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PROFILED: 569 ALFA 1750 SPIDER, 591 FERRARI F40y 557 MASERATI A6G2000, '60 JAGUAR XK 150 DHC, '59 PORSCHE 356A CABR1OL Oil ! le eInsider's. Guide to Collectiri ports, Hot* Rod & Muscle Cars

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grim4c Car Market March 2002  1991 Ferrari F40 The fire and ice of Supercars. 1 i 1957 Maserati A6G2000 Spider Over-the-top price, and worth it. 20 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce Just say no to rubber bumpers. 21 1960 Jaguar XK 150 Drophead Coupe Nice paint, but how about the mechanicals? 23 1959 Porsche 356A Super Cabriolet Third time across the block. 26 1935 Auburn Model 851 Boattail Speedster Bon vivants only need apply. 28 eBay/Kruse International Scottsdale, Arizona Silver Auctions Fountain Hills, Arizona Christie's London, England Poulain Le Fur Paris, France Columns 6 Shifting Gears Keith Martin 8 Inside Line Cindy Banzer Wrenching Truth Performance Restoration Bill Neill Sheehan Speaks - Used 456s Everywhere Michael Sheehan 22 English Patient - Trading Into A Tin-Top Gary Anderson Porsche Gesprach - The C27C4 Carrera Jim Schrager Bike Buys - 1970 Triumph T12OR Bonneville Bengt Halvorson Motobilia - Jacques Vaucher Sells His Bugattis Carl Bomstead F - Ask the X-perts - Too Big fora Ferrari? SCM Analysts eWatch - All's Buick Sport Wagon Carl Bomstead Denartm( 9 You Write, We Read 13 Comments With Your Renewals I Vintage Rally Calendar Mystery Photo Answers 61 Affordable Classics - 1962-67 Spridgets 64 Reviews 7 Display Advertiser's Index 7 Auction Calendar 73 The Twenty Year Picture - Airy Astons 73 Mystery Photo 76 Neat Stuff Alfa Romeo  Ferrari  On-Site Market Reports Volume 14, #3 SPORTS CAR MARKET Editor & Publisher: Keith Martin Managing Editor: Cindy Banzer Art Director: Brian Grimmer Editorial Manager: Brian Rabold Research & Copy Editor: Bill Neill Subscriptions: Andrea Cole, Kristin HallGeisler Office Manager: Janice Alexander Project Manager: David Slama SeniorAuction Analysts: Dave Brownell, Dave Kinney, Richard Hudson-Evans Contributing Editors: Gary Anderson Cad Bomstead Michael Duffey Alexander Leventhal Jim Schrager Michael Sheehan Auction Analysts: John Apen, Chip Baldoni, B. Mitchell Carlson, Haig Haleblian, Gary Hoisington, Phil Skinner Contributors: Bengt Halvorson, Pat Braden, Steve Dorsey, Raymond Milo, Steve Serio, Tan Young European Correspondents: Giuseppe Tomasetti (IT), Don Wilson, Sabrina Longega Wilson (FR) Internet Specialists: Matt King, Adrian Gilles Intern: David Swig For advertising information, call Brian Grimmer, 5031261-0555, ext. 202; fax 503/253-2234 artdir@sportscarmarket.com . For subscription information, call 503/261-0555, ext. 208; fax 503/253-2234 service@sportscarmarket.com The information in Sports Car Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we must disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timeliness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats and intellectual concepts in this issue copyright 2002 by the Alfa Romeo Exchange, dba Sports Car Market magazine, in this format and any other used by Sports Car Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Sports Car Market magazine (ISSN #152Z859X) is published monthly by Keith Martin Publications, PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292. Periodicals postage paid at Portland, OR and additional entries. Subscription rates are $58 for 12 monthly issues in the US, $78 Canada/Mexico, Europe $88, Asia/Africa/Middle East $98. Subscriptions are payable in advance in US currency. Make checks to: Sports Car Market. Visa/MC accepted. For instant subscription, call 24hours 800/289-2819, 503/252-5812; fax 503/252-5854. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Sports Car Market PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 CPC IPM Sales Agreement No. 1296205 68 Vintage Race Cars 6 English 6 Etceterini & Everything Else 7U Resource Directory 6`i German  68 American 77 Showcase Gallery

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CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL MOTOR CARS Featuring The Anthony V. Katter Porsche 356 Collection of Spares and Related Automobilia, including an extraordinary collection of original and genuine Porsche 356 spares collected over a period of 20 years to be offered Without Reserve. The McEvoy Special' 1932 Supercharged Star Sports Tourer Coachwork by Jensen Estimate: E50,000-60,000 The Ex-Scuderia Milano 1948 Maserati 4CLT Single Seater Chassis No. 1579 Estimate on request Exceptional Motor Cars and Automobilia including The Anthony V. Katter Collection Of Porsche 356 Spares and Related Automobilia Auction London, 25 March 2002 Enquiries  Rupert Banner  rbanner@christies.com  Tel: 44 (0)20 7389 2851 Colin Warrington cwarrington@christies.com  Tel :44 (0)20 7389 2851  Catalogues Worldwide Tel: 44 (0)20 7389 2820 www.christies.com London Jack Barclay Showroom, Nine Elms

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Shifting Gears Iny  Alfirh. Shamed by Swig errari Mondials and snow-packed roads don't mix very well. That was just one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind as we slid sideways towards the edge of the mountain road. I hadn't planned on using the Ferrari as a snowmobile, but Martin Swig has a way of rearranging reality to suit his priorities. Initially, he had offered to store our newly purchased metallic green 1984 cabriolet at his facility in San Francisco until a trucker could bring it to Portland. F But when Harry Hart dropped off the Ferrari, Martin called immediately. "I like this car a lot," he proclaimed. "And if you're not man enough to fly down and drive it back, I think I'll just keep it for myself" Shamed, I recruited good friend Steve Sargent, a nice fellow even if his idea of a sports car is his 2000 BMW 3-series cabriolet, as my co-pilota and boarded a plane south. The Ferrari was in better condition than I had expected; the minuscule, electrically operated glovebox was a source of amusement to Steve. Following colleague Cory Farley's advice (see his Auto Week column of January 28) we vowed not to sleep in any motel, or eat in any restaurant on our trip that was part of a national chain. Squeezing one overnight bag into what is optimistically called the trunk, and tossing the other behind the front seats, we set off across the Golden Gate Bridge and up Highway 101. The Mondial has an enormously tall, raked windshield, giving an unusual feeling of spaciousness to the interior of the car. The hood drops away sharply, the road seemingly disappearing under your feet. Not overwhelmingly powerful, the four-valve, 3-liter V8 still pulled strongly. The relatively short gearing, which provides an indicated 20 mph per 1,000 rpm in fifth gear (3,500 rpm at 70 mph) gives the car an edgy feel. Trained by today's generation of fuel-economy specials, where a gutless top gear provides low engine speeds on the expressway, both Steve and I kept reaching for another gear past fifth. usual combination of the bright, early morning sun highlighting the snowcapped Pacific Coast Range on our right, and the thunderous stormbrewed surf crashing onto Freshwater Beach on our left. A blizzard struck as we passed through Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, and the road was quickly covered by snow. We formed an unlikely trio as we picked our way through the pass, the Mondial sandwiched between a Chevrolet Suburban and a Ford F-150 pickup. We were going about 30 mph when the brake lights of the truck ahead flashed. I backed off the throttle, and the compression immediately caused the back of the Mondial to yaw viciously to the left, then even farther to the right. Quickly steering into each slide was to no avail, as the rearward weight bias of the car increased the oscillations. Visions of my new green toy sliding rudely into the mountainside danced in my head. I put the clutch in, the rear end immediately straightened out, and we were no longer in need of an espresso to be wide awake. The next hour was spent tip-toeing, Prancing Horse style, through the white stuff. Finally, at Gold Beach, Oregon, we were greeted by sun and dry roads. The Ferrari, released to run at 4,000 rpm, regained its raucous, assertive personality and gobbled up the highway. Neskowin Village, Oregon, where we are renovating a beach house, was our final stop before Portland. The locally owned Hawk Creek Café beckoned, and after a typically satisfying pizza from its wood-fired oven, we began the 80-mile home stretch. An hour later, our 750-mile journey was finished. We live on the crest of a hill; Cindy remarked that she could hear the Ferrari coming as we wound up the streets below. I took Steve home, and as we arrived, his three young sons tumbled out the door to fmd out what was rumbling in the driveway. When I sold exotics for Ron Tonkin, I used to envy the guys who would buy Ferraris long-distance over the phone and arrive to pick them up wearing jeans and sweaters. They'd hop into their newly acquired 328s or Testarossas and set off across the country. "Toto, I don't think we're in Maranello any more." The Eureka Inn, a visually grand but shopworn hotel in what is euphemistically referred to as "downtown Eureka," was our stopping point for the day. Our dinner at The Seafood Grill on E Street was extraordinary. We knew we were in good hands when, after ordering a bottle of 1999 Napa Valley Turnbull Cabernet, our server said, "You'll want the burgundy glasses with this, to properly enjoy the nose." We awoke to find the Mondial covered with sleet, the result of a once-in-a-decade snow-bearing winter storm that was pummeling the northern California and Oregon coasts. Perhaps in response to this rude change from its pampered existence in sunny Belmont, a belt began to squeal. I hoped that once the engine warmed up, the slight expansion of the metal would quiet things down. The noise did soon disappear. A good omen, I thought—a self-healing car. But we kept a close eye on the temperature gauge the rest of the way anyway. The Mondial offered superb handling. It tracked like a go-kart, staying flat, accelerating easily and braking smoothly on the winding coast highway. We motored at near triple-digit speeds, delighting in the un- Now, a decade later, I find myself a part of that club. And I've discovered that even when it's a used Mondial that costs less than a loaded Toyota Camry, there's a certain lightness to your step, and con brio in your voice when you say, "I'm here to get my Ferrari and drive it home." Thanks, Martin Swig. It was the right thing to do. On the Cover Frank DiMartino has an affection for pre-war Alfas. "Alfa Monza," on our cover this month, is an oil-on-linen depiction of an 8C 2300 Monza that participated in the 1937 Mille Miglia. In the background is a representation of a section of the painted wooden wheel found on Sicilian carts. DiMartino, whose work is no stranger to the cover of SCM, was born in 1947 and now lives in New Jersey. He grew up in Sicily, where his father was involved in motor racing. His next showing will be at the Hamptons Concours this May in Long Island; previous exhibitions have included Meadow Brook and the Cavallino Classic. This painting has been sold, and there are no prints available. To view other prints, visit www.hometown.aol.com/millelmile . Phone 973/ 427-7578. (NJ). Sports Car Market

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Bonham 1 Incorporating Brooks Auctioneers Boston Museum of Transportation, Brookline 4 May 2002 A Sale of Collectors' Motor Cars, Motorcycles and Automobilia Bonham's very first Boston area sale will be held on May 4, 2002 in the elegant 19th century carriage house which for over 100 years has been home to the Larz and Isabel Anderson collection of pioneer motorcars. Some of the finest dassic and collector automobiles and motorcycles available will be offered from this lovely suburban Boston location along with a selection of fine automobilia. For more information a bUtb di ng or consigning a vehicle, please contact Mark Osborne atBonhams San Francisco office on Tel: 4151391-4000 Fax: 4151391-4040 or email: mosborne@bonhams.com or contact one of the following representatives: Jonathan A. Stein (Automobiles) Tel: 610/779-9710 Fax: 610/779-3705 or e-mail: jonathanastein@aolcom Mike FitzSimons (Motorcycles) Tel: 203/622-6093 or e-mail: fiteng@netscape.net he ex Steve McQueen1940 Indian Chief. Sold in 2001 for $50,600 Middle Left:1937 Bugatti Type 575 Atalante Coupe Sold in 2001 $1,707,500 Middle Right: 1974 MV Agusta 750S Sold in 2001 $22,810 Right 1973 4.4-litre Ferrari 365GTB/4-A Daytona Competizione Betlinetta. Sold in 2001 $1,212,500 USA Bonhams Inc 500 Sutter Street Union Square, San Francisco California 94102 +1(415) 391 4000 +1(415) 391 4040 (fax) UK  Bonhams Ltd  Montpelier Street  Knightsbridge,  London, SW7 1HH,  United Kingdom +44 (0) 20 7393 3900 +44 (0) 20 7393 3915 (fax) Europe Bonhams Europe S.A. 10 Rue Blavignac 1227 Carouge-Geneva Switzerland +41 (0) 22 300 3160 +41 (0) 22 300 3035 (fax) www.bonhams.com

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SC141 Events az News VJoin the SCM gang at the 10-day 2002 Motorhead's Dream Tour to England, presented by Steve Austin's Great Vacations. Only 7 spots remain. Departs 9/4, returns 9/13/02. Mention SCM for special tour pricing. Contact: 800/452-8434, wwvv.steveaustinsgreat vacations.com. (OR) I/Sign up for the second annual SCM Insider's Seminar at RM's Amelia Island sale, Saturday, 3/9/02, sponsored by Hagerty Insurance. The two-hour event will include a presentation by editor Keith Martin, followed by a hands-on examination of cars being offered. Cost, $95/subscribers, $125/non-subscribers. (Details, page 54.) Contact Janice at 503/261-0555 x201, e-mail office@sportscar market.com. (OR) V Military Vehicles Magazine has entered into a long-term licensing agreement to use SCM's copyrighted auction reporting format in their magazine. According to MVMeditor John Adams Graf (also a long-time SCMsubscriber and Porsche 911 enthusiast), "as amphibious DUKWs are popular with military vehicle buffs, we may have to coin a new term, 'frightduck." See www.collect.com . VThe Lakewood, Colorado-based strategic consulting organization, Executive Leadership Group, has been contracted by SCM to develop and implement long-term goals for the magazine. Other clients have included Seagate Technologies, Qwest Wireless and SPL World Group. Said ELG President Bill Casey, "With the magazine industry in a state of turmoil, and publications crashing and burning left and right, we believe we can help SCM steer a course of carefully managed growth that emphasizes the clear editorial focus it is already known for." See www.elg.net . Awards VBill Warner has been named as the recipient of this year's Meguiar's Collector Car Person of the Year Award. Warner, a long-time supporter of SCM, contributing editor for Road &Track and founder of the Amelia Island Concours, was singled out for the honor because of his continued and selfless dedication to the hobby. The award will be presented on 5/2/02 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, in Los Angeles, CA. I/The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance has received the E.P. Ingersoll Award, which is presented annually for excellence in presentation of automobile history in a medium other than print. Previous winners have included films, television shows and Web sites. The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is the first live presentation to receive the award. 8  Events VThe 61st Tour Auto runs 4/15-20/02. Information, phone +33 (0)1 42 59 73 40, fax +33 (0)1 42 59 48 28, www.tour-auto.com . (FRANCE). I/The 5/11/02 kick-off of the California Mille features two days of motoring festivi ties, including a "Century of San Francisco Style," showing cars used by guests of the Fairmont Hotel during the past 100 years, along with 2002 California Mille participants' cars. Mario Andretti will welcome the drivers and Andretti Winery supplies the wine. Contact Martin Swig at 415/561-8401, fax 415/5618422. (CA) I/This year's New England 1000, 5/18-24/02, heads to Nova Scotia, with overnights in Pictou, Sydney and Halifax. Only 50 cars will be accepted. Phone 800/6456069, www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) Alec Baldwin is the honorary chiefjudge at the 5/25/02 Hamptons Concours d'Elegance, benefiting the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc. Award classes this year will include "Alternative-Fuel Cars" and "Cars Under 950-cc." Event sponsor, Kensington Motor Group, holds an auction the same weekend. Phone 631/537-1868. If Reserve your space in the 14th Annual Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Motor Rally, 8/8-11/02. This year's event tours western Oregon. Contact Jim Gunter, 503/3824503, fax 503/698-3097. (OR) VConcorso Italiano, 8/16/02, has advance spectator tickets until 6/30/02 at $50 each. This year's sponsors include Girard-Perregaux, Bonhams, Budget Car & Truck Rental, Fiat USA and Meguiar's. 425/688-1903, fax 425/646-5458, ci@concorso.com, www.concorso.com. (WA) VHilton Head Island, SC, hosts its (NY), ) first Concours d'Elegance on 11/3/02. More than 8,000 are expected to attend the event, which is sponsored by Lincoln, Jaguar and the Hilton Head Marriott Beach and Golf Resort. For concours entry/nomination forms, phone 843/837-8832, fax 843/837-4276, www.hiltonheadislandconcours.com . (SC) News I/Bonhams sold the 1954 Ferrari 375 Mille Miglia (S/N 0416AM) offered at the Gstaad auction (February 2002, page 28), 12/18/01, for an amount in excess of $2 million. The car will be added to an Italian gentleman's comprehensive classic Ferrari collection. I/Corvette has been selected as the featured marque for the 2002 Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races, 8/16-18/02. 1/XKs Unlimited has released its new catalog of Jaguar replacement parts, for all A true friend of the hobby 1968, Ehrich developed an informed, progressive corporate culture that led to his company being featured in Hal Morgan and Kerry Tucker's 1991 book, Companies that Care. He was given the President's Service Award by President Clinton in November 1999 for his work in the area of encouraging parental participation in their children's education. He will be missed by all.• Sports Car Market models from 1948 to the present. Copies are available for $6 or free with a minimum purchase. 805/544-7864, fax 805/544-1664, www.xks.com. (CA) Auctions I/Barrett-Jackson has announced that it will be expanding its presence in Europe in 2002 with three classic car auctions, conducted in association with Coys of Kensington. One new auction will be held at Essen, Germany, in conjunction with the 14th annual Techno-Classica Essen, 4/5-6/02. The second will be held 9/21-22/02, the same weekend of the inaugural 24 Hours of Le Mans Classique, at Le Mans, France. BarrettJackson's second annual "Legende et Passion" auction will be held 5/17/02 at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. See www.coys. co.uk or www.barrett-jackson.com . I/Christie's has finalized its calendar of English events for 2002, with dates as follows: 3/25/02, 6/10/02, 12/3/02. Each sale will be held at the Jack Barclay Showroom, Nine Elms, London. Phone (0)20 7389 2396, fax (0)20 7627 8917, www.christies.com . (UK) I/Russo and Steele sold nearly 70% of their consigned vehicles at their 1/18-19/02 Scottsdale sale, exceeding $4 million in sales. Coverage in the April issue of SCM Transitions I/The collector car hobby lost one of its most influential figures when Terry Ehrich died on January 10, 2002, at the Albany Medical Center at the age of 60. Editor and publisher of Hemmings Motor News since

