That’s right – the Hemi-powered Dodge 440 monster is looking for a new home. I hate to see it go, but ACC has had our fun with it and we’re ready to move on to something else. So if a 700-hp badass street/strip car is on your list this holiday season (and why wouldn’t it be?), look no further.

Make no mistake – this car is a race car fitted for street use. But the builder spent a lot of time and money attending to the details. So it’s really nice and surprisingly streetable. In fact, it won’t overheat in traffic, it runs on pump gas, and generally doesn’t need to be messed with even after sitting for a few weeks. It’s turn-key.

But my favorite thing about this car is the way it looks. It features mostly original paint, and the bones all appear to be mostly stock. Take away some of the extra gauges and the roll cage that was installed to get it SFI 9-second legal, and this car’s interior is factory. The original radio is still in place and even the heater works.

Under the hood is a 500-ci all aluminum Indy Maxx Hemi with 10.5:1 Arias slugs, a solid roller cam, a Demon 850 carb, and hand-made equal-length headers. Shifting is handled by a pushbutton 727 trans with a full manual valve body, and a Dana 60 rear with 4.10 gears and a spool sends the power to the ground. All the parts used in the build were “severe duty.”

It has two small issues – the first is a small power steering leak from the steering box. The second is a slight weep of coolant from the rear of one of the heads. It’s not enough to even drip and we haven’t needed to add to the system. Neither issue has stopped us from using the car.

Drive it to the track, run 10s in the quarter-mile at over 120 mph, and drive it home. We’re asking $42,500, and it comes with a set of nearly-new slicks on matching Torq-Thrust rims.

See it on Bring a Trailer, and contact me at [email protected] for more information.

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