Downtown Reno. Five people deep as far as I could see. Waiting to cross the street took almost 15 minutes. Walking across the street took up to three minutes. This place was packed.

The big cap to every night at Hot August Nights is a cruise from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Our first night here the cruise was pretty much rained out. Last night we checked out what Sparks had to offer. But tonight was insane.

After an hour of watching there were still new cars driving past. No waiting around to see that blown Studebaker come around again.

Every five minutes or so one guy would rev his engine and five cars around them would join in the celebration. A few times someone bought into the crowd’s encouraging cheers and chirped their tires. Even a few brave drivers inched close enough to the metal gates separating them from us to high five elated onlookers. I slapped hands with the driver of a gorgeous, dark green 1950 Buick Special coupe.

Law enforcement kept an iron fist ready to quash any trouble. Several motorcycles sped through the two lines of cruisers with lights flashing.

Fireworks shot off for a few minutes at 10 p.m., marking the end of the cruise.

It is almost the end of HAN this year, with awards and a parade to follow on Sunday morning. I can’t wait to come back and do it all again (and more) next year. I’ll just make sure I remember which side of the street to be on.

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