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You Write We Read All letters are subject to editing. Please address correspondence to SCM, PO Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Fax 503/253-2234, e-mail: mail@sportscarmarket.com Dear SCM: Keith has done me a great favor by buying his Lotus. Ever since he started his auction column in Auto Week, I have been afraid to buy anything, fearing the public ridicule that is dished out to anyone who purchases an overpriced, poorly made, unloved car that has no chance of ever appreciating in price. But now he has a car that meets that description, so in the future, it will just be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and that doesn't sting at all! Seriously, though, I hope he enjoys the car, but! suspect it will make him wish he had never sold his 911. Of all the stuff I own, my stock '85 Carrera is my #1 daily driver. — Steve Fox, via e mail - Dear SCM: No one wants to lose money on a car, but frequently your magazine has a bent towards shying people away from cars that they like and going towards what will be profitable. Aren't Donl hesitate to buy cars in Europe! • t. It doesn't take more than a phone call to have them professionally shipped to you. Contact the specialist in Europe! Phone: +41 31 888 14 24 Fax:  eq-naircaliog peckimpex.ch March, 2002  c.a.r. logistics +41 31 888 14 25 you kind of affecting the market in this way? Only sending people towards cars that have historically done well rather than directing people to choose what they like affects the diversity of what we'll see in the future. I've been fortunate to have many cars recently that I sold for more than I paid for them, but I've had some cars that depreciated, too. Isn't it better to enjoy cars whether they make money or not? I think so, and I don't think it should be a contest to see who can make the most money! If someone has a hankering for a car that will depreciate like an anchor, encourage them to buy it! Let them enjoy.—Tom McDermott, via e - mail Tom, at SCM we understand that buying a car is often unequal parts of desire and fiscal prudence. Our job is to point out some of the market considerations that go into buying a classic car, and you can decide how much weight to give them.—ED. Dear SCM:1 just received the February issue and, well, you have done it again. It keeps getting better and better. And I am glad that you seem to be attracting more advertisers. That means a viable SCM, and hopefully you will eventually rival the larger magazines from the UK. There is a real need for a major sports car magazine in North America. I'm not so sure about the "soul" of the Elan Keith parked in his garage, though. Keep us all informed, nonetheless. And while you're at it, a once-a-year update on the adventures of the new owner of the much-maligned Ferrari 330 America would be much appreciated.—Branko Brkovitch, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada We're curious as well, and will report their progress as we learn of it.—ED. Dear SCM: Years ago I used to spend hours taking careful notes on car conditions and estimating a car's worth during contemporary PALM  FIBRE COCO MATS The Last Thing a Great Car Needs" • The original classic look • Custom sizes for all vehicles • Free Swatch samples • 11 colors available • Factory Direct Call: 800 461-3533 A Driver Rubber Heel Pad auto auctions (repos and end-oflease cars) in Baltimore, Maryland, to figure out what was a good deal and when to buy. Most of the stuff tracked NADA's loan value fairly predictably, but it was something! did for fun and to get into the auction action. The SCM world, of course, is quite different, given the variables of a 20plus-year-old car. It's definitely fun, though I have yet to attend a major auction outside of the local Mitch Silver show in Portland. I like the insight you bring to the car hobby. Several articles seemed timed to purchases I was considering at the moment. I recall an article debating the worth of salvaging a Ferrari 400i with electrical engine fire damage (a V12 for under $10k!). Earlier that week, I had contacted someone advertising a similarly disabled vehicle in the local paper. I thought, given my background in electrical engineering, it couldn't be too hard a project (it's all just wires!). Your article boosted my experience 74dated Jrnpzoved Hand Selected Cocos & Sisal Matting Vinyl Edging Nibbed Rubber Back www.cocomats.com y(tcrit 1 R ES TOR ATIONS Twenty years dedicated to the meticulous restoration of the world's finest exotic, vintage and classic motor cars. APPRAISING SERVICES AVAILABLE: DECLARED VALUE • LOSS DAMAGE • ESTATES 2347 GOLD RIVER ROAD • SUITE N • GOLD RIVER, CA 95670 (916) 635-3559 • FAX (916) 635-5824 9

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curve, and cut short my idea of getting the V12 running again—a fun challenge, but a potential money pit Your magazine gets me through these periodic mental crises of cycling the pros and cons of various automotive purchases, and in the end saves untold hours and money working out the experience first hand.—Joel G Chiang, Portlar4 OR Dear SCM: In your December, 2001, issue you describe the history of a 1951 Ferrari 340 America Berlinetta by Ghia, S/N 0148 AM. I know this car quite well, as I tried to sell it in the Poulain Le Fur/ Sotheby's auction, December 18, 2000. It failed to sell because the reserve price was too high, but we had a real bid of $465,000, which was $120,000 higher than the price obtained by Christie's in Monterey, August, 2001. If the owner of S/N 0148 AM would have accepted the bid in December, 2000, he would have made a profit of $120,000. There was not $200,000 spent in restoration on this car, but $60,000 altogether, thanks to Paul Koot and Mario Galbiatti for the body, and Michel Magnin INTERMECCANICA A ITALIA • APOLLO 'Bumpers 'Emblems 'Exterior Trim 'Interior Parts ITALIA REPRODUCTIONS  Call for Catalog PO.BOX 2360 ATASCADERO, CA 93423 805-466-6293 QBritish Cat' British Car Enthusiasts Call Now to Request a No-Risk Sample Issue of The Only American Magazine for Subscribe now by calling 800-520-8292 Outside U.S. 1-650-949-9680 Six Issues Each Year $22.95 25 percent savings from newsstand price! Canada US$26  Overseas US$35 No-Risk Guarantee: If you're ant , ati,fied with WM cancel and we will refinid die full co,t of your ln,rri1t ill. 1111111111111 MOM VISA'  www.britishcar.com P.O. Box 1683 Los Altos, CA 94023 0  Foreign payments must be drawn on U.S. Banks 11N1 Maskr0.1 Jon Norman's ALFA PARTS New, extremely competitive "value pricing" on all parts. • Over 20 years of Alfa experience. Street & race. 1300, 1600, 1750, 2000, V6 - we know them all V ORDERS WILL NOT GET LOST & YOU WILL GET THE RIGHT PART THE FIRST TIME! In California, call: 1-800-890-ALFA (2532) or 510-525-9435 Sports Car Market ' Mirrors ' Weatherstrip 'Windshields 'Much More! for the mechanical work. They did a great job. It is also inexact to say all Lampredi-engined V12 Ferraris carry even chassis numbers. Think about the first Europas or 375 Americas.—Marc Souvrain, Paris, France Dear SCM: Please note that Indian sold its Chiefs with the hand-shifter mounted on either the left or right side at the factory. But the throttle was always installed on the opposite side as the shifter, as it would take a pretty impressive rider to be able to throttle back, shift to another gear and throttle hard again with the same hand. Thanks again for including the motorcycle marketplace in your magazine, and generally the info is interesting, accurate and well presented.—Buzz Kanter, editor-inchief, American Iron Magazine Dear SCM: It took me awhile, but I think I have some good advice for anyone looking to purchase a collector car (or any car) on eBay or any other on-line site. First, I noticed a pattern of sellers that have enormous amounts of positive feedback, which would indicate that they are honest. Do not make this assumption. First, make your list of every single detail that you want answered, then e-mail the seller for a response. As I discovered, they will skip some questions that are important, like "Are you the owner of the car?", "How long have you owned it?", "Has the car ever been repainted?", "Are you a dealer?", "Has the interior been dyed?", "Does the air conditioning work?", "Do you have all the service records?", "Are all gauges working properly?", "Does it have all the correct equipment?", etc. But here is the most impor- tant item: do not call the sellers when they give you a telephone number. They want you to. This way your questions and the sellers' answers are not documented. Have them reply by e-mail. Also, check their feedback, then double check. So far, all the ones with plenty of great feedback had received them because they were either purchasing items and paid on time or they have sold cheap items and sent them to their customers. The big test has been to look at every negative feedback

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and e-mail the person. I have found that four people had nightmares to tell me about their unscrupulous sellers. That was enough for me not to bid. Regards and keep up the most interesting magazine that I have ever read.—Gene Knight, via e - mail Dear SCM: I always turn to Jim Schrager's "Porsche Gesprach" column first. I've read his recent book (Buying, Driving and Enjoying the Porsche 356) and admire his 356 knowledge but I disagree with his assertion that "stock is best" (December 2001, page 61) My father bought "our" 1964, right-hand drive, electric sunroof 356 in 1966, gave it to me in '78 and I have spent the last couple of years subtly improving it. The results have turned the C engine's modest 75 bhp into an urgent and torquey 115 bhp, making the car much more enjoyable as a daily driver in tough London traffic. At the risk of sounding rude, I know that Schrager is writing for a group of readers who are "polishers": fanatics who obsess about originality, who clean under their rarely driven trailer queens with toothbrushes and get frothed up about all that Kardex nonsense and their car's value. Now I understand they have little mechanical interest so it is best they never lift a bonnet. But stating that 356 engine improvements are risky is inane. Of course, any engine rebuilt incorrectly, be it a Ferrari, Mercedes or Bentley, will go bang. The correctly fitted 1720-cc aluminum Shasta pistons in my Porsche are superb examples of top-flight American engineering. The first modification I made to the 356C was changing the worn-out old Zeniths for a set of 40-mm Weber carbs. Performance improved dramatically and the Webers proved easy to jet. Idle was immediately firm at 850 rpm and pick-up instantaneous. Now that Solexes can be rebuilt, fine, but Webers are great. Racers use them because they can be quickly and easily re-jetted in the pits. For over 50 years, American "drivers" have been optimizing 356 performance—it needs some help. We Brits have taken advantage of your well-thoughtout, race-proven upgrades. My stock-looking 356 is definitely not a racing car but it has done You can't take the Chequered Flag if your car doesn't make the event! COSDEL INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION The only experienced shipper of high-value sports and racing cars to road, track and concours events world-wide. We take care of everything! You just FLY & DRIVE! Martin E. Button Inc. Phone: 415-777-2000 Fax: 415-543-5112 Email: info@cosdel.com a  /f •11 /14 Quality Service Since 1960 We are the exclusive shipper for all three major Monterey Auctions. J.J BEST BANC & co. SPORTS CAR FINANCING* 4-12 YEAR TERMS ANTIQUE • CLASSIC • MUSCLE • EXOTIC • ROD • SPORT PURCHASE • REFINANCING • PREQUALIFY FOR AUCTION APPLY NOW BY PHONE OR FAX - OPEN 6 DAYS 1-800-USA-1965 FREE 10 MINUTE LOAN APPROVAL Fax 1-508-945-6006. Apply at www.jjbest.com/index.cfm?id=1212 *7.99% APR fixed rate on $100,000, 10yrs with payment of $1266.21 monthly. Simple interest. Rate in ad correct at time going to press, all loans fixed rate. Corporate loans available. DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME. March, 2002  11

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You can't trust them with just anyone. Prized Possessions. the arduous Tour Auto twice as well as the tough Liege-Rome Historic rally and other hard events where it has embarrassed ostensibly faster machines. The 356 then returns to London as a happy daily hack, scruffy, reliable, with giant-slaying capability. Yes, Jim, it still runs on 6 volts and starts every time.— Robert Coacher, editor at large, Throughbred & Classic Cars magazine, London, England No matter what your prized possessions are, our award-winning equipment provides immaculate, enclosed, door-to-door transport. We offer containerizing for overseas shipping, automobile storage, and pier service. Featuring HighwayMaster satellite tracking/communication systems. Visit our web site at www.horselesscarriage.com kfarriaits 61 Iowa Avenue • Paterson, New Jersey 07503 800-631-7796 • In NJ 973-742-2692 ofix' 973-742-8369 Dear SCM: As a long time reader of yours, I was in shock after reading Keith Martin's editorial "Shuffling the Deck" (December 2001, page 6). I read it again, then I looked at the cover. Did I consume an excess amount of my local vineyard product? Was this satire? No, it appears that you have exchanged two collectible Italian cars for a car I believe most Lotus people (and Isuzu people) wouldn't be caught dead in. Please assure your sports and collectible car readers that you are not on the path to a Honda with a big wing and a Dcup muffler! Put it up for auction ASAP, or before I know it, Mike Sheehan might be talking about GREAT VINTAGE RALLIES/ March 10 to March 15, 2002 # Yeoeia,/ After the Amelia Island Concours, this is a gracious 1000 mile tour of Northern Florida and Georgia's fabulous Gold Coast. Overnights at the most luxurious hotels in the South: Amelia Island Plantation, the historic Jekyll Island Club, Savannah's Mulberry Inn. Boat rides, Roebling Road, Gainesville Raceway, winding farm roads, spectacular Georgia sunsets, terrific dining and Southern hospitality. Beautiful gifts and prizes! Open to any 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT car, any Ferrari or any 12-cylinder car of any year. Presented by Mercedes-Benz USA. $3995. per couple, all-inclusive. 10th annual NEW ENGLAND 1000 May 18 to May 24, 2002 Start and end at the Harraseeket Inn, Freeport, Maine. Relax overnight on the 475 foot Scotia Prince to gorgeous Nova Scotia. Sunday through Wednesday: Drive superb seaside roads, enjoy spring gardens, gracious dining, grand hotels and great new friends! Overnights in Pictou, Sydney, Halifax. Return on the high-speed catamaran to Bar Harbor. Thursday: Drive terrific New England roads back to Freeport. Open to any 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT car. Presented by Mercedes-Benz USA. $4495. per couple, all-inclusive. MORE 2002 RALLIES FORZA MILLE V-12: September 29-October 4 TEXAS 1000: November 3-8 To enter or be added to our mailing list: VINTAGE RALLIES, 'INC. Jackson Hill Road, Sharon, CT 06069 800-645-6069 fax: 860-364-5899 www.vintagerallies.com Fiats.—David Cave, Napa, CA David, I've been rebuilding and restoring cars since I was 15 years old, and even owned a restoration shop, Exotics N. W, in 1990-92 (great timing). There is an immense sense of freedom in releasing myselffrom the ongoing agony that both the Ferrari and the Lancia represented. Since I failed to follow my own advice of "buying the best car you can," I fought both cars. As other parts ofmy life, such as spending time with my wife and daughter, come to mean more to me than hours spent removing, sumps or pulling heads or changing differentials, I want to have cars that I can drive and enjoy immediately. And I don't think I 'm alone in this behavioral shift As for the collectibility of the Elan, wouldn't you agree that it is an aspirational car for most Trooper owners?—ED. Erratum In the February issue, the mileage on Don Whitaker's 1991 Lotus Elan should have been reported as 4,400 (page 10.*

