Would you sign up for the SCM Expedition?

I watched with admiration and envy as the Copperstate 1000 added an off-road component. The Copperstate Overland is a six-day, five-night romp through the wilds of Arizona.

A fully-supported luxury “glamping” moment, it is open to pre-1979 rigs, and limited to just a handful of participants — less than twenty.

Accommodations are a mixture of hotels and luxury campsites.

This is not inexpensive. The entry fee for their September event is $11,500.

As a long-time Rover owner, I have been exploring the possibility of having a similar event based in Oregon.

Called the SCM Expedition, it would start and end in Bend, Oregon, a charming town that straddles the Cascade Mountains and the scenic high desert of Central Oregon. I’ve been working with our local Rover guru, Doug Shipman, on a route.

From Central Oregon our adventure could include the Alvord Desert, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the Steens Mountain Wilderness, the Lost Forest, the Crack-in-the-Ground volcanic fissure and more.

We are thinking of having two or three nights of glamping in a remote locations with daily cloverleafs. Activities could include scenic hikes, wildlife and scenic photography and clay target shooting with shotguns. There could also be tutorials about off-road-vehicle operation and recovery, including the proper use of a winch.

The roads would range from Forest Service dirt and gravel to mildly challenging trails. No vehicle damage is anticipated, and no Rubicon-Trail style rock crawling. Attachment points front and rear would be required. There will be plenty of opportunities to improve your off-road skills with excellent hands-on instruction.

In the tradition of the SCM 1000, there would be nightly talks about the collector car market.

We are considering 1995 as the cutoff for rigs. Exceptions would be made by application.

COVID-19 precautions: With such a small group, and primarily outdoor activities, it will be possible to observe social distancing and whatever health measures are recommended and in effect at the time.

The earliest we see having this event would be late September of 2020. Do you think that is realistic?

Cost would be similar to the Copperstate Overland.

I am testing the waters here to gauge your interest.

If you would like to be on the list for information about the SCM Expedition, please send an email to Susan Loeb, [email protected], with SCM Expedition in the subject line.

If you have comments, thoughts or questions, please send them directly to me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this possible adventure.

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  1. Sorry, Keith…”nightly talks about the Collector Car Market” with
    with this type of venue are mutually exclusive. Apples and Oranges…keep the “Nightly Talks” to using a winch properly,
    How to dig your tires out of the mud, pulling another rig safely,
    And getting your yak into the water from your rig , etc. remember the KISS system. Don’t try to be all things to all people !