As of this issue, your subscription to SCM has become a membership in the SCM family.

For at least two decades, we have referred to you, the readers of Sports Car Market, as SCMers. Without realizing it, we had created a membership organization through the features and benefits you automatically received as a reader of SCM.

Over the years, we have developed the magazine and its related products and events into a unique community of like-minded enthusiasts. In the past 12 months alone, we have turned out over 2,100 pages of stories and commentary in 12 monthly issues of SCM.

These feature experts whose stories are found only in SCM, including John Draneas’ “Legal Files” column, race-car profiles from Thor Thorson, Ferrari insights by Steve Ahlgrim, and “Collecting Thoughts” from luminaries such as Miles Collier, Tom Cotter and Bill Warner. SCM contributors are all experts in their fields, and most have been writing for us for well over a decade, if not two.

But wait…

There is more. We have also created, for you only, tools like our Insider’s Guide to Monterey (best-known for its center-fold timeline of events and now in its 15th year), and our guides to Arizona and Amelia Island. Plus, we have an annual printed Pocket Price Guide with A–F Investment Grades, as well as production numbers for each model. No other price guide has those features.

We publish an annual Guide to Restorations, which has become a tremendous resource for those trying to decide which shops to consider when embarking on a restoration. Our Guide to Concours d’Elegance gets thicker every year, as it becomes a one-stop way to find out the where and when of concours, listed regionally, across the country.

SCMers also get our weekly Insider’s Newsletter, with up-to-the-minute auction and concours news. In addition, you get advance notice of our latest podcasts and YouTube videos and seminars.

Further, every member gets a complete digital issue emailed to them. Especially for overseas subscribers, this is a huge benefit. You don’t have to choose between print or digital — you get them both. The latest issue is always as close as your tablet.

What to do with your car?

We are expanding SCM 1000 tours to welcome new entrants — literally. SCM 1000 Classic tours will continue to be open to 1974 and earlier cars, with one nationality featured each year. SCM 1000 Modern tours will be targeted at later-model specialty vehicles, such as Mercedes AMG and BMW M cars. We are even developing an SCM 1000 SCMX tour for off-road vehicles 20 or more years old.

These are open only to SCM members and those of our partner organizations, with just 45 slots per tour available. SCM members will receive early-registration opportunities and an SCM-exclusive $500 discount.

To be on the mailing list as details become available, sign up at Sneak preview: Each SCM 1000 Classic has a featured marque, although all eligible cars may apply. Featured this year were English cars. In 2022, it will be cars of Italian origin, with Maserati, Lancia and Siata featured. In 2023 we are considering French cars, with Citroën, Renault, Peugeot and Matra spotlighted.

Welcome, again

In summation, your SCM Membership includes a monthly magazine, event guides, restoration and concours guides and a price guide. You get a weekly newsletter, podcasts and YouTube videos. A complete digital issue is included. Your package includes advance notice and a special discounted price to SCM 1000 Tours. As another bonus, all members will receive a code good for one year of CuriosityStream, where you can watch us evalute over 500 cars on past episodes of “What’s My Car Worth?”

The cost of membership will remain a value. The last time SCM raised its price was six years ago. Currently, a one-year subscription is $72. Our new membership rate takes that to $88, which is just $7.33 a month. This is still far below the $9.99-per-issue cost of buying SCM on the newsstand and with many more benefits. And pre-paid, multi-year renewals will earn a discount.

The membership drive will be in full swing with our annual renewal mailing that goes out in October. If you wish to extend your subscription and lock in the current pricing, just go to This option will expire on September 30.

As an SCMer, you have always been a member of an exclusive club of enthusiastic, vociferous, knowledgeable and highly opinionated collectors. Our transition to a membership organization is simply formalizing what already exists.

Welcome to the club and get ready for great times ahead.

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