Scottsdale’s auctions are next week and Mecum’s Kissimmee sale is already underway — the 2019 auction market is firing up, and we’ll soon have some news to report about fresh trends.

As always, ACC will be on site everywhere this month, covering the events as they happen. Our March/April issue ships to press just after the close of the auctions in Arizona, and it will include results and analysis from both Arizona and Kissimmee. If you want to know what happened and why, you’ll find it in that issue.

In the meantime, look for us on the ground at the auctions, and if you haven’t already, plan to come by the ACC Seminar at Barrett-Jackson next Wednesday. We’ll be getting into our picks for cars to buy, sell, and hold in 2019, and we’ll talk about the things you should always do before you buy a new-to-you classic for your garage. It should be both informative and fun. It starts at 9 am on Wednesday, January 16 at the Equidome at Barrett-Jackson. 

As for me, I’ll be looking for another car to add to the ACC garage for Wrenching features. Have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below! 

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