Wanting a Model T in this day and age doesn’t really make much sense. But who says car people have to be reasonable?

Here’s the thing: I drive a comfortable, connected, safe, brand-new GMC truck every day. It’s perfectly suited to life in the real world — the world full of cell phones, cup holders, and distracted driving. But when it comes to just having fun, I don’t think there’s a way to beat a good Model T.

Is a T fast? No. How about comfortable? Not really. Weathertight? Absolutely not. But I dare you to find something more appealing for a slow, lever-and-pedal experience you can share with your friends and family. Hop in a T Touring, adjust the timing and mixture, spin it over (by hand), and put-put your way to your destination at a whopping 20 mph — wind, bugs, and smells in your face. Every day is a parade in a car like that. Dare you not to smile.

The only reason you wouldn’t smile is if the thing broke, and odds are it probably will. But driver’s seat engineering is part of the appeal here, right? Bring some tools, but don’t bother with the cell phone. Your grandparents were able to figure it out, weren’t they? What’s your excuse then?

There. I’ve almost convinced myself to go do it. The best part is the price: $15k ought to get a great one. Should I? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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