“Trevor” was surprised when a California state investigator and two sheriff’s deputies rang his doorbell. They were armed with a search warrant authorizing them to search his garage and to seize his cell phone. The garage search located exactly what they knew would be there — a high-dollar sports car […]


  1. Steve Tomlinson

    My father ran into the same problem when he arrived in California waters in the 1990’s. He was hanging/living aboard in San Diego and once a month he’d drop down into Mexico for a week, then return to his anchorage.

  2. michael butterworth

    Living in WA we see this all the time with car purchased and having Oregon plates to avoid WA sales tax. Buy a car in Oregon pay no sales tax and put a PO box in the state for mail and drive it into WA. This too is seeing a thing of the past. Death and Taxes just saying.

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