We’re already talking about the SCM 1000 for 2021.

We always have a featured marque, although all cars from 1973 and earlier are welcome to apply. Your chances of being accepted are just a little better if you enter a featured-marque car.

In 2018 we featured Alfa Romeo. This year it was Porsche. In 2020, English cars will star on the SCM 1000.

I like the look of the field when it has a focus, with a smattering of outliers to provide some visual flavor.

So now we are trying to decide what we should feature on the 2021 SCM 1000.

Here is what we are thinking:

How about focusing on Italian but NOT Ferrari – that would give the Etceterini guys a place to show off their cars.

Another option is to make Ferrari the featured marque.

SCMer Greg Long mentioned that he is familiar with a French/ Italian car show that has been successful. I would love to try French only, but I’m not sure we could get 40 cars. So how about French/ Italian?

The final option is the “free for all” – any sports car built 1973 and earlier.

Do you think it adds to the event to have a marque focus?

And if you do, what do you think of the above choices and which appeals the most to you?

I look forward to your thoughts and responses. Send me an email to keith.martin@sportscarmarket.com.


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    not a big fan of the 1-marque events. variety is the spice of life.

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    Keith: First and foremost, it is good to hear about the progress that you are making in your recovery, and I hope that you hard work will result in getting back to 100%. Per the 2021 SCM 1000, I agree with you in spirit regarding a French focus. I think that you would be able to get 40 French entrants, and that many would find them interesting. But I think that many more would not. A French/Italian focus could provide an interesting balance. Ferrari only would be a great sight–a caravan of Italian art–but I think that your approach is more inclusive. An all Alfa Romeo, or Alfa focus I find acceptable, but again, I think that many would be disappointed. Still, Alfa was your focus as you got your start in publishing. Having Alfa as the focus every 4 or 5 years gives gives us an opportunity to celebrate something truly special and available “to the masses”.

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    Funny… I was about to call SCM headquarters about the 2021 rally and inquire about the possibility of it featuring Italian cars in 2021…

    I would very much like to be part of a “Italian” rally with my blue 1972 De Tomaso Pantera…

    Please, help me put on some much needed mileage on this car. The poor thing hasn’t been driven on the open road, since 1985!!!

    I’m on Vintage Underground’s schedule for some mechanical refreshment with a eye towards keeping as much originally as possible. But with small modern upgrades, such as brakes and the cooling system…

    While, I have big plans for 2020 show wise. No long distance drives or rallying. So PLEASE, pick cars from Italy for 2021…

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    gabriel hernández

    Why don’t you give it a departure from marques and give it a different approach? ¿Why not choosing a designer house like Pininfarina, Bertone or Giugiaro, for a change?

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    I think the idea of a “Designer House” instead of a specific marque is interesting and would be a nice example of design expressions across various manufacturers. Don’t know how that might effect the number of entries you want however.

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    How about only 2 seat European roadsters in 2021, and only coupes in 2022?