I I am always asked about the condition of the road. The Alcan highway is always under construction, as the substrate suffers from frost heave and pavement buckling. However, the year I drove it, less than 10 miles were actually gravel, and on that stretch, you could get through without suffering anything more serious than a rock chip or two — if you drove reasonably.

Someone else has suggested “Corvairs to Chattanooga,” in this case letting a desire for alliteration trump reasonableness. I’ve never known much about these rear-engined wonders, but since my blog last week I’ve been inundated with information. It appears you can find decent Gen II cars (1965-69) for around $7,500, more for convertibles. While they will always be unloved orphans, their design is aging well, and I understand the non-turbocharged engines provide decent performance, and that they handle well enough.

If you have thoughts on Corvairs or other fun, affordable sports cars and routes, send them along.

We’re also considering just having an SCM “Free for All,” where we set a beginning place and time, hand out route instructions, and simply head out with whomever shows up on the day of event. Lodging, meals, etc. would be totally up to each team.

I’ve never been to Joseph, OR, and it seems like a twisting route might make for a great deal of fun. Late June is probably the best time. Interested? Again, let me know at [email protected].

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