The Pleasure and the Pain

You don’t have to dig around very much to find horror stories about the Lotus Europa. Colin Chapman’s strange mid-engine “bread van” design is known for major structural problems, dodgy fiberglass and the kind of mechanical troubles only Lotus enthusiasts can tolerate.

The car’s reputation has kept prices low, but the Europa also has a well-deserved following of faithful owners, each with their own good reasons to keep that faith.

“It will out-handle just about anything on the road, even Read More

Jeff Zurschmeide

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Jeff is a lifelong automobile enthusiast with a penchant for sports and racing cars. He has raced SCCA, local circle track, and stage rally as a co-driver. He makes his living as a freelance automotive journalist and is the author of six books on automotive topics. As a rule, he practices catch-and-release fishing when it comes to collectible automobiles, trying to leave each one in better condition than he found it. Enduring passions include his MGA and Austin Mini, and his 1969 Corvette. He recently purchased a 1920 Ford Model T Touring because “you just have to have one of these once in your life.”

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  1. Thanks for the interesting article on the Lotus Europa “Affordable Classic.” However, I am very disappointed with the Frankenstein photos utilized. Why not a stock Europa?

  2. I appreciate the article on the Lotus Europa as an “Affordable Classic.” However, why did you use a Frankenstein photo of a car with flared fenders and funky wheels? I certainly wouldn’t want THAT Europa as my affordable classic.