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 Hot Rod. — L With Your Renewals Comments Great publication! Please, more features of obtainable, rebuildable, $15,000-$30,000 cars.— David Clark, Las Vegas, NV Stay the course. Let the hot rodders read Love the magazine. The all-color auction photos are a great improvement. Haggart, Sunnyvale, CA Richard Landeira, Boulder, CO The fix is in! The free issue that you sent to my brother got him hooked! As always, thanks for a great mag.—Ric Schuman, via e - mail — Craig I love the coverage of Italian and prewar autos. More buyer's auction tips.—Lemuel Kerr, Escondido, CA Thanks for running the auction reports in color. The magazine looks great! — Darren Frank, Bedford Hills, NY. Darren, your and other subscribers' continued support and renewals are what made it possible.—ED. I like the insight you bring to the car hobby. Several recent articles seemed timed to purchases I was considering at the moment.—Joel Chiang, Portland, OR Let me know about a good car and how to fmd and buy it.—Scott Alan, Seattle, WA More pages of non-auction editorial.—Lee Sanders, Eden Prairie, MN More auction reports! Rockford, IL In the age of political correctness, it's refreshing to find a publication that will refer to a toad as a toad! Don't change a thing!— Mike Depetrillo, Hudson, NH Sports Car Market is a great magazine and very helpful with sales of sports cars.-0. Damgaard - Nielsen, Denmark Great magazine. I put it in my office lobby and get a lot of positive comments.—John Stevenson, Broomfield, CO Carl Bomstead's reference to MG-TD owners as "cheap" in eWatch (October 2001, page 76) was very misguided, I think.—Randy Read La Mesa, CA. Would you prefer tight-fisted or skinflints?—ED. SCM is indeed a magazine that has articles and critiques of cars that are real and personal. Finally! — Stephen Siben, East Islip, NY — — T. D. Clinton, Great magazine. I look forward to it each month. Good proportions of all types of cars and motorcycles. More Mercedes-Benz, please! Gerry Van Zandt, Portland, OR More features and auction coverage of "af- fordable" cars.—Gerry Curley, Marlborough, MA More English cars, more photographs. Paulo Neves, Brazil You are still my favorite magazine. Please publish more Ferrari information.—Joseph Seminetta, Kenilworth, IL I think your magazine is great. Make sure your car description and condition comments are dead accurate. Shrewsbury, MA. — Al Sanclemente, And thanks to all of you for your renewals and your thoughtful comments.—Keith Martin & Cindy Banzer• SEE WHAT WE DO Restore your car—better than new! Sleeve and rebuild brakes: master, wheel, calipers, servo, slave, clutch cylinders and boosters, reline shoes • Lifetime Warranty • Quick Service White Post Restorations One Old Car Drive • P.O. Drawer D, White Post, VA 22663 (540)837-1140 • www.whitepost.com um VI A' . .A. — Insurance for Classic Cars Costs Less Than You Think! experience The Ultimate 51_ Resource Book 368 pgs. Full color. Hardbound. $65 +$4 shipping 24 hour Tel. 612.377.0155 Fax 612.377.0157 I FIVE DECADES OF THE MERCEDES BENZ SL SAMPLE QUOTE 1971 Porsche 911E Insured Value: $25,000 Liability - $300,000 Annual Premium. $209 • "0" Deductible  • 24 Hour Claims Service • "Agreed Value" Coverage • Credit Card Payment Option • One Liability Charge  • "A" Rated Insurance Co. GREATAmilricAN The  March, 2002  Experience.com (800) 678-5173 www.parishheacock.com Parish" Heacock INSURANCE FOR AUTOMOBILE ENTHUSIASTS 13 Ask for Gary Gandy

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   Vintage RallyL CALENDAR MARCH 2002 racing or GT cars, any Ferrari, any 12-cylinder. This 4th annual event is presented by Jacksonville Region, Mercedes-Benz USA. Contact: Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/ 645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) Forza Amelia, 10- 15. 1975 or earlier sports, APRIL 2002 with surprising luxury. Phone/fax 918/ 743-0891. (OK) Hillbilly Mille Does Arkansas Just One More Time, 3- 7. Travel through Arkansas No Frills Iron Bottom Motoring Tour, 11 - 13. Open to all pre-1978 vehicles. Departs from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California at 7:30 a.m. Send your e-mail address to epas356@ao1.com for a flyer. The 5th Classic Malts Reliability Trial, 14- May 5. Back running in May after Foot and Mouth complications. Drive 1,300 miles of Britain's finest roads. Information available from www.he-ro.co.uldmalts. The Trial to the Nile, 15- through three deserts, ten countries and three continents. See the pyramids from the seat of your favorite car. Space for 110 cars. For information, contact Classic Cars Events at Bart.Rietbergen@tip.nl , fax 011 31 578 577426. (HOLLAND) MAY 2002 propriate to the original Mille Miglia (i.e., 1957 vintage or older and American cars of the same era that might have run in an Ameri- California Mille, 11 - 16. Open to cars ap- The Hillbilly Mille Does New Mexico, 17 - 21. Eligibility: interesting cars. Phone/fax 918/743-0891. (OK) can Mille, had there been one). Limited to 65 cars. Deadline for entry is February 1, 2002. Contact Martin Swig, 415/561-8401, fax 415/561-8422. (CA) New England 1000, 18- sports, racing or GT cars will head to Nova Scotia. 50 car limit. Presented by MercedesBenz. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/6456069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) JUNE 2002 Rallye des Princesses, 2-7. The new route the Mexican Road Race of 1950-54. European and American cars in proper original specification, 1954 and earlier. New this year, post-historic 1955-65 cars of any model will be accepted. Martin Swig, 415/ 561-8401, fax 415/561-8422. (CA) The Double 500, 29. A one - - charitable event for cars valued at no more May 5. Pass For your complimentary listing in the Vintage Racing Calendar Please contact Brian Rabold 503/261-7127 x203 fax 503/253-2234 copyed@sportscarmarket.com Specializing in International Travel, Custom Vacations & Groups 503 226-7200 ext 24  800 344-8890 ext 24  1536 N.W. 23rd Ave Portland OR 97210 email: stephanie@journeysl.com iCAR?"011/ will wind through the heart of the French Alps. Cars built from 1925-1974 are eligible and teams must be at least half female. Information is available from wvvw.zaniroli.com , e-mail zaniroli@club-internet.fr . La Carrera Nevada, 19- 22. A tribute to Travel begins here . . . day, 500 km Stephanie Warrington Travel consultant for Sports Car Market 24. 1975 or earlier )  28. All Austin-Healey Sprites and Jensen-Healeys, as well as all Healey cars built prior to 1952. Stateline, Nevada, at Lake Tahoe's South Shore. www.healey2002.com.• Open Roads 2002 Meeting & Rally, 23- than $500. Donate your car at the end of the event. Martin Swig, 415/5618401. (CA) Antique Automobile Insurance 1-888-ANTIQUE (1-888-26 wwwjctaylor.com 14  Sports Car Market

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A look at repair and restoration shops recommended by SCM subscribers. Please send your suggestions for shops for us to consider to copyed@sportscarmarket.com , fax 503/253-2234. L S cott Walrath's goal is to turn his customers' cardboard boxes of parts and dreams into complete, road-ready cars, with features they never had when new. His business card says it all: "We Finish Your Projects." Walrath is accustomed to completing projects started and then abandoned by others. "The first thing a guy does, whether he owns an Alfa or a Duesenberg, is start pulling it apart," he said. "Most people don't label things properly and then, after a few months, they're totally lost. They have good intentions, but finally the car is in shreds and their wife is unhappy about the disassembled mess that's taking up most of the garage." In addition to turning bags of parts into dreams come true, Walrath and his shop, Performance Restoration, have a reputation for being able to invisibly graft modern creature comforts onto vintage cars. For example, one of Scott Walrath's customers with a '63 Austin-Healey BJ8 complained that riding in the car was like being stuck in a sauna with all your clothes on. Walrath removed the car's interior and applied Koolmat, a thermal barrier, to prevent heat from entering the cockpit. This tightly woven fiberglass mat with silicone is used on race cars to keep the driver cool. Walrath formed the $11.50 per square foot material around the transmission tunnel, firewall and floor, then reinstalled the interior. Next the customer asked for air conditioning. Walrath used components from Vintage Air, a company that makes air conditioning for street rods. "It worked slick as can be," he said. Walrath built brackets to mount the compressor on the engine and put the A/C switches in place of the Healey's original heater pull knobs. He replaced the Healey's factory heater box, and saved all the original pieces. "The trick of it is not to hack things up," Walrath explained, "so if you want to go back to stock, you can." Now the customer decided she wanted cruise control. Walrath ran a cable to the carburetor and concealed the activating button in the Healey's ashtray. Another customer is going even further with a '34 Pontiac, which is being transformed into a resto-rod in Walrath's shop. When finished, it will look stock, but will give its driver a kick in the pants from a late-model V8 and '66 Corvette rear suspension. In the modern hotrod tradition, the Pontiac has current accesso- March, 2002  Performance Restoration by Bill Neill ries including air conditioning, power steering and brakes, cruise control and stereo. British and American cars are a specialty here. Current domestic projects include a '48 Nash convertible, '40 Willys street rod, a '28 Model A street rod and a '76 Pontiac Trans Am restoration. A '61 Austin-Healey BT7 and a '56 Jaguar XK140 are the present British residents in the shop. Walrath gets expert paint, body, and mechanical help from his technician, John Tanner. Walrath tries to keep customers involved, especially by encouraging owners to search for parts. Not only does this tend to boost the car owner's interest in the project, it also keeps Almost all of Performance's customers are between 50 and 70 years old, with the time and money to spend on restorations. "Older gentlemen are smart enough to have two or three checking accounts," Walrath said, "which prevents too much scrutiny from significant others." SCM subscriber Don Jacobs brought a '58 Signet Red Corvette roadster to Performance Restoration. At first he was only looking for a paint job on his 270-horsepower, dual-quad, four-speed sports car. As Performance Restoration took the Corvette apart, they found previous accident repair in the left rear corner. One step led to another as the project grew in scope. Before the work was fmished, it had morphed into a full-bore nut-and-bolt restoration. "I always try to have three choices for customers," Walrath said. "The bare minimum, what we feel is acceptable, and over the top." Jacobs wanted something special so he picked the last option. John Tanner does final assembly on Don Jacobs's Cory ette. Performance's billing down. Some customers with mechanical ability are allowed to work in the shop along with the staff. They can handle simple tasks such as sanding or stripping the frame. However, they won't be rubbing out the final finish. "Our specialty is glass-flat paint," Walrath said. Shop  Owner  Location  Number of staff  Number of bays  Years in operation  Hourly rate  Specialty  Phone  Fax  E-mail  Recommended by ... Performance Restoration Scott Walrath Chardon, OH 3 10 5 $35 American, British cars 440/286-3353 440/286-2437 supercharaed@alltel.net SCM subscriber Don Jacobs "There're a lot of reasons that restorations start and stop," Walrath said. "It could be a death in the family, a stock market crash, or the spouse getting a look at the checkbook." It cost $2,000 just to rechrome the grille. Walrath said customers tend to spend more than they planned. "But with old Corvettes, over-restored is what everybody wants," he said. Jacobs's Corvette fits that description. The car's paint was removed with sandpaper and a razor blade. Walrath prepared the fiberglass body, and sealed it with an epoxy material. He applied urethane primer, and block sanded it. Next came the base coat and the clear coat. The Corvette body was block sanded again, and two more clear coats applied. The job was fmished with very fine 3,000-grit sandpaper. This painstaking method is along way from the single-stage paint sprayed on when the car came down the assembly line over 30 years ago. "If we can't paint a car better than GM did in 1958," Walrath said, "we'd better go home." The restored Corvette has a red body with white coves, white top and white sidewall tires. Owner Jacobs described himself as "very satisfied." Performance gets its customers by word of mouth. The shop has not advertised yet, but the curb appeal of their finished projects speak for themselves. "You park one of our restored Corvettes out front," said Walrath, "hear brakes screech and in comes another customer." (There are several shops called Performance Restoration, including establishments in Mundelein, Illinois, and Keller, Texas. They are not affiliated with Walrath's shop in Ohio)• 15 The Wrenching TRUTH  ) 

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RON TON KIN GRAN TURISMO Anterietr's oldest germri :Dealership FERRARI  '01 '98 '98 '98 '97 '97 '97 '97 '95 '86 '84 '79 456M  GT 355 355 355 456 355 355 355 355 328 512 308 GTS F1 GIB F1 Spyder GT  Spyder GTB  Gra  GTB  Gm  BBi  Dino GT4 New.... Blu/Tan  6,300 mi... Red/tan  7.000 mi...RedIBIk 15,000 ml..,. Blu/Tan 17,500 ml  Red/Tan 12,000 ml.,.. Blk/Blk 9,600 mi... BlulBlu 20,000 mi... Red/Blk 15,000 mi... Blu/Tan 33,000 ml Blk/Red 14,000 ml.... Blk/Blk 27,000 mi . Red/Tan MASERATI Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo is taking orders for the all-new Maserati Spyder and coupe. NEW VEHICLES Currently in Production '02 Corsa Spyder  Titanium/Bordeaux '02 Corsa Spyder  Silver/Blue '02 6-speed Spyder Black/Tan '02 Corsa Coupe  Metallic Red/Tan We are also a Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta and Cagiva dealer. www.motocorsa.com  (503) 292-7488 We can arrange shipping anywhere. CalLus if you need help locating your ideal car or motorcycle. DUCATI aprilia GAG I AKA All Cars Seen At www.tonkin.corn WE BUY ALL FERRARIS & MASERATIS 203 N.E. 122nd, Portland, OR 97230 (503) 255-7560 (800) 547-4455 0 For a free subscription to our email newsletter, email us at: ppersichin@aol.com Ferrari and Maserati of Orange County 1425 West Baker Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Phone (714) 662-7600 Fax (714) 662-7555 c Your Best Way to Lease the Best • Custom-Tailored Leases • From 24 to 60 Months • Equity Transfers • Early-Termination Rebates • Business & Individual • Coast-to-Coast Service • Dealer Inquiries Welcome • Lease to Own PUTNAM FINE AUTOMOBILE LEASING NEW/PRE-OWNED/EXOTIC/COLLECTIBLES SINCE 1983 SOLE AUTHORIZED LEASING AGENT FOR BARRETT-JACKSON & CAVALLINO CLASSIC Greenwich, CT 800.278.0071 Please Visit  PutnamLeasing.com  Scottsdale, AZ _} 888.995.5800 The ONLY Factory authorized dealer in Orange and San Diego Counties. Full facilities featuring sales, service, parts, race prep and off-site bodyshop.

