I have a little bit of news to share with all of you. Last week, I was in my Portland condo and suddenly found my legs getting weaker and weaker.

I was in the shower at the time, so I got out, shaved and brushed my teeth. Why I did this, I don’t know.

A few minutes later, I couldn’t stand up. It suddenly dawned on me that I might be in trouble. I used my right leg to push myself down the hallway. I then opened the front door and called for help.

A few hours later, doctors at Oregon Health Sciences University told me that I’d suffered a mild stroke. My brain is nimble as ever, and I can talk without difficulty. I can even text. My overall health is good.

However, the left side of my body is very weak, and I face some weeks of rehabilitation to get on my feet and resume my usual car-addled life.

SCM and ACC are percolating along, thanks to our stellar staff and top-notch group of freelance writers. In fact, we sent the March issue of SCM to the printers last Friday.

It’s a little awkward to share health news with thousands of people, but it’s always better to get the full story out there. Many thanks to my friends and family, as they’re helping me start the road back.

And I’m coming back. My left foot and leg will be a little weaker than I’d like for a while, so I’m in the market for a 2009 Porsche 911S PDK. I’ll never stop looking for another car!

I’ve had to cancel my plans for Arizona Auction Week and Rétromobile, but I anticipate getting back onto the collector-car circuit sooner rather than later.

I’ll see you out there soon. Meanwhile, help me find that Porsche!


  1. I am very happy to hear that you are on the mend! I just bought a 997.2 (2011 911S PDK) and really like it…it took a while to find the right one. I bought a two owner 19K mile car with some CPO remaining. I recommend the sport wheel with real paddle shifters.

  2. speedy recovery! it may be premature to look for that car….you may be back to full strength faster than you think (doctor’s prognoses always tend to be pessimistic). may sure they’ve checked your carotid arteries.

  3. Keith, I’m looking for the same car! I’ve seen a few on CarGuru in the Bay Area and Shift San Francisco had a 4S that got away. Good luck and feel better!

  4. Keith, Appreciate the update and hope you will be soon back to 100%. Your current situation illustrates a conundrum I have been observing more and more in the world of classic car collecting (and driving) – that is, the generalized “poo-poo’ing” of vehicles with automatic transmissions. I have several classics in my stable, including a wonderful 2004 Audi TT Quattro Coupe (I consider it a classic, anyway). It’s got a bazillion miles on it, but is very powerful and a hoot to drive. My challenge is that it is a six-speed manual. Because of an old basketball injury, my left knee has deteriorated to the point where driving a manual is not only challenging, but somewhat painful. I find I drive the Audi less and less because it’s just difficult for my physically. However, in response, I picked up an even older Mustang GT convertible with even more miles on the clock. But it’s an automatic and infinitely easier for me to motor around in. At this point in my life, I’m happy to still be vertical, watch my kids follow their respective career paths, and drive an old car around when the mood strikes me. If it happens to have an automatic, so be it. I’m fine with that. Anyway, I very much hope you have a full recovery and are feeling better soon. Happy motoring! TW

  5. Keith, although we have never met, from the years of reading SCM, I think of you as a friend, like I am sure many of your readers do. We will all pray for your speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and make your health a priority from now on. Lots of wonderful cars are waiting for you.

  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you are already feeling better Keith.I’m a long-time newsletter reader, first-time commenter from eastern Canada.

  7. Keith,
    Glad you got help! While we always enjoy your auto adventures, you and your health are the most important things to all of us. Please take good care of yourself and let your able staff do the heavy lifting for now.

  8. Happened to me a year ago this month, I knew something was wrong I called 911 with my good hand ( couldnt move my right hand). The neurologists said I saved my own life, maybe your post will save someone else. God speed & hop your recovery is as fast as mine was

  9. Mr. Martin:
    I am very sorry to read about the incident you suffered, and I praise your positive attitudeThank you for your efforts and contributions to the interests we share in the community you have gathered.
    My best wishes for a complete recovery to keep on driving.

  10. Sorry, Keith.

    Love your positive outlook, and sure you will get there!

    Kind regards,

    Jack Frasher,
    Greenville, SC

  11. Keith,
    Wishing you a speedy recovery. (Thanks for sharing and letting us send you good vibes.)


  12. Hello Keith,
    I’m at the AZ auctions, and heard about your stroke. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery. In the meantime, Andy Reid has done a great job on the tours today. Looking forward to the Insidee Seminar tomorrow, and seeing you back at 100% soon!

  13. Keith, never met you, but your blog and comments on WMCW are always so informative and pithy, and I always look forward to both. Best wishes for great future health!

  14. Get well soon. Sorry to hear. Hope the recovery goes smoothly. Nothing wrong with a PDK or Tiptronic car, much easier to deal with in stop & go traffic.

  15. Keith, I heard about your medical event from a Porsche club member and was very concerned for you! Was recently at John D’s house / cool shop – and your name came up. Wishing you a quick and healthy recovery! You’re in my thoughts.. Those PDK Porsches are SWEEEET

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