My response: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so no easy points scored here. I do agree that the Boxster’s styling, bland to begin with, has not improved with age. But I think GSR is just wrong when it comes to Lotuses being a dime-a-dozen.





1978 Alfa Romeo AlfettaGT

Next I would hammer the Alfetta. No classic value here, with its big fat bumpers. Actually back in my wrecking-yard days I did just that. I still have the wood steering wheel off one.

I could use that steering wheel. It’s okay if GSR hates the Alfetta — nearly all of you did as well. I am in the position of being the only Alfetta-lover in the world, and I must say it’s a little lonely out here.




1983 BMW 633 CSi

Then the fourth would be the 633 Bimmer. They are all over Southern Cal, and the cheesy BBSs have a bad offset, clash with the copper paint color and are ugly.

I have my own mixed feelings about the shark. Ours is a particularly good example, but it still reeks of the ‘80s. I do wonder if I really need both the shark and the tii.


1984 Land Rover Defender 90 Turbo Diesel1989 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

You could bring the Rovers to Fort Meyers, FL. and turn them into swamp buggies. We have lots of creative redneck 4x4s here. They are aluminum, so they will only oxidize after the mud is rinsed off with saltwater.

Rednecks and Rovers, a winning combination!

All of the above cars are common and show up regularly at junk sales and in the 7/11 rag prints. No, on second thought, just donate them to “Car Angels.” They’ll find foster garages, then you can visit them once in a while and spoil them with oil, gas and air for the tires. The rest of the cars predate 1973. They are desirable and have some potential upside.

Well, GSR is okay with the tii, the Isetta, the Alfas and the Volvo. At least we have some mutual points of agreement.  

1957 BMW Isetta



1972 BMW 2002 tii










1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce









1967 Alfa Romeo GTV

1973 Volvo 1800 ES









So my question is, if I’m down to just eight cars, what will they be? In the interest of full disclosure, the Boxster S, the Lotus and the Range Rover are keepers, each for different reasons that I’ll go into next week. Also, the Saab has gone to a new home in Florida – it’s a great car and I think the SCMer who bought it will be quite happy. Which gives us five parking spots and nine cars remaining to pick from: the BMW Isetta, the 2002 tii, the 633 CSi, the Defender 90 Turbo-Diesel, the Alfetta GT, the ‘58 Giulietta Sprint, the Giulia Spider Veloce, the GTV and the Volvo 1800 ES. Four will be sold — which should they be?

By the way, I appreciated that more than a dozen of you suggested I sell the blue ‘67 – to YOU! You have good taste.

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