Month: November 2022

VTEC Just Kicked In

Think back to 1999. Four-cylinder sport compacts had overrun SEMA. Car magazines serving this market were 400 pages thick, with new ones being launched left and right. Every other Japanese econobox on the road was lowered and bedazzled with larger wheels and an aftermarket exhaust. No carmaker better understood this […]

Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight #31 – Jose Romero – Sales Manager at DriverSource

This week on Sport Car Market’s Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight, Jose Romero of DriverSourcereturns to talk the current state and direction of the marketplace, add to the Ferrari Dino vs Ferrari Daytona debate and run down their vast and diverse collection of offerings in this year’s Oktmotorfest Bring-a-Trailer collection. Join us every Monday night […]