When I was building my ’72 Chevy truck, I kept the engine and drivetrain as stock as possible, all the way down to the original rebuilt Q-jet carburetor. Why mess with something that worked?

But there have been huge leaps in technology made in the decades since 1972, and it’s trickled into the old car world. Modern carburetors, roller cams, polyurethane bushings, and more have made it possible to turn our old cars into modern/classic hybrids. These modern parts can make these old cars handle and drive better than they did when new, and I’d argue that makes them more easily usable. But are updates worth it? Do they spoil the experience of a vintage GTO or help it?

Do you leave your cars bone-stock, or do you see value in making them better than they were when new? Is a carburetor swap any different than installing a set of radial tires in place of original bias-plies? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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