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Market Review Buyer's Guide Chassis number: ZFFMN34A0M0085226 ntroduced in Europe in 1987, Ferrari's newest supercar was a shock to the senses. An engineering tour-de-force, the F40 combined raw-edged radical styling with stateof-the-art engine, body and chassis design. Driving one is a visceral experience, hammering the senses with brutal acceleration, go-kart-quick reflexes and a howling exhaust note that pierces your very being. The experience is addictive, a powerful narcotic for the soul of a driver. I More than anything, it's the car's purpose that underlines the experience. Few concessions are made to creature comforts—no radio, no carpets, no power windows, not even door panels. Instead, racing seats with red Nomex covers clarify the point, which is—of course—absolute uncompromising performance. Cost-no-object engineering produced a specification that still seems state of the art today, more than 14 years later— such as the carbon fiber and Kevlar reinforced steel space-frame chassis with composite body panels. The car's Evoluzione twin turbo and intercooled, four-cam, port-injected V8 engine is controlled by a raceproven Weber-Marelli engine management system. Formula One-sized wheels and tires benefit from tremendous wind tunnel induced dovvnforce. Few cars today can match its 200-mph top speed; 0 to 60 times were reported in the 3-second range. The vendor of this US-delivery car is also its original owner. An aficionado of Italian cars, as well as a personal acquaintance of Enzo Ferrari, Mr. Copanos has nonetheless resisted the urge to drive it, choosing to preserve this example in pristine showroom condition—the odometer attests to the fact that it has been driven just 192 miles since new. As a '91 model, it also benefits from the many updates made by the factory since the official introduction of the F40 into the US market the previous year. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCMPrice Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  This car sold for $344,300, including commission, at the RAI Monterey auction, held August 18, 2001. The F40 is without a doubt the most exciting street Ferrari to ever come out of Maranello. Its race car level of trim and brutal, turbocharged performance makes even the F50 seem tame. At the same time, the F40 is well mannered, air conditioned and civilized enough to drive around town. Such is its nature —fire and ice in one package. Laguna Seca Raceway was the scene of my first encounter with an F40 driven in anger An expertly driven one spanked all of the Ferrari street cars and passed several of the Ferrari race cars. It was elegant yet ferocious, a true descendant of Ferrari 's best offerings. The next day I saw the same F40 with a middle-aged gentleman piloting an older lady through the Fisherman's Wharf area of San Francisco. Pointing and talking, he idled the half-million-dollar tour bus through the congested streets. While the 201-mph Ferrari looked totally out of place performing this pedestrian duty, there was no overheating, fouling of spark plugs or embarrassing displays of supercar tempera- March, 2002  Web site  Alternatives  ment. I'm sure the owner 's only anxious moments were getting his mother in and out of the deep bucket seats and explaining why he had spent more money on this one car than the total cumulative value of every house she had ever lived in. $310,000-$375,000 $3,500-$4,500 N/A On the frame in the front compartment under the washer bottle PO Box 720597 Atlanta, GA 30358; Ferrari Owner's Club, 8642 Cleta St., Downey, CA 90241 www.ferrariclubofamerica.com, wvvwFerrariOwnersClub.org Porsche 959, McLaren Fl, Jaguar XJR-15 On the top of the engine in the front by the water pump Ferrari Club of America, Introduced at the height of the 1980s priceft-enzy, the rampant speculation on the F40 epitomized the era. By the time the F40 hit the US shores the "market" price was already established While list price was somewhere in the $250k range, European cars were selling for a cool million dollars. American dealers bumped that a bit and started cutting deals. Dealer profits were obscene, but so was the speculators 'greed A Northeastern dealer reportedly built a new showroom on the profit from their two F40s. 1988-92 1,311 $399,150 Within months of the first F40 deliveries, the collector car market began to collapse. Speculators walked awayfrom their deposits as the market price slipped under their contracted prices. Dealers adjusted the contracts as the prices fell, but by the time the last new F40s were delivered, they could be bought at list price. F40s are not rare by Ferrari standards. It was implied that the F40 would be a limited-production model, but with 1,311 cars built, F40 production exceeded every Ferrari model built before it except the Testarossas, Dinos and 308 series cars. As a comparison, there were 1,291 Daytonas, 350 275 GTB/4s and only 272 288 GTOs produced Despite its relatively large production, the F40 remains a highly sought-after car There are very few on the market at any given time. Its dual-purpose race car/collector car status ensures customers for both driver-quality and collector-quality cars. The F40 is a special car that should remain valuable for the foreseeable future. The $344,300 paid for John Copanos 's F40 was a shade less than it might bring today, proving that even in Monterey, and even when spending nearly 350 large, you can still get a bit of a bargain.—Steve Ahlgrim (Historic data courtesy of auction company.)• 17 1991 Ferrari F40

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Sheehan Speaks by Michael Sheehan 456s and 550s: lust Used Cars ST he 550 Maranello and 456 GT and GTA are today's state-ofthe-art grand touring Ferraris, offering supercar performance in a luxurious and very stylish package. Yet in the last year these cars have dropped drastically in value. Today, real money for a 1995 456 GT with low miles, good colors and full service is about $95,000 while a 1997 550 with the same features will sell for about $150,000, both down about $40,000 in the last year. Further, less-than-perfect cars are taking a real hit. At the eBay/Kruse auction in Scottsdale, a yellow, partial respray, nonmileage-verified, lease-return (how's that for a list of attributes) 1997 456 GT (S/N 100270) sold on Saturday for $88,250, and was resold on Sunday for $94,350 (page 33). I wouldn't want to be the one trying to resell it again. Of course, all new cars, even Ferraris, depreciate. But this recent drop has been hastened by a recession centered on the hightech industries and the drop in the NASDAQ. The consensus among dealers is that high- 111111111.111W 111111111W OF SEATTLE ROM, 1999 355 F1 Berlinetta - Titanium on Black leather, 9k miles, Fl transmission, local car, fully serviced, eligible for FNA pre-owned warranty program. 1995 911 C4 Coupe - Red on Blk leather, 6-speed, 26k miles, all-wheel drive, sunroof, factory security system, Sport seats, Alpine CD stereo, one owner, books/records, 30k service by dealer, local trade. 8  1401 12th Avenue • Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 329-7070 For complete inventory, visit our website www.ferrariofseattle.com tech whiz-kids in their 20s, 30s and early 40s made up a solid 25 percent of the recent new Ferrari buyers. Many have left the market until their businesses recover. trage and bought, converted and imported Euro cars, making that many more cars available in our market. Additionally, both the 550 and the 456 are near the end of their production run and will be replaced soon. This means many of those who can afford to play are waiting for the latest new toy and have already had, and often sold, their 456 or 550, adding more cars to the secondary market. Remember that few people use their new Ferraris on a daily basis. They are more often purchased as a statement of success. And somehow, bragging about "getting a good deal on a used, lease-return 456" doesn't carry the same panache as saying, "I cashed in a few options and went down to Ferrari of Seattle to pick up my new 360 Modena Spyder." While Ferrari now builds world cars, with identical emissions and safety equipment wherever they are sold, the cost of a new 550 or 456 is much more in the US than in Europe. Many enthusiasts and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this Ferrari arbi- The good news, of course, is that if your reasons for owning a 456 or 550 extend beyond impressing the parking lot attendant at Spago, these cars are becoming really good buys. Furthermore, with a 550 at $150,000 approaching the value of a good Daytona (about $125,000) and a 456 GT at $95,000 (not too much over the price of a good 365 GTC/4 at $60,000). I believe that both the 550 and the 456 are nearing the bottom of their depreciation cycles. Post-1970s serial-production Ferraris seem to find a level and just stay there, like 308 GTSs at $25,000-$30,000 or firstgeneration Testarossas in the $40,000-$60,000 range. It is my prediction that within a year a 1997 US-model 550 Maranello will bottom out at about $125,000 while a similar 456 will stabilize at about $75,000. For the user, both offer one hell of a lot of performance for not a lot of money—and if properly taken care of, will suffer very little from further depreciation.• 1999 355 F1 Spider - Two to choose from. Yellow on Black, 6k miles, local trade. Tour de France Blue on Tan, 8k miles, local trade. 1996 F355 Spider - Red on Tan leather, 12k miles. 6-speed, recent major service performed by Ferrari of Seattle, eligible for FNA pre-owned warranty program. 2000 550 Maranello - Black on Black leather, 900 miles, 250 GT rear shelf, Daytona seat trim, Silver brake calipers, Tubi exhaust, includes remainder of factory warranty. 1995 F355 Spider - Verde Silverstone (Dark green) on Tan leather, 10k miles, 6-speed, polished factory wheels, recent major service by Ferrari of Seattle, eligible for FNA pre-owned warranty program. Sports Car Market

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Etceterini & Friends Market Place 1957 Maserati A6G2000 Gran Sport Spider Chassis number: 2197 A ccording to factory records supplied by the ever-helpful Maserati expert Ermanno Cozza, this desirable car left the factory on February 22, 1957, and was delivered new to Maserati's California dealer, M. Rezzaghi. Records show that the car was next owned in 1959 by M.C. Valdez of San Diego and further evidence shows that it was owned by William Victor Hahn, also of San Diego, from June 1972 onwards. Claudio Zampoli of 1990's Cizeta Moroder 18-cylinder fame then owned it for a decade, during which it sat apart in his Los Angeles dealership before he sold it to Oliver Kuttner, a wellknown aficionado of Italian exotica. In 1987 it was purchased by Jay Jessup, who described its condition at the time as a rolling basket case. The body was in primer and showed no evidence of any accident damage—not the slightest door ding in fact—and there was no rust in the frame. Restoration began and all missing parts were either located or made to be as close to the original as possible. As the car's rarity and appeal became clear, the previous goal of simply turning it into a runner was upgraded to a full-blown restoration. The process was assigned to Rob Stewart, a very experienced and meticulous Charlottesville, Virginia, area restorer who traveled to England to examine another Frua Spider, S/N 2123, to help with this restoration. Once the restoration was completed in 1993, the car was awarded no less than that year's First in Class at Pebble Beach, First in Class at Reading in 1994 and again at Meadow Brook the same year. Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Years produced  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club ... Web site  The car then took a break from the concours stage before reappearing at the 2000 Monterey Alternatives  This car sold for $341,000, including buyer 's premium, at the Christie's Pebble Beach sale, held August 19, 2001. Maserati Club International, Box 1015, Mercer Island, WA 98040 www.maseratinet.com $1,000 or make your own Plate riveted to firewall Stamped on engine block Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet Series I weekend at the Maserati celebrations around the Monterey Peninsula. As the venerable Pebble Beach Concours office has a rule that no car should be re-admitted during a 10-year time span, the owner did not expect to partake in 2000. However, two months before the show the Concours staff called, explaining that the car's presence was very much desired. It did very well in the Concours, finishing third in class despite the now older repaint and the briefest of pre-Concours preparation. The presence of just-restored, exceptional Maseratis from all over the world made the result that much better. The car was seen that memorable weekend by the current owner, himself a Concours champion, and a deal was struck to purchase it. The condition today is still extremely good and the car has immense visual presence. The panel fit is excellent and the bodywork smooth and graceful. With immaculate chromework and polished Borrani wire wheels, the Maserati is both pretty and purposeful. The interior has been fully retrimmed. The red painted dash and machine-turned aluminum instrument binnacle with Jaeger gauges have very strong visual appeal. The odometer shows just 802 miles, which is probably the distance the car has traveled since the restoration was completed. March, 2002 If any car enthusiast or collector needs more proof of the Italian genius for bending metal into beautiful shapes, look no further than this ravishing roadster. Despite a reputation for temperament in the engine compartment—the two-liter engine shared many of the components of Maserati race cars—the upside of this twin-cam, dualignition 150-bhp unit was performance that made the A6G2000 the fastest road-going Maserati to date. With the Spider bodywork by Frua, certainly it ranks as the most attractive one as well. As Christie 's catalog mentions, the meticulous restoration resulted in a fistful of welldeserved concours wins for this car when first restored. It proved its competitiveness a few years later by taking yet another prize at Pebble, 1954-57 12 $145,000-$175,000 $1,500 $10,450 which is the World Series of concours d 'elegances. These are definitely cars for the connoisseur, and make even lowproduction Ferraris appear common by comparison. The chassis as well as the alloy body is handcrafted, performance with the two-liter engine is unquestionably spirited, while the overall elegance and dash of the car 's design speaks for itself In a sense, these cars are in a class by themselves. The selling price? At SCM, we continue to say that collectors are rarely disappointed when they pay a top price and get a top car Here is a two-time Pebble Beach prize winner, with a documented history. As anyone who has been involved with the emotionally and financially draining restoration process will tell you, it is so much better to be able to buy a done car, providing it was done right, as this car was. Our wish now for this car would be to see it retired from the precious world of top-flight concours competition, and to be seen again on the road. Surely every vintage rally everywhere would welcome this Frua Spider; and wouldn't we all enjoy seeing it once again at speed, on the open road, where it was born to be.—Dave Brownell (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company)• 19

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ANONIMA LOMBAROA FABBRICA AUTOMOBIll Tip° U  r  F Market Review at Buyer's Guide A Chassis number: AR1410753 Engine number: AR0051258160 A most attractive and sought-after post-war Alfa, this early left-hand drive "roundtail" 1750 Spider Veloce was recently imported into the UK from South Africa. The car is reported to be in good condition mechanically, with very good bodywork and paintwork, and a good original interior and top. The car also has a new exhaust system and tires. This car soldfor $10,865, including buyer 's premium, at the Bonhams & Brooks Beaulieu sale on September 9, 2001. This price is within SCM's estimate of $9,000 to $12,500, and represents a solid investment. The symmetric Duetto, with its tapered front and rear available in the US in model years 1967 and 1969 (called a Spider Veloce), is something of a cult piece. The 1967 models are more highly prized because they carry dual Weber carburetors instead of the SPICA mechanical fuel injection, which was introduced on the 1969 USspecification 1750 Spiders (series 105.62). Another roundtail attraction is its lack of the "comfort and convenience" accessories—air conditioning, power windows and side mirrors—that came to weigh down later versions of the Spider A Webercarbureted Duetto is the lightest, most sporting and most easily maintained of the Alfa Spiders imported into the US since 1967. modern classic by Pininfarina, the simple yet elegant Spider bodywork premiered in the US on the 1967 1.6-liter Duetto would prove enduringly popular, lasting into the 1990s. The Spider's mechanics were essentially those of the Giulia sedan, comprising independent front suspension, a coil-suspended live rear axle and four-wheel servo-assisted disc brakes, while the engine was the Giulia Sprint GTV's 1.6-liter, double-overhead camshaft four. The US-market Duetto was made for just one year before being superseded in 1969 by the 1.8-liter 1750 Spider Veloce, which carried the same symmetrical bodywork as the Duetto (due to EPA and DOT regulations, there was no 1968 or 1970 model year for Alfa in the US). In 1971, the 1750's "round tail" was modified with the "sawed-off' Kamm-type tail, which would characterize the successor 2000 model. When the Alfetta models were introduced in 1975, only a Sprint and Berlina appeared, and enthusiasts wondered where the new Spider was. In 1972 Pininfarina had proposed a replacement for the Duetto and intended it to appear with the Alfetta Berlina and Sprint, but there were simply no funds for its development. The Pininfarina Alfetta Spider prototype is now housed in Alfa's museum at Arese. Years produced  Number produced  SCMPrice Guide  Original list price  Tune-up  Distributor cap  Chassis 4  Engine #  Although elegant, the Duetto almost-bumperless nose and tail sections proved overly susceptible to damage, and the later squared-off "Kamm" tail gave Alfa's engineers a more substantial body structure from which to suspend functional bumpers. Club  Web Site  Alternatives  As the auction catalog copy suggests, the Alfa Spiders derivedfrom the original Duetto achieved one ofthe longest-production runs ofany marque, spanning 28 years. European taste for the model soured long before the American attraction, and the model ended its run as a US-only "Commemorative Spider" The reason for the Spider .'s longevity has much less to do with enduring design than Alfa's marketing incompetence, however From the mid-'60s to the middle of the '90s, Alfa blunderedfrom model to model, using a trial-and-error approach that eventually sapped the company of its resources and kept it from updating its venerable Spider Also, Alfa's various approaches to US-mandated smog and safety regulations always seemed to be ofthe Band-Aid, "what 's the least we can do?" variety rather than an overall, thoughtful approach. 20  (all roundtail cars, all markets) 8,721 So American enthusiasts, who since the middle 1950s had been accustomed to driving Alfa Spiders that featured state-of-the-art engines and suspensions, were saddled with the increasingly heavy, unattractive, outdated two-liter cars of the '80s and '90s. Expensive surprises are few with a well-kept roundtail. Finding unbent front and rear decklids can be difficult, and used stainless steel bumpers and reflective rear "lollipops" in good condition are costly. 1966-69 Center bulkhead $ 9,000-$ 12,500 $4,025 $250 $35 Flat boss just to the rear of the distributor AROC, 10 Raskin Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 www.aroc-usa.org Fiat 124 Spider, OSCA 1600 Spider, MGB But the mechanicals are robust, with parts available from a variety of sources. Best of all, with long-legged gearing and a well-designedfivespeed gearbox, these cars are comfortable cruising at 75 mph all day long, something that can not often be said for $10,000 1960s sports cars. Roundtail Spiders can be upgraded to later two-liter engines relatively easily, and while the performance is definitely increased, something quite wonderful is lost in the change: the sound and feel of the 1600-cc and 1779-cc engine with itsfree-revving characteristics. Somehow the two-liter engines exchanged increased horsepower for a feeling of mechanical ponderousness. There is something virginal about the early Duettos: the sense of a true sports car unspoiled by the rough hands of marketers or advertisers. The Duetto is about as close to a pure sports car as you can get, especially if cars like the Morgan or MGB are a bit too Spartan. The new owner can reasonably anticipate many miles of pleasant motoring, with little fear of mechanical complications. And because of its seminal design, which looks better with each passing year, a good Duetto or Spider Veloce is likely to be a fine long-term investment.—Pat Braden (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company)• Sports Car Market MILANO 1969 Alfa 1750 Spider Veloce t) N° r"11: .

