There was no one home at the farmhouse; I knocked on all the doors. I had seen a rototiller in the nearby shed, with one-gallon gas cans next to it. “Anyone here?” I called out again. There was no answer, so I picked up a can and poured the contents […]


  1. Ref. Comment on favorite restorer for October issue.
    I nominate Steven Rice. He is a young electrical wiz who
    has diagnosed and repaired many of my classic car electrical problems. It is very important the we classic car owners
    encourage young men and woman to take an interest in
    classic car maintenance. Steven recently graduated from
    Cal Poly Pomona. I am hoping that he will be available to
    to provide his services for my newly acquired, very needy,
    1954 Corvette.

    Jack Strong
    Long Beach, Ca. 90814

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