Our former headquarters covered 6,000 square feet, and had both individual offices and conference rooms. Best of all, we had a 10-car garage in the basement. When my Alfa collection was at its peak, I recall the vanity and conceit of arranging the cars by coachbuilder, (Bertone, Pininfarina, Zagato), and […]


  1. Thomas Taylor

    Keith, thanks for another great story about your “car life” in a changing world. What makes you a fine writer is you completely engage the reader about your eclectic vintage collection, but always come across as the “everyman” who knows how lucky he is to be enthralled with and surrounded by fine cars. There are many authors who come across as more important than the automobiles they write about. Good on ya for appreciating family, life and vintage cars, in that order.

  2. anatoly arutunoff

    where do you get the special clutch mechanism? be well! toly

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