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The Monthly Digest of Magnificent Motor Cars AC • Aston Martin • Austin-Healey • Bentley • Rolls-Royce • Jaguar • Lotus • MG • Triumph 1960 Jaguar XK 150 DHC Z 11 Chassis number: S838844DN i aguar turned the motoring world upside-down and inside-out when it introduced the XI( 120 in 1948. It combined a powerful 160-bhp twin-cam straight-six with the most sensuous body ever seen on a production automobile. The combination of the 120-mph top speed, beauty and value had the celebrities lining up for their copies. Basic specifications called for mating the gorgeous 3.4-liter twin-cam engine to a four-speed Moss gearbox. Front suspension was independent by torsion bars, while the driven solid rear axle was suspended—and located—by longitudinal leaf springs. A fixed-head coupe and a drophead coupe soon joined the original OTS (open two-seater). In 1954, the XK 120 was superceded by the more luxurious XK 140, which adopted the 190-bhp engine as its base power plant and offered much more comprehensive bumper protection. Using the cylinder head from the Le Mans-winning C-type, the Special Equipment XK 140 often referred to as the MC—was propelled by a 210-bhp version of the lusty 3.4-liter engine. The final iteration of the classic Jaguar XK came along in 1957 with the XK 150. The 3.4-liter engine remained essentially unchanged, as did the 102-inch wheelbase. However, the extensive alterations to the body made this look almost like an entirely new car, although the Jaguar family resemblance was still striking. The big news, though, was that every XK 150 came standard with four-wheel disc brakes, the innovation that had helped the famed Coventry marque conquer Le Mans repeatedly. Like the XK 140 it replaced, the 150 was offered from the onset in open twoseater, fixed-head coupe, and drophead coupe forms. Arguably the most elegant of the XK 150 line, the drophead offered greater comfort and superior weather protection than the OTS model. This spectacular XK 150 was delivered new to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1960. Although it has always been a Canadian car, it is absolutely rust-free. In the mid-'90s, the car was stripped to the base metal and refinished in gleaming British Racing Green. The owner proudly states that the body was prepared by "an English panel beater" who used only lead solder in those instances where filler was required. Inside, the interior is trimmed in tan leather and the top is of black mohair cloth. To set off the gleaming rich green paint and contrasting tan upholstery, the car rolls on correct 16inch chrome wire wheels. Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Years produced  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis # ... Engine #  Club  Web Site  Alternatives  Although this genuine, three-owner, 83,000-mile car has never required any major mechanical work or restoration, it has had a complete overhaul of the braking system, a new fuel tank and stainless steel exhaust. The original 3.4-liter engine runs beautifully and the overdrive Moss gearbox is in fine fettle. In every respect, this is an excellent example of a most sought-after British classic, in a most appealing color scheme. This car is perfect to tour, show, or simply covet. March, 2002  This car sold at no reserve for $29,900, including buyer 's premium, at the Bonhams & Brooks Quail Lodge sale, held August 17, 2001. The most striking feature of the XK 150 drophead coupe is that there really isn't any collectible car that is directly comparable. With more than 200 horses on tap, an all-day cruising capability at speeds over 100 mph, four-wheel disc brakes more than able to rein those horses in and a spacious, leather-trimmed interior fitted with luxurious wood and a lined convertible top, it was really the first true convertible touring car It certainly wasn't a sporting automobile; leave that to its 2CK 120 and fiLV 140 predecessors. This was, in fact, the convertible version of the executive-express sports sedan, the Mark 1, that Jaguar created during the same period Plate riveted to engine compartment firewall on right side of car The XK 150 was fatter, heavier and less responsive—one of the period road tests called it "podgy"—than other two-seat sports cars of the day But it was also more reliable and more comfortable while giving up nothing in top speed. Ifyou 're thinking of taking a thousand-mile tour among New England's forests or the mountains of Colorado, this is the car for you. Just don't expect to make fastest time of day in the Jaguar Club autocross. 1957-60 $32,500-$47,500 $500 approx. 2,600 $4,763 $45 Stamped on engine block above oil filter Jaguar Clubs of North America, 888/258-2524 wwwjena.com Jaguar XK 140 DHC, Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8, AC Ace Bristol, Porsche 356B Cabriolet, Aston Martin DB2/4 DHC Buying an XK 150 should be done very carefully. Philip Porter, one of the world's experts on all things Jaguar, says, "buying an XK is a highrisk sport... The cars are without doubt among the most difficult to restore." If any rust is encountered, bodywork can be complicated and expensive, and it takes a Jaguar specialist to do a decent job of rebuilding mechanical systems. Even with everything intact, at 83,000 miles this car is going to need a full mechanical overhaul soon, though the buyer can probably expect two years or so of decent use. At least the paint and bodywork have already been refreshed. On the other hand, when bidding stalls at $29,000, it's time to get the paddle up. For the price of an average Austin-Healey, this buyer got a marvelous car to drive and enjoy until he decides to restore it or sell it.— Gary Anderson (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company)• 21 7 Market Review Buyer's Guide

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atient By Gary Anderson  Addressing the Mysteries of British Car Ownership Trading Into A Tin-Top D ear Mr. Anderson: I have a 1952 Morgan +4 Special that I plan to sell in part to fund the purchase of an early Jaguar XK-series fixed-head coupe. I like the design ofthefixed-head coupe but am a little concerned about how drivable it might be. Can you give me any directives on what to look for in a fixed-head coupe? I like the 120 best but am wondering if the 140 or 150 might be a better choice?—Paul Davidson, Potomac, Maryland First off, you will be selling an open roadster and replacing it with a tin-top, which means no more wind in your hair and sun in your face but, of course, you knew that. 120 might have a little more appreciation potential. If you do decide to buy, you should be most concerned about the quality of the wood interior. Finding a good craftsman to restore a poor interior will be challenging, and the work will be expensive. Second in order of concern, check the panels and frame carefully for any signs of rust or badly done body repairs. While bodymen with Jaguar experience can be found, repairs can eat up money in a hurry. Mechanical problems are not of as much concern, though you should want to make sure all the parts are there and the car has the right engine, transmission and accessories. Don't shy away from paying more than the Price Guide numbers for a good car. You'll still come out far ahead when compared to dragging home a project. On the other hand, since you're already used to squirming into the Moggie, perhaps we don't need to warn you about the similar ergonomic shortcomings of the Jaguar XK 120. Both share the particularly British attitude that steering wheels should be at least 17 inches in diameter and positioned within inches of the driver's thighs and chest. If you are prepared to seal yourself into a coupe and are interested in drivability, I would lean towards the 140. Think of the 120 as the show prototype that it really was, and the 140 as the practical version. On the exterior, functional bumpers, a sturdier grille and a few trim pieces were about the only changes. On the inside, however, the changes were more fundamental. The pedal box was expanded and the steering was repositioned so that the wheel is closer to the dashboard and a little higher, giving the driver more clearance. Other than that, the 140 has the same lovely wood fascia of the 120 and, of course, the lovely Dear Mr. Anderson: Jam considering selling my 1959 Turner 950 Sport before it possibly depreciates. I can't find any good information regarding values of Turners. I'm the second owner, and have completely redone it, including rebuilding the 1275-cc engine and transmission and ouOtting it with larger car- Turner, these cars aren't listed in any standard price guide because they were built and imported into the United States in such small numbers that they almost never show up in public sales. Furthermore, since they were built primarily to be used in racing, they were frequently modified before or after sale, so it would be difficult to develop any consistent guidelines on values. Turner specialists estimate that only about 300 survive today from the entire 1953-65 history of the company. Jack Turner, who designed and built the cars, believed he was the first to engineer a production car with a fiberglass body. I'd recommend that you get a professional appraiser in your area who is familiar with unusual sports cars and vintage racing cars to give you a valuation. However, I think you may be disappointed in the value he's going to assign to it. If I were doing the appraisal, I would probably relate the car to a Bugeye Sprite, which is of the same vintage, looks similar and has much the same performance. From there, the value would vary with condition, but would likely be between $8,000 and $15,000. You didn't mention which engine was original to this car. Culshaw and Horrobin's Catalogue of British Cars, one of the few references that lists Turners, indicated that those produced in 1959 might have had either a BMC A-series or Coventry Climax engine. That would have some effect on the value, with the Coventry engine worth more. If depreciation is your only concern, I wouldn't be in a rush to sell it. Collector cars like this one only depreciate due to physical deterioration, though their values might fluctuate slightly from year to year. The MC 140 is more practical than the 120, but with less financial upside. sweeping fender lines that were drawn in so many schoolboys' notebooks in the early '50s. We discuss the XK 150 on the previous page; in my mind it's not in the same category as the 120/140, being more of a luxury cruising convertible than a sports car. 22  buretors, as well as inserting a new interior and sanding and painting the fiberglass body. The original engine and transmission would go with it.—Charles Macauley, Westport, CT The 120 and 140 dropheads generally have similar prices, though, being the original, the It is impossible to assign value to a car without seeing it, and always difficult to assign value to a limited-production car. In the case of the events in your area. The experience would be enjoyable and the visibility might just attract someone who would be willing to pay a reasonable price for the car. If you do decide to sell it, I'd suggest you clean it up and exhibit it at one of the concours Mr Anderson is publisher of British Car magazine. Please direct your English car questions to editorgary@aol.com; fax 650/9499685.• Sports Car Market

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ELEGANZ UND WERTARBEIT 1959 Porsche 356A Super Cab Chassis number: 151032 n 1959 Porsche concluded the run of the 356A cars, with their distinctive "droopy" front fenders, lower headlights and low bumpers. Even though the Cabriolet appears to share the panels of the Speedster, in fact their bodies have almost nothing in common. In further contrast to the Spartan Speedster, the Cabriolet was built with a taller windscreen and raised top frame to accommodate drivers of normal stature, rollup windows and more comfortable seats. The Cabriolet has the dash and fittings of the coupe, rather than the hooded three-dial instrument panel and austere interior trim and accessories of the Speedster. The luxurious, fully padded top of the Cabriolet is also in stark contrast to the Speedster's simple unlined cloth top. Approximately 3,367 356A Cabs were built during its four-year life span (1956-59) and the refined and elegant Cabriolet proved to be nearly as popular as the Speedster. In the US, where the weather was agreeable and racing was a part of the intended use, the Speedster was king. In Europe, the Cabriolet far outsold its stablemate. As a more useable and multi-purposed car, the Cabriolets have always been highly sought after by collectors worldwide. The example pictured here has benefited from a thorough restoration, which has included a fully rebuilt Super 1600 engine and new tan paintwork with the correct black leather interior. We understand that this lovely example is in fully sorted mechanical condition, is cosmetically excellent and an overall very solid example. The car described here sold for $34,100, in- eluding buyer 's premium, at RM's Arizona Biltmore auction on January 18, 2002. Color is, of course, an emotive and personal thing, but to my eye it was a pleasure to see this early Porsche painted in something other than white, red, silver or black However, there did seem to be a touch too much green in the Stone Gray, and it appeared, through a stone chip, that this car might have once been Signal Red. Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Years produced  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  The car appeared very correct throughout, had excellent door and panel fit (the doors closed with that nice bank-vault "ka-lick" that Porsches are famous for) and was cosmetically hard to criticize. Being a Cabriolet added to its collector value over a coupe but the more sporting Speedsters are still the darlings of the 356A models. The 1600 Super engine hanging out the back is another bonus. While mal produced 60 DIN brake horsepower at 4,500 rpm, was good for 75 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. Fifteen or seem like a lot, but it makes a difference in the lightweight March, 2002  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives  upping the top speed from 100 mph to 110 mph and chopping the 0 to 60 time down to the 11-second range. Suspension remained unchanged, with well-developed swing axles at the rear and transverse torsion bars all around. Although some claimed this made for tricky handling, to the adventurous Porsche enthusiast this was yet another skill to be mastered and enjoyed. As with most all cars ofthe '50s, foreign and domestic, rust is the enemy Rocker panels, door posts, floor pans and the myriad nooks and crannies that give Porsche coachwork such rigidity and integrity are all vulnerable to the dreaded tinworm. This car sufferedftom no such problems, though, and this was reflected in the selling price. 1956-59 3,367 $32,000-$37,000 with Super engine $300 $30 $4,360 Stamped in rear-most engine case, between generator and crankshaft pulley Under front hood on horizontal bulkhead Jaguar XK 140 drophead coupe, Mercedes-Benz 190SL convertible, MGA the 1600 Northe Super unit so horses may not Porsche's scat, 356 Registry, Barbara Skirmants, 27244 Ryan Rd., Warrren, MI 48092; 810/558-3692 www.356registry.org The new owner of this Porsche bought a nice example at a fair retail market level. The fact that it was offered at an auction that had most people waiting and watching for six-figure bidding may have helped it stay at a rational price level, as happened with several other very clean and show-ready sports cars at the Biltmore that day—Dave Brownell Why has it failed to another auction block, hands of an appreciative (Historic data and Additional notes supplied by Jim Schrager: This car appeared familiar to me, and upon checking my archives I found it had sold at Barrett-Jackson 2001 for $38,000, and then at Kruse Auburn in Spring of 2001, to a dealer, for $28,090. Thus begins another auction mystery. While not a Porsche Club concours winner, this is a handsome car; with no apparent needs. find a permanent home? Will we see it again on or has it finally landed, as it deserves, in the enthusiast? photo courtesy of auction company)• 23

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C21C4: Investment or Mechanical Boondoggle? D ear Mr. Schrager: I 've recentlyfounda 1991911 all-wheeldrive convertible for sale. It is a black-on-black, 32,000mile, well-tended used car with conditionfully appropriate for its mileage. The owner is asking $39,000, roughly in line with the Kelley Blue Book value of $38,000. Do you have any opinions about the build quality, collectibility, and upside potential for such a car? Are there any mechanical "gotchas" to be wary of with these models? When I test-drove this car, it impressed me as being very fast, very pretty and actually a bit easier to drive than some of the other 911s I have sampled, thanks to a less biting oversteer, presumably due to the AWD. Any thoughts, comments or warnings you have would be of great interest to me.—B.M., Hillsboro, OR Leaks between the heads and cylinders can be costly. allowed to move within chambers filled with silicone grease. A neat idea, but they don't hold up and often have to be replaced with a standard flywheel. This repair runs $3,000 or so. The C4 offers all-wheel drive and impressive power Dear B.M.: The 1989 Carrera 4 was a breakthrough car for Porsche. The first series-production all-wheel-drive 911 variant, it introduced the largest flat-six engine made for street use. At 3.6 liters and 247 hp, the engine was bigger and more powerful than the first 911 Turbos, and of course, without turbo lag. In addition to big power and four-wheel drive, the C4 had the first styling tweaks since the 1978 911SC, including soft, deformable front and rear bumpers, revised taillamps, and new wheels with a sevenspoke silver-painted alloy known as the "Design 90" rim. Changes were significant under the skin, with coil springs rather than torsion bars to suspend all four wheels, a first for the rear-engined street cars. Given all the new ideas, I suppose it was fair to assume there would be some problems. And for the first few years of production, there were two worrisome areas in both the C4 and the two-wheel-drive sister ships, the C2. Most expensive are leaks between the cylinders and heads. Symptoms are low compression readings or oil leaks. This is a big deal, as the fix requires new style pistons and cylinders. These redesigned parts, together with machine work on the heads, enlarges the cylinder-to-head mating surface. Porsche was very generous with original owners and even second buyers on cars with low miles, so check to see if it has been done. If you have to make this fix on your own, the costs can easily exceed $6,000. The second area of concern is the "dual mass" flywheel, which is intended to dampen driveline vibrations from the transmission. It is, as you can imagine from the name, a flywheel with dampening elements 24  Both problems were resolved on cars built after June 1991. How certain is it that these problems will surface on earlier cars? The flywheel problem is more typical than the cylinder head problem, but in reality, no one knows the incidence of the defects. As to collectibility, right now the C2s and C4s are just used cars. Their value will continue to fall as newer and more capable Porsches are built. At some point, they may gain in value again, but it is too early to know if or when that will happen. Because of their problems, the C2/C4 cars (internally known as the 964 model) may get stuck with a bad reputation. This happened to the 1975-77 2.7-liter 911 cars and has kept their value depressed, even though many of these cars have been updated. So far, there has been little easing of the depreciation curve for the 964 cars. I would not buy any late-model Porsche production road car for appreciation. For a car to drive, especially as the price eases and the repairs noted above are made on someone else's watch, I would gladly own and enjoy a Carrera 4 in the inclement Midwestern weather I drive in. But we have a way to go yet before the annual depreciation gets near zero. Perhaps the C4 will fall into the $15,000-$18,000 range and find some support there, as did the 911SC cars. However, the SC has a positive reputation for durability that helps as the miles roll up; the jury is still out on the C2/C4 models. Assuming no other large problems crop up as the C2/C4s age, when their depreciation curve flattens out, a well-kept one will be a good buy. But again, not for appreciation, rather for an enormous amount of value for the dollars spent. Fax your Porsche questions to 503/253-2234, or e-mail them to copyed@sportscarmarket.com . • Sports Car Market

