After six glorious months and 3,000 miles, it is time for our 1991 928 S/4 GT automatic to move on to a new home.

Long-time SCMers know my pattern. I get interested in a car (often for reasons unknown even to me), buy one, spend what it takes to make it right, drive it and then sell it on.

Once we got it sorted, this dark blue metallic over dark blue leather S4 has been a delight in every way. Everything works the way it should, from the cruise control to the power seats to the rear a/c to the rear hatch release.

We bought it from 928 specialists High-Tec Automotive in San Rafael, CA, for $29,928. It had 60,000 miles on it, all documented. It had been in storage for a long period. Mark Woudsma and Greg Maissen there know the car well and can vouch for it.

Here is the listing

After driving it up the coast to Portland, we had another $6,000 worth of work done to it by 928 specialists A&P Specialties in Portland. We added a $2,000 Blaupunkt stereo with Bluetooth and upgraded speakers.

We’ve learned through tough experience that there are several stages in bringing a car back into service. First is doing all the stuff that is necessary. Second is driving it a few hundred miles and making a list of the things that emerge. Third is going back to the shop for those things to be attended to.

It is very important to me that my cars run like they are supposed to. If the 928 were not in top shape, how could I expect to judge the car against its contemporaries? Driving a crappy, worn out old car with needs gives you no idea of what the car performed like when it was new.

We just completed a 900-mile Porsche club tour in it. It cruised easily at triple digit speeds, and the a/c blew ice cold. We emerged from 300-mile days rested and ready for more.

The 928 is headed to Matt Crandall (911r) of Avant-Garde Collection to go on Bring a Trailer. Checking the historical data, several auto 928s have brought in the mid-$40k range on BaT, and none of them were as nice as ours. It has a clean CARFAX and has never been hit or painted.

Our price on the car, pre-auction, is $52,928.

If you follow 928s, you know that their prices are all over the map from $10,000 beaters to near $100,000 manual gearbox GTS models.

This will be a great car for someone looking for a completely sorted S/4 928 – Porsche’s iconic supercar of its era. And with all the work already done to make it a usable, functional high-speed cruiser.

If you are interested, email me at [email protected], or text me at 503.970.1070.



  1. rand wintermute

    Keith. Greetings from Normandie !…. Back soon to the U.S. why don’t you sell your Jag FIRST , and your type 928 last ….. but , you are learning that
    “Less is More“ ! 5 cars per enthusiast is the maximum for less stress . Get down to 5, you will be happier and healthier ! Rand

    • arthur d swanson

      You speak the truth. I just sold over 40 Porsches_ 54 cpe to a 2002 turbo and two car barns. one 5000 ft and the other 9000 sq ft. A great time but when my buddies got old and started moving away ….one died…I decided I could not do it any more.
      Now with a 2011 boxster spyder , a 2016 cayman and a 2019 911 turbo…but lusting after a 2019 gt3 rs with sport seats.
      I think 3 rather than 5 is the best number.. but I am 87 with a bad left knee so it all depends,,,,,smile

  2. Keith, I don’t need to own a 928 to know I don’t want one. Glad you’re holding on to the Jag.