The car of your dreams is for sale and you’ve got the cash in hand. Only one problem. You can’t see it in person first.

That’s the challenge in front of a lot of buyers right now, and auctions are working to make that challenge less of a concern by being as forthcoming and helpful as possible. Still, how do you really feel about buying something like an LS6 Chevelle or Boss 302 without laying hands on it first?

What if it’s just a basic ’67 Camaro with no frills?

For me, high-res photos are key — and not just any high-res photos. I’d want to see as many as possible, taken by someone who really knows how to use a DSLR and has the proper equipment to produce good results. Show me the ins and outs of the car — even the parts others might consider redundant. I’d rather see five different angles on a quarter panel than to miss it entirely. But even that only takes you so far.

Maybe it’s dependent on the company hosting the car. eBay Motors has been doing this for years — and as a buyer, you know what to expect and what’s required of you and the seller to make sure everything goes smoothly. Do you feel less concerned about dealing with a smaller, high-end auction house like RM Sotheby’s or Bonhams that takes more time to vet the cars being offered? Do their descriptions hold more clout in your mind than something a seller posts about his or her car on eBay?

If you’re on the fence, what would it take, short of seeing the car yourself, to be less worried about the process?

Let’s talk about it below. 

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