As a part of our pandemic-induced downsizing, we are selling the SCM reference library at No Reserve on Bring a Trailer.

Jeff Sabatini and his team are now assembling the magazine remotely. The virus has made it unsafe to use the offices, common areas and conference rooms we had been in for the past 15 years.

Consequently, we have pivoted our ways of doing business significantly and moved to a more suitable facility. This has also led to a notable decrease in our monthly expenses. We are following the same pattern than many other businesses, from Nike to Intel to Amazon have adopted as the work environment evolves.

We have been careful to keep both digital and print copies of every SCM product from day one. Most of them are available to platinum subscribers on the web.

Personally, I found that I used the library less and less over time. If I wanted to find out who was the highest placed driver for the Alfa Autodelta Team at Monza in 1965, a few keystrokes brought me the answer. (It was Andrea de Adamich. He came in first in class in a Super TI.)

While I am not claiming the web is infallible, nonetheless it does provide quick access to information.

SCM’s book specialist and reviewer, Logan Gray of Vintage Motorbooks, has done a masterful job of cataloging and displaying the books. He is answering specific questions on BaT that potential buyers might have.

SCM’s Tour Director, Neil d’Autremont, worked with Logan to make sure this ambitious project came to fruition. Randy Nonnenberg of BaT encouraged me to post the library and provided a tool that simplified it.

Auctions were created to help buyers determine the value of things that are not easily compared to other items for sale. This sale, with no reserve, is the perfect way for the market to determine the value of this unique collection, and for it to move on, as a single unit, to a new collector.

Bid often and enjoy.


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    rand wintermute

    Logan does an excellent job of appraising the value of automotive periodicals and books; he is attuned to market value of these due to his long association with car collectors like us , and his arduous involvement during Pebble Beach week every year !
    Hopefully, your potential buyers will contact him for his appraisal.

  2. Avatar
    Joel Needleman

    Keith, As folks often comment on Bring-a-Trailer: “GLWTA!”

  3. Avatar
    Griffeth A. Wodtke

    Sad to see this happening to SCM, but change is unavoidable, I guess.

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