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1967 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster SOLD - $80,300 Collector Car Auction April 26,27 & 28 Celebrating 20 Years of Service to the Collector Held At The Mel Tullis Theater 1949 Cadillac Convertible SOLD - $42,000 Twenty years ago the first gavel dropped under a tent in the small town of Branson, Missouri signaling the beginning of a tradition of excellence. Thirty-two auctions and 10,000 car sales later the changes are as remarkable as they are evident. Branson has exploded into an entertainment capitol within an eight-hour drive of two thirds of the population of the United States. The Branson Collector Car Auction has grown into a national event attracting buyers and sellers from across the country. Our premiere location, The 2,700 seat Mel Tillis Theater, is a luxurious and comfortable venue where important investment decisions can be made with confidence. As always, we will treat every participant with the honesty and a level of cooperation that has been our hallmark from the beginning, continuing our commitment to a tradition of excellence. 1964 Jaguar Series I XICE SOLD - $26,700 Three hundred collector cars will be accepted for the sale, commencing on Friday at 2 P.M. with fifty. Saturday and Sunday we will begin our sale at 10:00 am. We will offer 150 cars on Saturday and 100 on Sunday. Each day the sale will conclude by 6 P.M., allowing participants the opportunity to enjoy the many fine restaurants, attractions and activities that have made Branson a premier family resort destination. As always, our family looks forward to seeing our old friends, and the opportunity to meet someone new, so that we may share our enthusiasm for,and celebration of, the automobile. 1957 Ford Skyliner Retractable SOLD -30,900 BRANS ON SPRING 2002 1948 Chrysler Town d Country SOLD - $43,000 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith SOLD - $36,700 1957 Jaguar XIC 140 FHC SOLD - $29,400 Consign Your Car Today! 800-335-3063 Collector Cars International 1316 West 76 Suite 199 • Branson, Missouri  65616 Web Site: collectorcars-int.com • Email: collectr@ipa.net

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From Grand Classics to Twin Stripes of Smoking Rubber 1935 Auburn Model 851 Boattail Speedster Chassis number: 32304 E rank and Morris Eckhart of Auburn, Indiana, started the Auburn Motor Company in 1903. As theirbusiness grew, they acquired more dealerships to stay ahead of the competition, but by the mid'20s size had caught up with them and they were in need of new leadership. In 1925 E. L. Cord became general manager. Under Cord the new Auburn became a very different company, emphasizing style when others in the industry concentrated on engineering. F By 1931 Auburn was able to sell their fully equipped V12 cars for well under $2,000 and the eights were cheaper still. By 1934 the depression had caught up and sales were falling. As a remedy, Auburn returned to the six-cylinder model and curtailed V12 production. In addition, the 1935 Model 851 Boattail Speedster was an effort to boost sales with a car that offered style, performance and a younger, sportier image. With a new body designed by Gordon Buehrig, an optional supercharger was available for the eight-cylinder engine, boosting output to150 bhp. Each of the 146 supercharged Speedsters produced carried a dash plaque indicating the speed at which the car had been tested. To promote their speed, Ab Jenkins drove a stock Auburn on the Bonneville Salt Flats, breaking the American class speed record. Auburn also won top prizes at the concours d'elegance held at the universal Exposition in Brussels for their elegant styling. While the Speedster created huge demand, it transpired that the company still lost considerable money on each one. Of the first 10 preproduction Speedsters built in 1935, bodies one to four were produced for the auto show circuit. The next six were produced for display at dealerships. This car is number nine and is identified as such by the stamped number found on the body in several locations. These first 10 early examples were all hand-built using leftover '30 and '31 Speedster bodies, had full pontoon-panel fenders underneath and a special supercharger. It is believed that this car was first shown in the Chicago area and subsequently spent much Number produced  Original list price  Year produced  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  both a Premier Senior Award and a National First Prize CCCA Award. This superb example will undoubtedly be welcome at Classic Car Club shows and tours. With exquisite style and thrilling performance, these cars are a favorite among discriminating collectors. This car sold at no reserve for $314,000, including buyer 's premium, at the Christie 's Pebble Beach sale, held August 19, 2001. Even for a late Auburn Boattail Speedster as beautiful—and beautifully restored—as this car $314,000 is still a whacking amount of money to pay for a model that regularly sells in the region of $200,000 for very correct examples. Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club, c/o Vincent and Barbara Pietracatella, 536 McClean Ave., Staten Island, NY 10305-3644; 718/981-0549 Alternatives Cord 812 Sportsman, Mercedes 300Sc roadster, Alfa 6C 2500 SS Cabriolet of its life in the same neighborhood. Noted Auburn authority John Ehresman of Al Restorations in Southwick, Massachusetts, purchased it in 1980 and fully restored it over the next four years. At the same time he rebuilt the engine. The next owner of this superb car was Ralph Marano who then sold it to the well-known East Coast collector Noel Thompson who had the famous Stone Barn Restorations freshen the prior work. The car then passed from Thompson to Pat Ryan in 1995. The chassis is as clean underneath as the rest of the car on top. The paint is unblemished and the panelwork is perfect, while the engine compartment is clean and detailed. The interior is superbly appointed with the finest brown leather upholstery. The dashboard plaque confirms that it was driven at 100.8 miles per hour when first tested in 1935. It has won 26  It also goes to show that putting an exceptional car up for bid at no reserve isn't as fraught with imminent loss as the Cassandras would have you believe. Take the right auction, the right auction company and the right crowd of bidders, and reserve literally doesn't matter with the right kind of car as this lovely Auburn demonstrated. Although builtfrom fairly pedestrian mechanical components such as a flathead straight-eight engine, Auburn Speedsters, particularly the later Buehrig designs like this car, have always had a high demand among classic car collectors. Like few other American cars of their time, the Speedsters enjoy a playboy image and, with the addition of a centrifugal supercharger, could comport themselves quite well when it came to all-out speed and acceleration against contemporary rivals. Plate on firewall Stamped in block $2,245 $500 $75 1935 146 The snug, poshly appointed two-passenger cockpit, hunkered-down convertible top and long, tapered tail all fairly shout adventure for driver and lucky passenger These cars have enduring style, so much so that they continue to be duplicated in fiberglass to this day, with modern drivetrains tucked under the sleek bodies. This Auburn 's new owner paid full price and then some, but he bought a car with impeccable credentials that's ready to go out and grab some more prizes at top-rank events. For those who can afford to take this route to ownership, it is quick, efficient, reassuring and quite possibly a tad cheaper than trying to restore a rough or bodged-up example to the splendid condition of this car—Dave Brownell (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company)• Sports Car Market

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BIKE BUYS A 1970 Triumph Ti 20R Bonneville Triumphpowered, cigar - sh ap e d racer set anew world land-speed record in 1956 races at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats, making Bonneville the obvious choice for Triumph's new flagship 1959 model, aimed at the American enthusiast market. Due to a series of refinements and design tweaks through the '60s that made it a more robust bike, the period from 1968 to 1970 is widely recognized as the heyday of the Bonneville. SCM's resident bike expert, Tom Young, reckons the 1970 Bonnie was "as good as they ever were." T120 Bonnevilles from this period (the T12OR is the US-spec 1970 Bonneville with later style exhaust. version) offered class-leading power, capable handling, tough mechanicals and a top speed of nearly 115 mph. They also have heaps of British character—in ways both good and bad. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank and low profile make the bike's silhouette easy to identify, and the long, tapered-tube silencers give the t‘i pushrod engine a sound like no other. On the downside, vibration from the big mill can be excessive, especially at idle. While the proven 650-cc Thunderbird engine and gearbox were trouble-free, reliability was never a Bonneville strong point. For instance, the Lucas ignition system, hard to reach under the fuel tank, frequently offers bewilderment and frustration rather than sparks and current. While the engines make their peak horsepower of 47 at 6,700 rpm and are good for more than 7,000 rpm, they wear especially quickly when revved past 6,000 rpm; treating a Bonnie like a rev-happy Japanese bike can lead to engine failure of a major and expensive nature. Unfortunately, Triumph's pinnacle in 1970 was immediately followed by its demise. For 1971, new owner BSA Group imposed shared components between Triumph and BSA models, including an entirely new frame for the Bonneville, a different fork design and a higher seating position. The changes had a negative effect on the bike's performance and took away its familiar, low-slung profile. By and large, enthusiasts rejected the new badgeengineered model. Although Bonneville production ambled along until 1983, by the end of its run the once-mighty Bonnie was just a quaint, archaic memento of good times gone by. Today, no longer forced to go head to head with multi-cylinder, multi-valved rice burners, this Triumph offers a classic look and a classy ride for weekend enthusiasts.—Bengt Halvorson• Years produced  Colors  Transmission Weight  Price new  Value today  Engine #  1959-83 Astral Red and silver Number produced  Engine approx. 10,000 649-cc, air-cooled twin four-speed 404 lbs. $1,289 Cost of full service/tune  Frame #  $7,500-$9,000 $250 Left rear section, near bottom of plunger Below cylinder base flange on left side Perfect Bonneville owner: Doesn't mind seeing double at idle, backyard electrician Rating:1.-h...h* is best Fun to ride  Ease of maintenance  Appreciation potential  Upgrade Your Subscription to SCM GOLD Today! SCM GOLD Benefits 4/ Collector Car Database—unlimited, password-protected access to the Internet-based SCMarchives, searchable by marque, year, serial number and price. Over 30,000 cars listed, many with photos, and thousands more scheduled to be added each month. Will be available ONLY through SCM GOLD. Hot News—e-mail updates on significant happenings and breaking news in the collector car world with auction results, last-minute consignments and first notice of desirable cars being brought to market. SCM Mini-Profiles—complete access to our entire 14-year database of Mini-Profiles, available only with your SCM GOLD password. v SCM Forums and Events—priority-listing and preferential treatment for SCM events, including Insider's Auction Tours, Buyer's Assistance Program, Collector Car Seminars and SCM tours. All of this, and more, for ONLY $60.00, or $40.00 when accompanying your renewal. Vist www.sportscarmarket.com for more information, or e-mail scmgold@sportscarmarket.com . March, 2002  27

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 . BRAZILIAN top 10 044. Sales This Issue 1. '27 Bugatti Type 37 Grand Prix Race Car, $216,195, C 2. '15 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Sliver Ghost Tour., $208,385, C 2. '94 Santler 3.5hp Dogcart, $208,385, C 4. '57 Lotus 12 Fl/F2 Race Car, $114,665, C 5. '24 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Ficadilly Roadster, $102,169, C 6. '95 Ferrari 456 GT Coupe, $94,140, E/K 7. '36 Rots-Royce Phantom III Sedanca de Ville, $83,425, C 8. '38 Peugeot DS Darl'Mat Sport Roadster, $79,843, P 9. '61 Bentley S2 Convertible, $71,740, C 10. '74 Jaguar XKE SIII Roadster, $70,077, C f the five major January Arizona auctions, two are covered in this issue. The remaining three will appear next month. Overall, the classic car community should be pleased with the results. Across the board, prices either held steady or are up. My guess is that car fanatics are looking at their depressed stock portfolios and pulling out $30,000-$75,000 to put into a car or two. It's not a massive, inflationary trend like 1986-89 rather, just a small diversification that also allows for a little fantasy fulfillment. Cars, when compared to stocks, look like pretty safe investments. The chances of a '69 Camaro RS convertible dropping from $28,000 to $14,000 in 2002-03 are next to nil; the chances of it going up 10 or 15 percent are very good. You would be hard pressed to find a stock with the same prospects. I have just one request for the auction companies, and that is to provide an increased level of information to potential buyers. Serial numbers in catalogs should be mandatory; having sellers state when cars are clones (especially with muscle cars) is crucial. No one has anything to fear from this kind of disclosure other than those who are trying to hide the truth, and the truth always gets out. Then it's lawyer time and everyone loses. The more responsibility auction companies take in providing bidders with accurate data, the happier everyone involved will be, and the more new bidders and consigners we will see at future events.—ED. SCM 1-6 Scale Condition Rating 1: National concours standard/perfect. 2: Very good, dub concours, some small flaws. 3: Average daily driver in decent condition. 4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws. 5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems. 6: A non-running car in wretched physical condition that is probably only good for parts. 28  EBay/Kruse Scottsdale, Arizona January 11-13, 2002 Auctioneers: Brent Earlywine, Dean Kruse, and Daniel Kruse Number of automotive lots: 484 Number of automotive lots sold: 250 Sale rate: 51.7% Sale total: $4,526,064 High: Lot #802, 1995 Ferrari 456 GT coupe sold for $94,340, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 6% Report by Dave Kinney Market opinions in italics II I  he magic is back," one seasoned car trader said when quizzed about the change of venue for the eBay/Kruse annual January Scottsdale event. Last year's sale, held in cramped quarters at a horse-racing track in Phoenix, was an uncomfortable, compromised location. This year's event was held at Rawhide Wild West Town on what used to be the northern outskirts of Scottsdale, now rapidly becoming enveloped by subdivisions. Kruse CEO Tim Sprague believes that auctions should be events for the whole family; Rawhide provides a place for the young 'uns to watch fake shoot-emups while Daddy rustles himself up a car. Overall, the site is a winner. EBay/Knise attracted a wide variety of vehicles at a good mix of price points. A very nice 1994 Bentley Brooklands LWB sedan sold for $50,350, way in back of the current value guides' retail figure. Of the 23 Mercedes-Benz products to cross the block, one of the more interesting cars was a 1986 560SEC convertible coupe conversion by Gemballa. It sold for $29,430, and provided instant admission into the "you don't see many of those" club. A fly yellow 1995 456 GT Ferrari with a less-than-perfect history went across the block twice, once as Lot #543 where it was sold for $88,250, and the second time as Lot #802 for a reported sales price of $94,340. The newest entry in the "Double Your Money Contest" was a 1969 Austin-Healey Sprite with a 1959 Bugeye front end that, according to the second seller, had been "restored in the parking lot this afternoon." It went for $954 the first time through, and for $1,908, exactly twice as much, the second. So head 'em up and move 'em out, here are the results from Rawhide.—D.K. #405-1963 PUMA GT 1600 Coupe. S/N B3131721. Red/black vinyl and cloth. LHD. Odo: 30,610 miles. Brazilian-built on a VW chassis. Lots of paint problems including MARKET REPORT]iimmim Winter  overspray, painted bumpers. Antenna hole covered with a sticker. AM/FM CD player. Interior is quite nice. Titled as a 1963 VW. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $6,150. Listed on the car card as a "Prima." If the seller doesn 't even know what his own car is, what does that tell you? Cheap money to be the only one on your block to own a car built in Brazil. Okay, that 's the only positive thing I can think of ENGLISH #710 1936 MG PB MIDGET Roadster. - - S/N PB0736. Olde English White/tan leather. RHD. Odo: 2 miles. Well-detailed exterior showing some miles. Upholstery has some lumps and some gluing down, but is complete. Detailed motor, excellent chrome, new tires, incorrect dash wood, aftermarket tachometer hanging down on passenger side. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $26,000. White with tan is not an exciting combination, especially as this MG will be bought as eye candy, not as transportation. Hence, needs to have a more attractive presentation. Value? Somewhere between the bid amount and $35k #767 1953 JAGUAR XX 120 Roadster. S/N 674066. Olde English White/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 38,847 miles. Fender skirts. Older restoration no longer fresh. Showing some dirt - Sports Car Market

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THESE ANGLES ARE IDEALLY SUITED FOR CORNERS CADILLAC CTS 220-hp DOHC 3.2L V6. sub-seven 0-60. Close-ratio Getrag manual: spirited. Near 50/50 weight distribution: poised and agile. Vented discs, high-strength steel body and Nurburgring-tuned independent suspension: tenacious road holding.

