1983 Porsche 930 Turbo

The 1976 production year brought the 930 Turbo to North America for the first time. Using developments Porsche had been perfecting for its racing cars, the 930 was the quickest, quietest, and fanciest high-performance street car Porsche had ever offered. It was also the first standard production Porsche to offer a turbo-charged system. Called “a dream car” by the press, it offered spectacular performance for a street car in the early 80s-0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds while pumping out 300 hp. The suspension and running gear were modified to handle this additional turbo power, while wider tires helped keep the car on the road. Finally, interior appointments on the 930 Turbo were luxurious compared to other model’s standard equipment, which helped make this wild ride all the more comfortable.

The 930 Turbo pictured here is complete with all original equipment. According to the owner, this car is in excellent running and driving condition.