with the original carpets, space-saver spare and jack handle. There is some light fade to the paint in the top edge of the compartment; it looks as if the clearcoat is discolored. The interior of the car is very nice. The leather is supple and without cracks, fading or tears. The original carpets are very good; the dash has no cracks. The original radio works, as does the antenna. Both power windows work as they should. All gauges work. I recently replaced the battery, and the car was Virginia safety inspected and emissions tested last month.