A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about spotting old car trends using the weather. The SEMA show is another great way to see which older cars or trucks younger members of the car world are starting to consider cool in the old car market. That show starts today.

The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association show in Las Vegas is where the car world comes to show off its skill in fabrication, finish, and innovation — both in products and in complete car builds. This is where you’ll see the newest, coolest products — but it’s also a great place to catch a glimpse of coming old car trends.

Sometimes all it takes is one special build to go viral on the web and bring a model into focus, other times it’s a handful done in different ways but all showcasing a car that hasn’t been considered that interesting — such as the Ford Maverick. That is, until someone built one that looks really cool.

A handful of years ago it was 1967-72 GM trucks. The aftermarket featured them heavily right around the time that prices in the market ramped up, and the web was flooded with images of special builds here at the SEMA show, shared by an army of not-yet auction buyers who were motivated by what they saw. After that came the 1973-87 GM trucks — and interest followed in the greater market once again. 

I’m on the lookout to see what’s in store for 2019. What do you think it will be?

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