Tag: Classic Car

Jim’s Blog: Save Your VINs

Classic cars come and go. Buying and selling is just a part of gearhead life. But what do you do when regret sets in, maybe years after signing that bill of sale, and a little voice in your head convinces you that you’ve got to have that old car back? […]

Jim’s Blog: When Newer Isn’t Better

A few Saturdays ago, my dad called me up. “Just bought a brand new Silverado and I need a lift to the dealership to pick it up. Can you help me out?”    No problem.   My four-year old daughter Katie was pretty excited to see her grandpa’s new truck, […]

Jim’s Blog: What’s Your Winter Project?

It’s easy to imagine a car person sitting wistfully by the window, watching rain or snow falling from the sky and dreaming of sunny two-lane roads. But we all know that’s not exactly how it goes.   No, car people in the colder parts of the U.S. use winter to […]

Jim’s Blog: Firing it Up in Reno

Virginia Street in downtown Reno is one of the main cruising strips for Hot August Nights. But each day of the event, traffic is redirected elsewhere and the road becomes a huge car show, with hundreds of vintage hot rods, muscle cars, street rods, and trucks, posed in the sun […]

Chad’s Blog: Cruise Into the Night

Downtown Reno. Five people deep as far as I could see. Waiting to cross the street took almost 15 minutes. Walking across the street took up to three minutes. This place was packed. The big cap to every night at Hot August Nights is a cruise from 7 p.m. to […]