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Jim’s Blog: Will You Buy Online?

The car of your dreams is for sale and you’ve got the cash in hand. Only one problem. You can’t see it in person first. That’s the challenge in front of a lot of buyers right now, and auctions are working to make that challenge less of a concern by […]

Jim’s Blog: Share Your Project With ACC

Big projects are great, but sometimes it’s the small stuff that makes the biggest difference. Most of us can appreciate a complete restoration job on a car that really needed it — but sometimes just finding a fixing a squeak or rattle on you weekend classic is all it takes […]

Jim’s Blog: Snowballs in Spring

If there’s ever a time for a car project to snowball out of control, it’s right now. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s as simple as a carb adjustment turned rebuild. Other times it’s a tune-up that turns into a top-end rebuild. Or maybe it’s that one little section of […]

Jim’s Blog: Share Your Projects

If there’s one takeaway from all these weeks of stay-at-home recommendations and/or orders, it’s this: Projects are a lot more important than they once were. We all need stuff to do to recharge, and if you’re the kind of car person that likes to work with your hands, an old […]

Jim’s Blog: A New Market Ahead

Last week, I talked about things to look for in your next buy — specifically things relating to cosmetically and mechanically restored cars coming out of the Coronavirus era. But as reader Jeff pointed out, there are some larger questions looming out there as well, so let’s take a minute […]

Jim’s Blog: Substance and Style

I like to think there are three factors that make an old car desirable: Style, performance, and nostalgia. To some degree, each old car sale is driven by those factors, even if they’re not always the same for every model. A classic Corvette has all three in more or less […]

Jim’s Blog: What’s Your Current Project?

Since our usual car events are on hold right now, what are car people up to?  Right now I’d normally be getting ready for the Portland Swap Meet, and a few local shows that take place in April. Instead, I’m working in my garage and spending a lot of time […]

Jim’s Blog: Five Car Projects to Do at Home

Stuck at home? Most of us are. Now’s a great time to turn off the news and get out in your garage. While a lot of things are closed, many parts suppliers aren’t — Summit Racing, Larry’s Thunderbird and Mustang Parts, Paragon Corvette, Original Parts Group, ZIP Corvettes, National Parts […]