Author: SCM Contributor

Modern Collectible?

If your social media profile is anything like mine, you’ve been seeing a lot of new Ford Broncos lately. It’s always been a slow burn in the background — typically some friend of a friend posting a back-corner Internet story built on a few Photoshopped images of what the Bronco […]

Mundane No More

There’s a moment in time when mundane cars become something more. I’m fascinated by that moment, because the turning point of interest is the absolute cutting edge of the classic-car market. It’s where new trends are born. If you want to understand where we’re going as a market, you have […]

An Endless Summer

Fourteen years at SCM has taken me to some interesting places. I’ve been to Monterey, Scottsdale and Amelia countless times. I’ve run down the PCH in brand-new BMWs, studied Alfas under the glass ceiling of the Grand Palais in Paris, and buzzed a cornfield full of Corvettes in Illinois while […]

UPDATE: Arizona Auctions Total $249.5m

This year’s Arizona Auctions have wrapped, and the numbers are in: In 2020, the combined total in the desert was $249.5m. Barrett-Jackson was again the highest seller in Arizona, this year amassing $137.3m from over 1,900 cars. That total includes $7.6m achieved for nine charity lots. The highest selling non-charity […]

1959 Chevrolet Impala Fuelie Convertible

The 1959 Chevrolets competed with the hugely finned Cadillacs for the most outrageous design of the 1950s. In truth, it was a close call. Once again, Chevrolet ditched every element of the previous year’s styling to emerge with cat’s eye taillights hidden beneath canted batwing fins, whose twelve-inch scalloped sides […]

Craig Jackson Talks About Reserve Auctions

It’s been six years since reserves have last been seen at a Barrett-Jackson auction. So why bring them back now? I had a chance to talk with Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson on Friday about the return of reserves, as well as this year’s Palm Beach auction results. According to Jackson, […]

Sotheby’s Australia to Auction Important De Dion Bouton

Sydney, September 2, 2010 – Sotheby’s Australia is delighted to announce the auction of an important 1912 De Dion Bouton motor vehicle, consigned by the Sir Henry Royce Foundation. De Dion Bouton is part of automobile lore. A De Dion Bouton was one of the five vehicles that competed in […]