I’m just back from five days in the Sonoran desert.

My time there was a whirlwind of visiting auctions, receptions, participating in seminars and reconnecting with friends old and new.

This week reinforced my belief that the primary secret sauce of land auctions is the social opportunities they provide. They are a car-collector magnet, bringing people with common interests from all walks of life and from locations around the world.

An online auction offers other advantages, but it can never match the face time a real-time land auction provides.

I was personally energized by the enthusiasm of everyone I met. And even though overall the market was “soft,” nonetheless thousands of cars changed hands for millions of dollars.

The market may go up and down, but the collecting and the people involved with it goes on.


  1. Keith, a heartfelt thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to drop by Leake’s inaugural Scottsdale auction! We were truly honored you (and key members of your SCM team) came by, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Outstanding. You keep some good and rare company, Keith!

  3. Well said Keith! Nice to see the photos of you out and about enjoying your passion as well as the wonderful people at all of the events.