A 1967 to 1973 Aston Martin DBS 6 (known briefly in 1972 and 1973 as the AM Vantage) is a fine automobile, equipped with the ultimate version of the twin-cam 6-cylinder motor that powered most of Aston Martin's post-war cars. These elegant coupes were initially designed for the Aston V8 engine but when the V8s development was delayed, Aston sold the new body style with the old engine design during the next five years as a DBS 6. It continued to sell in 1972 and 1973 as the AM Vantage. The DBS 6 has been unfairly undervalued in the market place because it lacked the new V8. However, the DBS 6 is quick enough, and particularly as a highway cruiser, it's a true luxury European grand touring automobile. It's also comfortable, it makes all of the right noises and it is the most affordable Aston Martin you can buy. What is affordable? At the low end, perhaps for as little as $14K you could buy a DBS 6, but most likely in questionable condition. At the high end, $25K should buy an exceptionally nice car. Some Aston enthusiasts might encourage you to spend a bit more and buy one of the early V8 Astons with similar styling, but with the DBS 6 you get a wonderful engine with all of its heritage, as well as wire wheels-in effect more car for less money than the V8. If you're lucky, you might find a Vantage variant, equipped with triple Webers, slightly different cams and producing a bit more horsepower. When buying a DBS 6, look for a five-speed because the automatics are sluggish. The full leather interiors seem to stand up quite well except in very hot climates, and the wire wheels often need attention because of the weight they carry. Also, it is essential that you find a competent Aston shop to check the car for rust and mechanical problems before you make your purchase. While DBS 6s are strong and reliable cars, they can be very expensive to put right if you aquire one that needs major work. Join one of the best one-make clubs in the world, the Aston Martin Owners Club, and start enjoying the Aston Martin experience. You will be welcomed warmly at Aston club events all over the world.

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