We’re working on the November/December issue of ACC this week, and that means it’s time again for our ACC Question of the Month.

Today’s kids have a lot of things going on in their lives. And as a lot of older gearheads will tell you, it doesn’t seem like cars are often at the top of their to-do lists. Gas is expensive, and with social media and smart phones everywhere, today’s young people don’t need wheels to get in touch with their friends. It seems like that’s changed how they see cars in general. What’s that mean for the future of the old car hobby?

I’ve talked about this a lot in my previous columns, and I’d like to know what you think: What’s the best way to get kids involved in cars? Are kids really just not interested, or is that an overblown generalization? If they don’t care, is it a problem of access? Can a car museum or a car movie light a fire under a future gearhead the same way some back-road time in a muscle car can? What can current car collectors do to help the next generation see value in old cars?

Send your thoughts, along with your name and city/state in a comment on this page or in an email to [email protected] by Friday, September 12. And look for your comments in the next issue of American Car Collector!

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