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SCM MARKET REPORT: EBAYIKRUSE SCOTTSDALE AZ e on soft top, discolored fender welting, dullness to some brightwork, rust chips on lower rear valance. Very poor bodywork to passenger door and fender. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $29,000. Owner was not pleasant to many passers-by, leading some to shy away from looking further or bidding. No one says you have to be Mr. Nice Guy when representing your car, but berating potential bidders is not a very effective sales tool. #485 1954 JAGUAR XK 120 Convertible. S/N 67535. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 64,228 miles. Chrome wires. Freshly repainted. - wheels. 12-inch disc brakes, Performance suspension, roll bar, harness, add-on gauge cluster. Paintwork has plenty of chips and buffthrough. No front or rear bumpers. Hand-made grille, incorrect vinyl seats. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $7,420. This "special" was a real crowd pleaser and represents a lot of bang for the buck Following the time-tested "English roadster with large Ford V8 formula," if no one ever tries to make this back into a real Healey, great fun will be had by all. #779 1962 JAGUAR "IKE SI 3.8 Coupe. S/N 885099. Dark green/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 80,334 miles. Four-speed. Chrome wires. A sweetie. Well-done paint, clean and fresh interior. Well detailed under the hood. Lots of preblock attention. Plenty of details to keep it from - 11%% . . 11 .1% . im • "restored in the parking lot at a cost of over $2.59." A Bugeye in front, later model in the rear. Was sold earlier in the sale for $954, painted with stripes and racing number "11" added with tape that afternoon, then rerun. No top. Cond: 5. SOLD AT $1,908. One way to double your money at an auction. This was a car with a tubload of needs. The easiest way to make it look better would be to spend a couple of hours in the bidder 's bar: #530 1970 JAGUAR XKE SH Convertible. S/N 1R11747. Primrose/black leather. LHD. Odo: 59,991 miles. Four-speed. Chrome wires - Was James Leake's secretary's car. A much older restoration, yet some elements appear quite fresh. Interior clean but not crisp. Still might place in a local show, or could simply be an excellent driver. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $42,400. An older restoration that has picked up a few miles can be the best of all worlds— you don't spend the big bucks for resto, and the bugs that appear after every frame-off have been largely ironed out. Further, a little rock chip won't make you crazy. #514-1959 AUSTIN-HEALEY BUGEYE SPRITE Convertible. SN AN5L12553. Red/ black with white piping. LHD. Odo: 65,919 miles. Grant steering wheel, chromed shift knob being a#1, but an excellent Sunday driver. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $16,642. Offered at no reserve. I don't believe this shade of green was OEM However, this was a well-put-together Jag that looked much better in person than this photo shows. Sale price was lower than I expected; possibly worth $5k more in a better color: #790 1963 BENTLEY S3 Sedan. S/N B692CN. Blue over silver/red vinyl and leather. RHD. Odo: 57,817 miles. Lucas fog lights, power steering. Totally inappropriate - Plenty of overspray. Older top has discolored rear window, lots of wear to original interior. Same owner past 25 years. Car card states "motor rebuilt 25 years ago." Is this an attribute? Cond: 4. SOLD AT $17,808. Plenty of upside here. First, no recent resto means no freshly hidden flaws waiting to drip out. Second, you can fix as much or as little as will make you happy. A good buy on an honest example. #432 - 1973 LEYLAND MINI Clubman Estate. S/N V212952. Dark green/tan vinyl. RHD. Odo: 22,653 lcms. Shiny paint and a freshly detailed car—possibly someone's first and shifter base. Paint, interior and chrome all very good to excellent. Car card states recent $20,000 restoration. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $12,296. Bugeyes are relatively simple cars— to spend $20k restoring one, you probably have to dip the chassis in gold. This was a fair price, considering condition. The Bugeyes that bring substantially more have concours sizzle. #788 - 1959 AUSTIN HEALEY 100 6 Road- - ster. S/N BN6L2541. Silver over gray/black vinyl with red piping. LHD. Odo: 4,697 miles. Ford 289-c.i. V8, four-speed, Bonneville disc Firestone wide white tires. Interior a mix of vinyl and failing leather. More than just a touch of ye olde Bondo here. Most wood refinished. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $14,500. A little history lesson: by 1963 no one in the world was using gangster-width whitewalls on their cars, okay? That said, RHD S3 Bentleys are not the hot ticket at any US venue, and the bid price was plenty for a car with needs. #853 - - Roadster. S/N 474173. Yellow/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 25,598 miles. Car card states attempt at a -road restoration." High-back seats to front, no seats in rear. Tired but clean cosmetics. In need of a little bit of everything, yet driveable as is. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $6,890. Australian-built version of the Mini. With BMW about to relaunch the Mini in the US as a standalone brand, the possibility exists for a small bounce in older Minis' values. More likely to be a dribble than a bounce, actually. #597 - 1979 MGB LIMITED EDITION Con1969 AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE vertible. S/N GHN5UL4988746. Black/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 20,477 miles. Nut-and-bolt restoration of a rust-free California car. Motor rebuilt to return higher performance. Lowered suspension, new seat covers, missing 30  Sports Car Market

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%% mem. 1.%%% . SCM MARKET REPORT AYIKRUSE SCO7TSDALE AZ #531 1994 BENTLEY BROOKLANDS antenna. Argent paint on mags is worn. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $8,586. Some will scoff but I'll put this one firmly in the "well bought" column. All the problems left over after the restoration of this car are of the cosmetic and easyto-fix variety. #809 - 1981 ROLLS ROYCE SILVER - SPUR Sedan. S/N SCAZN42A8BCX036. Magnolia/brown leather with white piping. LHD. Odo: 57,315 miles. Dash wood cracked faded carpets. Cond: 5. SOLD AT $7,791. It might sound cheap now, but this was no bargain. A cut coupe made before they were offered through official channels, this is a catjust waiting to pounce on the new owner 's wallet. #528 - 1987 ROLLS ROYCE CORNICIIE - II Convertible. S/N SCAZDO2A9HCX205. White/saddle. LHD. Odo: 70,081 miles. Seller states clean Carfax, everything works. Wear to and delaminating. Wood door caps have cracks and water stains. Driver's seat leather is drying and has lots of cracks. Fresh Michelin MX4 tires. Evidence of repaint work everywhere. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $17,500. 1981 was the first year for the US-version Silver Spirit and its long-wheelbase stablemate, the Silver Spun This bid is market correct or above for a car with needs. These Rollers still have great eyeball—they are just so expensive to maintain. #599 - 1111111111111 110.. - LWB Sedan. SN SCBZIO2CXRCX541. Cranberry/white with red piping. LHD. Odo: 30,562 miles. Automatic. Later-style Bentley chrome wheels. Clean interior with minor wear to driver's seat. Excellent paint and chrome. Clean Carfax report. Aftermarket tinted windows. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $50,350. Well bought. The long wheelbase of this series car offers a bit more leg room for rear seat passengers and cost thousands more when new. Used luxury exotics continue to be great buys, so long as your ego isn't competing in the "new car of the month" club GERMAN #844-1970 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Convertible. S/N 1502010719. White/white 1985 JAGUAR XJS Convertible. SN SANN5842FC0118. Bronze/white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 81,291 miles. Crusty chrome wires with one missing cap. Hole cut in cloth and tape over "clear" area ofrear window in ill-fitting top. Poor quality respray, okay chrome. Dirty, smelly and interior commensurate to miles. Appears to be a well-taken-care-of example. No cracks on wood. An Illinois car through 1999. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $55,120. In white with saddle leather; this car says Scottsdale with a capital "S. "With unusually high miles for a Corniche, it also says "buy on price alone," which is exactly what happened. Very fair price if everything keeps working for the next 20k miles. Aston Martin of New England & Lotus Motorsports Inc. Aston Martin of New England & Lotus Motorsports Inc. 449 Western Ave. Brighton, Massachusetts 617-783-1800 March, 2002  31

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SCM MARKET REPORT: EBAYIKRUSE SCOTTSDALE AZ #184 vinyl. LHD. Odo: 50,534 miles. Actual miles. Just another played-out example with faded and tired interior, weak chrome, decent paint and good tires. Nice top. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $8,586. Market-correct price for a sad but not totally hateful example. #704 - 1975 MERCEDES BENZ 450SLC - Coupe. S/N 10702412008617. Silver/blue leather. LHD. Odo: 147,544 miles. CD player, sunroof. Cracked and scratched leather is rock hard. Paintwork is recent but flat. Passenger rear window appears to be permanently down. Cond: 5. SOLD AT $4,134. The world's nicest example would struggle to reach the teens, so this tired Benz was no bargain at almost any price. This series of SL coupe had little to offer that could not be found in the convertible version, and was never a big seller #797 1978 PORSCHE 911 Convertible. S/N 9118210471. Bronze/gray leather. LHD. Odo: 57,893 miles. Strosek conversion supposedly undertaken at the Strosek factory in - repaint wavy. Battery, brakes, radiator, timing belt, turn signal assembly, steering U-joint, alternator, catalytic converter and A/C compressor all replaced within the past 6,000 miles. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $6,678. And in the next 6,000 miles? I thinkwe are all ready to graduate to the 200-level course in non-ownership of cheap 928s. The former owner bailed when he saw how much damage these cars can inflict on a checkbook We're way too smart for that now, aren't we? #744-1986 MERCEDES-BENZ 560SEC Convertible Coupe. Body by Gemballa. S/N WDBCA45D96A2039. Pearl white/dipped red. LHD. Odo: 4,560 miles. Automatic. Gemballa SN WDB1680331J0991. Silver/red leather. LHD. Odo: 23,277 kms. Sectional sunroof, full power and luxury equipment. Not US street legal, sold on a bill of sale. Second of 250 "Edition Hakkinen" cars with "silver arrow styling and Formula 1 looks." Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $20,000. What was this car doing here? With "Formula 1 looks." few in this country care about and no chance of registration in about 50 of 50 possible states, send it back home and take your loss there. #483 2001 BMW Z8 Convertible. SN WBAEJ134X1AH603. Red/sport red soft leather. LHD. Odo: 1,538 miles. Driver stated that a performance chip had been installed. - 1984 PORSCHE 928S Coupe. SN WPOJB0920ES8621. Bronze/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 111,709 miles. Automatic. Sheepskins hide split and cracking leather. Fresh - .. NW NV II% Germany. Interior is very tired, suede dash shows extensive wear. Decent paint, fair trim, new Antera chrome wheels. McIntosh power amp takes up half of trunk space. Momo steering wheel. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $17,000. Custom cars, even when done by a famous tuner, have a limited market appeal when they become used cars. They are rarely collectibles, just performance oddballs that need a special buyer And imagine the type of driving they've had. #775 - 1979 MERCEDES BENZ 450SL - Roadster. SN 10704412049264. Brown/tan. LHD. Odo: 71,007 miles. Automatic. Fresh carpets and MB Tex seats. Good wood, two tops. Sansui AM/FM cassette. Very good paintwork. Hard shell dash cap. Great driver or local show material. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $14,500. No collector car auction is complete without a full cadre of this series of SL. Buying a 450 at auction can be a bit of a crap shoot, because service history and ownership details are often missing. Look for the best, pay more, be happy. 32  wide body. Nitrous oxide injection, roll bar, lowprofile wheels and tires. All tricked out with the total boy-racer package. Plastic front spoiler cracked, repaired with glue and painted. Balance of paintwork and brightwork good. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $26,100. Sold new in New Jersey, registered in South Dakota and Kansas. Steroid-induced Porsches are fashion trends not unlike split-level houses or halter tops. This trend has long since passed on, yet the cars remain. Not funky or retro, just old Correct price. #755 - 1995 MERCEDES BENZ A CLASS - Show Car. Body by Hakkinen. conversion. Paint on interior surfaces has some delamination. Decent paint, chrome only on wheel rims. This car has a custom top that slides back onto the top of the trunk lid and becomes a kind of retractable convertible. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $39,432. Every single tacky styling cue of the '80s rolled into one big Benz. From the pearl paint to the monochrome interior; this one looks ready for the set of Miami Vice. Don Johnson stubble beard suggested for full driving enjoyment. #792 - 1987 PORSCHE 911 TURBO Convertible. S/N WPOEB0913HS1722. Red/ tan leather. LHD. Odo: 59,055 miles. Slant nose, . NOT SOLD AT $109,000. Bidding opened at $50,000 and quickly moved to $105,000. It went in $1,000 increments to $109,000, where the bidding stopped. Last year 's flavor of the month, now available at the BMW dealer near you for list or less. "Investors" beware. - ITALIAN #762-1984 FERRARI 4001 Coupe. SN ZFFEBO6B0000469. White/black leather. LHD. Odo: 26,848 miles. Speedometer changed to mph. Seats have replacement pieces. Interior and exterior are quite tired. Sales sheet stated Does that mean the warranty is now verboten? $130,670 new, including freight. Sale price includes hard top and all taxes paid. Sold new in Belgium, 11/2000. Cosmetically as new. Cond: 1 numerous repairs and new parts recently, including rebuilt auto transmission and all new brakes. Paint wavy in places. Good brightwork. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $17,500. The 400i has never flown off dealer lots, and this examples less-thaninspiring overall condition was of no help in exciting the bidders. Fully priced for condition. #550-1987  ALFA  QUADRIFOGLIO  SN ZARBA5564H10522. Silver/gray leather. Sports Car Market ROMEO Spider.

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SCM MARKET REPORT: EBAYIKRUSE SCINTSDALE AZ LHD. Odo: 42,700 miles. Hard and soft tops. Golf ball-sized dent to left rear, light scratches on original paint. Correct-style mags. Interior stitching holding up well, but seat leather appears hard in surfaces where the sun has hit it. Sold new in Missouri, in Illinois in 1994, on to Arizona in 1995. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $8,000. The owner should have jumped at this bid Only truly exceptional examples can bring much more than $8,000, and this one was decidedly run ofthe mill. #802 1995 FERRARI 456 GT Coupe. S/N ZFFSP44AB501002. Yellow/black leather. LHD. Odo: 14,464 miles. Miles not - actual. Car card states, "we have no real evidence that we have been able to find that indicates why this wouldn't be actual." Huh? Some paint work. Front bumper shocks gone, Actual miles. A/C, CD player, no cracks in dash or door panels. Seat worn flat on driver's side, mostly original paint holding up well. A used car with plenty of miles, but still some curb appeal. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $5,512. Just about NADA pricing with this many miles. Clean Carfax report indicates owners in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, so the "Tour de Rustbelt" is not an encouraging sign. On the so headlights appear to sit low. Lots of stories here. Decent interior. Also Lot #543. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $94,340. Lease vehicle, not-actual-miles title, front-end damage. Not the one you want to take home to mom, but cheap enough for a short fling. Just remember, in a market where perfection matters, this car has the hurts. Retail for a nice car is $110k and falling. JAPANESE #416 1990 MAZDA RX 7 Convertible. - - S/N JM1FC3527L07129. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 105,313 miles. Automatic. and top. Faded taillights, one or two light scars to chrome will buff out. Very well presented. Convertible top has two back window panels—one with a full view, the second with a smaller "opera" window. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $43,500. The bid price should have been plenty to get this handsome Caddy into a new owner's garage. #763 - Convertible. S/N 556279412. White/white and black leather. LHD. Odo: 70,877 miles. Older other hand, this is top-down fun for pocket change. AMERICAN #796 1948 CADILLAC SERIES 62 - Convertible. S/N 486205131. Deep red/brown cloth and leather. LHD. Odo: 5,046 miles. Excellent paint and leather. Power windows, antenna 1955 CADILLAC ELDORADO 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C1750 GS 1964 Alfa Romeo GTZ1 1600 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA 1600 1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 1976 Chevron B35 Formula 2 1932 Ford High Boy Roadster 1939 Ford Woody Wagon Retro Rod 1966 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 1969 Porsche 908.02 Spyder 1962 Lotus 22 Formula Junior 1965 Lotus 26R Racing Elan 1969 Lotus 61 Formula Ford 1972 March 722 Formula 2 GRAND PRIX March, 2002  1983 Porsche 956 Group C 1959 Porsche 356A Coupe 1968 Porsche 908K Coupe 1984 Porsche 962 Group C 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang We specialize in buying, selling and consignment of historic sports cars and racing cars. We have been in business for 25 years and maintain an inventory of 15-20 classic automobiles. Come see us in La Jolla. 7456 LA JOLLA BLVD., LA JOLLA, CA 92037 (858) 459-3500 - FAX (858) 459-3512 www.grandprixclassics.com 33

