Stuck at home? Most of us are. Now’s a great time to turn off the news and get out in your garage. While a lot of things are closed, many parts suppliers aren’t — Summit Racing, Larry’s Thunderbird and Mustang Parts, Paragon Corvette, Original Parts Group, ZIP Corvettes, National Parts Depot, Camaro Central, Firebird Central, Muscle Car Central, Classic Chevrolet Parts, Lutty’s Chevy Warehouse, and more are still operating, if even on a more limited basis. That means you can still get parts to make your car better, and now’s a great time to do the work.

Looking for inspiration? Here are five projects you can tackle yourself, with ACC’s help.

1. Fuel Tank Swap

Does the OE tank in your muscle car drip fuel from the seam around the filler neck when you fill it up? Is it full of rust and scale from sitting? Swapping out a tank isn’t hard to do, especially if it’s mounted up behind the rear axle, as most GM muscle cars were in the 1960s.

Skill level: ** (***** is hardest)

Watch out for: Fuel on the floor, or down your arm. Learn more

2. Original Paint Restoration

Bringing out the shine in your 50-year-old paint may seem impossible, but all it takes is time and a little effort. You probably already have all the things you need to make your classic look its best.

Skill level: *

Watch out for: Buffing through the paint, although some people like that look these days. Learn more

3. Fresh Carpet

Want to make your interior pop? You probably don’t realize how much your carpet fades in the sun, but it does. Swapping that original rug out for a new piece can make all the difference in the world.

Skill level: **

Watch out for: Cutting your carpet too short, or cutting your hand! Learn more

4. New Fuel Line

When’s the last time you replaced the rubber fuel lines on your car? Now’s the time. Modern fuels tend to make rubber rock-hard and brittle, and that leads to leaks. 

Skill level: **

Watch out for: Leaks from joints and fittings — doesn’t take much to start a fire. Learn more

5. Drum Brake Rebuild

Nothing’s more important than being able to stop — so when’s the last time you took a look at those factory drum brakes? This one’s coming soon — watch for the next issue of ACC for an in-depth look, and a few tips and tricks, on rebuilding your drums so they can work their best.

Skill level: ***

Watch out for: Clips, springs, and details — and more info in ACC #51. Subscribe now if you haven’t already!

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