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SCM MARKET REPORT: EBAYIKRUSE SCO7TSDALE AZ "restoration" is more like a quick repaint. Broken antenna, cracked steering wheel, right-hand mirror missing, most chrome pitted, right-hand rear window chrome broken. Many more sins. "Batwing" air filter. Eldorado-style wheels. Cond: 5. SOLD AT $25,440. When the best in the world costs $60,000 and this one sells for $25,000, the $60,000 example is the bargain. Why? Restoration costs on a barge like this could make a Rockefeller cry #803 - 1956 DESOTO FIREFLITE Convertible. S/N 50383348. White and gold/ gold vinyl. LHD. Odo: 16,788 miles. 1956 Indy • N. NV NV s'e interior with dirty carpets. Loose door panel. Older repaint. Chrome ranges from good (on the bumpers) to bad (on windshield surround). Cond: 4. SOLD AT $12,190. In 1959 and 1960 Cadillac built 201 of these cars with Italian coachwork by Pininfarina. Correct price for a car with needs. However, buying afull-done example for three times this bid will prove much cheaper in the long haul. #487 - conditioned. 1987 Z-28350-c.i. motor with tuned port injection. Some thickness to lower fender, waviness to sides. Poor gaps at rear wagon hatch. Good chrome. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $25,000. Built on a 1987 Chevrolet 4x4 pickup chassis. Why? The amount and relative quality of custom work was clearly evident, however my guess is that only the builder can appreciate the hours spent to make it a one-of-a-kind. #540 - 1960 CADILLAC ELDORADO pace car. Fresh soft top, good older paint now needs light freshening. Has 45-rpm record player. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $36,570. There continues to be some recent upward movement in prices on American convertibles from the 1950s, with the Packard Caribbean taking the lead. In light of that, this price, although above book value, seems fair #408-1957 CHEVROLET BEL AIR NOMAD Station Wagon. S/N VB570115043. Silver/gray and silver vinyl and cloth. LHD. Odo: 43,561 miles. Four-wheel drive, power steering, brakes, windows, seats, door locks. Air BROUGHAM Hardtop. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 60P014179. Maroon/gray leather. LHD. Odo: 90,628 miles. Power steering, brakes, seats, windows (including vent windows). A/C, Autotronic eye, signal-seeking radio. Weak for "Just a 'Vette." Plenty of flaws and incorrect restoration, but a nice honest #3- example that's not trying hard to be a #2. Decent paint and interior. A great daily driver. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $26,182. A tad pricey for this condition, but no harm done if it can stay away from the restoration shop for another 15 years. #730-1962 FORD THUNDERBIRD Sports Roadster. S/N 2Y89Z143359. Red/red. LHD. Odo: 27,062 miles. Last seen at eBay/ Kruse Pacific Classic. Now not as clean. Ding in rear sail panel. Numbers and codes matching, two owners from new. Compete Sports 1960 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 00867S101170. Red with white coves/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 48,010 miles. American Racing mags. The poster boy Automobile Transportation is our only Business. When you need to relocate your automobile choose the company that specializes in automobile transportation. Intercity is equipped with enclosed transporters, liftgate loading, insurance coverage, and door-to-door service. We deliver anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. A sophisticated QUALCOMM satellite tracking system closely monitors your vehicle's exact location at all times. 311:  34  Please Call for a FREE QUOTE. 1-800-221-3936 • FAX 413-436-9422•www.intercitylines.com 552 Old West Brookfield Road •Warf en, MA 01083 The official transporters for: The Auto Collections • Barrett Jackson • Bloomington Gold • Corvette Mike • Mecum Auctions • The Petersen Automotive Museum Sports Car Market

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III  SCM MARKET REPORT: EBAYIKRUSE SCOTTSDALE AZ the car is detailed to within an inch of its life, it will likely bring a tidy profit. Appealing because it not the typical black/red color scheme. Excellent examples can pull $16,000. #533-1966 FORD MUSTANG "GT350H" Fastback Clone. SN 6F09A292919. Black and gold/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 75,795 miles. Magnum 500 wheels. Lots of detail work missing, so Roadster package (Kelsey-Hayes wires, tonneau, dashboard grab bar). Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $30,000. This car must be close to finding a new home; however, the frequent auction flyer miles are starting to take their toll. The seller obviously wants more, but $30k is close to a correct price for what remains a rare and desirable model. #217-1963 CHEVROLET IMPALA SS Hardtop. S/N 31847J170795. Dark green/green vinyl. LHD. Odo: 70,035 miles. 327-c.i. V8, automatic. Console, AM radio, Super Sport no help. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $13,568. Lose the non-original wheels and this car will have better curb appeal, but not much can be done about the panel gaps. Fully priced for condition. The ones we've seen at $25k have been near perfect, and fully optioned down to the tissue dispenser #558-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE it's easy to catch as a clone. Painted (not chromed) rear window trim scratched, along with rear bumper. Poor hood fit. Born an A-code car. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $14,840. Send in the clones. Got a fastback, automatic Mustang that you can't sell? Grab the black and gold spray paint and, hey, its a Shelby! More and more fakes are being offered for sale. Another reason to stay sober at auctions. And to do your homework equipment. Repaired rust in fender bottom and driver's door. Very nice interior. Driver's seat springs are weak, but all vinyl and carpets are good. Very good chrome. Owner says miles are original. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $7,314. Bought by an East Coast dealer for resale. Once #576-1966 CHEVROLET CHIEVELLE MALIBU Convertible. SN 136676B173571. Yellow/tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 54,087 miles. 327c.i. V8. Clean interior, soft vinyl. No dash cracks, good carpets, good door panels. Power steering, power brakes, tinted glass. Excellent paint professionally applied and excellent chrome. Uneven panel gaps. Chrome rims with baby moons Coupe. S/N N/A. Black/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 33,667 miles. Rallye wheels, 327/300 V8, fourspeed. Color changed from new. Incorrect big-block hood with silver stinger. A/C, AM/FM, no power steering. Smell of coolant is in the interior—leaking heater control valve? Excellent paint and chrome. Nice interior. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $32,330. Dead correct market price for a smallblock coupe with air It's a driver so go find an ALFA ROMEO BARCHETTA 1957 FIA papers. Originals documents from 1957 Tel Belgium 01 I 32 2 770 72 92 www.classic car .com

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SC114 MARKET REPORT: EBAYIKRUSE SCOTTSDALE AZ .• m• •••• le .1 111%m original hood and stick it in the garage, but please don't spend the money to put this one back to stock until it time for the next restoration. #593 1969 JEEP COMMANDO Jeepster. SN 870201750833. Pink/burgundy. LHD. Odo: 26,816 miles. Six-cylinder, automatic. Fourwheel drive. Another "when was the last time - #718-1970 PLYMOUTH 'CUDA Convertible Clone. S/N BH2760B283755. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 20,560 miles. Automatic. A 'Cuda clone, converted to a 440 Six-Pack motor. Factory A/C is now nonfunctional. Power disc brakes, power top and windows. Excellent paint, very good chrome and interior. Spoiler, 440 graphics. Cond: 2 - you saw one?" car for sale in Scottsdale. Repainted and reroofed, but not restored. Lots of chrome has pitting, interior clean but not fresh. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $11,250. Built from 1967 through 1973, the Jeepster Commando is a car rarely seen today. Failure to sell at nearly twice "book value" must mean the owner is betting this beach car is an up-and-corner Personally, I'd stick with Fiat Jollys. #222 1969 DODGE SUPER BEE Hardtop. S/N WM23496167617. Dark green/two-tone green. LHD. Odo: 99,678 miles. Automatic, 383c.i. V8. Power brakes, power steering, TicToc tach. Original motor and exhaust. Four-barrel carb. Decent paint and chrome, interior is dirty. - . NOT SOLD AT $28,100. When the clones start reaching the prices seen in price guides for the correct versions, you know the market is hot. All the money bid here. 'Cudas remain among the most handsome, aggressive-looking cars ever built by Plymouth (who?). #527 - 1970 PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD Coupe. S/N RM23V0A175683. Blue/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 54,270 miles. Four-speed, bucket seats, four-barrel. Numbers match, all green woven vinyl. LHD. Odo: 100,447 miles. Automatic, 351-c.i. V8. Medium quality repaint. Lots of stone/bug chips on the hood. A/C, roll-up windows. Just a survivor used car, a few years away from real collector interest. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $7,632. More of the high-line XR-7 models were built in 1973, the final year of this body style, than these base units. Cougars continue to struggle in a market that loves Mustangs, the same car with different skin. Go figure. #705 - 1976 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 1Z37X6S427496. Silver/black leather. LHD. Odo: 56,662 miles. L-88 motor. correct frame-off restoration coded by Mopar expert Galen Govier. Two build sheets. Some gaps and chrome fit are not up to par. Correct wheels and engine decals. Some chips on the front spoiler. Cond: 2 - Front and rear seats cracked, no headrests. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $6,254. Possibly the buy of the auction. Drive it 322 more miles, throw in new, correct seat covers, clean it up and tell everyone you zeroed the speedometer at the time of the full restoration. Why not? it 's been done before. Offered at $8,900 by new owner #516 - 1970 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 Fastback. S/N OTO5R108259. Yellow/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 48,281 miles. 428-c.i. Cobra Jet V8. Console, add-on gauges. Automatic. . NOT SOLD AT $70,000. $70,000 is a healthy bid for a non426 Hemi car These will always be collectible, as few were built, and they have a true competition provenance. Still, you need a garage the size of a hanger to keep one in. #519 - 1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 194671S101249. Red/saddle vinyl. LHD. Odo: 41,472 miles. LS5, 454/365 hp, A/C. Two NCRS Top Flight awards. NCRS performance verification. Body-off restoration. Recent repaint to a high standard. Paint on dashboard chipping, shows blue underneath. Said to be one of three built for Ford rally team. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $25,970. No information was present on supposed Ford Rally team connection—if the history exists, show it! Why people come to auctions without paperwork to support their claims is a mystery. Unless, of course, the claims are unsupportable. 36  Tank sheet. Power steering, brakes, windows. Tilt/tele, automatic. Just a tiny bit better than the day it left St. Louis new. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $33,655. Chevy built 7,121 convertibles in 1971. This is one that counts, with great documentation, awards and the options that make a difference. Well bought and well sold, a car that will be worth more each year for years to come. #505 - 1973 MERCURY COUGAR Convertible. S/N 3F92H561127. 'White/light Sports Car Market A/C, automatic. Power steering, brakes, windows, tailgate. Tilt wheel. Good quality repaint. Interior shows some wear, but isn't worn out. Deep tinted windows. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $3,604. Next stop on the fashion train are the Wagoneers and Grand Wagoneers. Built until 1991, these granddaddy SUVs are the latest trend with the summer-at-the-beach set. Just BYO fuel tanker and you're set to go.• Cruise by www.sportscarmarketcom and enjoy the Mini-Profile archives. Automatic. Very good paint, well-detailed exterior with one or two repaired chips, some weak seams. El cheapo Kraco AM/FM cassette. Good door panels. Seat leather good, but driver's seat flattened. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $12,296. I liked this one for its honesty, and so did the bidder who paid afull retail bite to take it home. I don't think the new owner will find any bad news here, so if he's happy, lam too. This model really is looking better as the years go by. #614 1979 JEEP WAGONEER Wagon. S/N J9A15NN147785. Gold/tan cloth and vinyl. LHD. Odo: 68,630 miles. Chrome mags, -

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SCM MARKET REPORT: SILVER, FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ ENGLISH #394-1957 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD SERIES I Sedan. S/N SDD380. Black/brown leather. LHD. Odo: 8,325 miles. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Silver Auctions Ft. McDowell Casino, Fountain Hills, Arizona January 11-14, 2002 Auctioneers: Mitch Silver, Paul Baer, Bob Graham and Gary Baylor Number of automotive lots: 362 Numbe f automotive lots sold: 200 Sale rate: 55.2% Sale total: $2,834,026 o 38  High: Lot #121, 1940 Lincoln Zephyr coupe, sold for $63,440, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 4% Report by B. Mitchell Carlson Market opinions in italics nce again, Mitch Silver and crew gave the "Brand K" auction company a run for its money in Arizona. While the eBay/Kruse gang was trying out yet another new venue, the scenic Ft. McDowell Reservation in Fountain Hills provided a familiar, picturesque and comfortable location for Mitch's sale. While at least 30 minutes from Scottsdale, it's not a bad drive. Best of all, there is a casino next to the auction tent so you can lose the money in the slots that you made on cars, or vice versa. This sale was an indication that not much has changed in the post 9/11 era. The number of cars consigned was consistent with that of previous years, as was the sales total and average price per car ($14,700). Strangely, a full 42 of the 200 cars declared sold were run across the block again and were once again declared sold. This would put the sell-through rate, based on 242 cars sold rather than 200, at 66.8%. However, since at SCM we only count the first time a car sells during a weekend in the results, we'll stick with 55.2%. This year saw—once again—several consignments that crossed both auctions' podiums over the weekend. Since Silver had a Monday segment and eBay/Kruse didn't, some of the more obvious run-what-youbrung piggies appeared at Silver on Monday still wearing their Kruse check-in stickers. Overall, Mitch's sale had the customary down-home, family feel we've come to expect from Silver, and was a respectable success. Even though the economy is down, they got strong prices, especially for American muscle. I would like to see a little more attention paid to making sure that clones or converted cars are announced as such, to avoid legal heartburn down the road. But then, that's true of nearly every auction I go to.—B.MC. New (non-Roller) instrumentation. GM tilt steering column. Well-done paint and interior, but tacky "carriage roof' makes it look like it was prepped by a Cadillac dealer. Slightly lowered in front. Basically a Rolls street rod. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $32,000. Granted, this is a street rodder crowd, and perhaps the original motor died in a loud and grotesquely expensive manner, but you 'd be hard pressed to make it look any tackier Any tremors that were felt were from Sir Henry spinning in his grave. #282 - 1960 DAIMLER SP250 Convertible. SN 100092. Resale Red/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 31,657 miles. Body is rough as a cob, with several liberties taken on the rear end for styling with 260-c.i. V8 stuffed under the hood. Pretty paint and wood steering wheel wood starting to get some scratches. Added headlight brows (among other things). Offered at no reserve. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $16,640. Real-car money for a fake car It will be interesting, years down the road, when the fourth owner from now discovers the truth about his "sold to me as a low-mileage original Sunbeam V8 with real Tiger badges." #517 - 1971 ROLLS ROYCE CORNICHE - Convertible. Body by H. J. Mulliner Park Ward. S/N DRX9176. Pearlescent white/navy blue leather. LHD. Odo: 68,435 miles. Newer, (Bondo Sculpting 101). Windshield frame is even worse. Smokes under power. Cover on steering wheel. Soft top frame only. Cond: 4-. NOT SOLD AT $8,000. A less-than-handsome car even when in nice condition, and this car was far from nice. #186 1965 BENTLEY S3 Sedan. S/N B166J. White/burgundy leather. LHD. Odo: 74,049 miles. Rolls-Royce grille grafted on (in lieu of fitted). Poor door fit, California - non-original speedometer made any claims by seller of low miles mute. Armor-All hosed onto the top and interior. High idle. No rear emblems, weatherstrips in quarter window glass chewed up. Originally wore light blue paint. Probable gray market. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $32,200. Notice in the photo that this Roller is posing in the typical "GM salute. "This consignor is probably very familiar with the hood being open all the time. The high bid was enough. #537 - 1979 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER WRAITH II LWB Sedan. SN LKR38765. White/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 123,851 miles. license plate hastily tacked over the British numbers plate, smokes on start-up, lumpy rocker panels. If that isn't enough of a warning, announced on the block that the title is delayed. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $30,000. Reran on Sunday to a no-sale of $21,000. Let 's just say this was not a confidence-inspiring car; and the bid was plenty. #261 - 1966 SUNBEAM ALPINE Convert- ible. S/N B382000057LRXFE. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 23,957 miles. Fairly wellrestored Alpine turned into a fakey-doo Tiger, Body filler cracking beneath the A-pillars, windshield gasket dry-rotted and cracking apart. Unkempt engine bay. CD player, cell phone antenna tacked onto the trunk lid. Exclusively owner-driven (that seat is heavily worn, while the remainder are like new). Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $14,560. It too bad these cars are so expensive to maintain, as they are superb highway cruisers and offer a lot of eyeball for not much money. But the high cost of parts and repairs, or fear of the same, really drive their prices down. Fair deal here. #216 1981 JAGUAR XJ6 Sedan. S/N SAJAV1240BC3292. Silver/black leather. - Sports Car Market

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SCM MARKET REPORT: SILVER FOUNTAIN HILLS Exotic Car Transport LHD. Odo: 16,081 miles. Sunroof. Nicely done older repaint, but marred by tacky door edge and body-side moldings. Wood starting to fade on the passenger's side of the dash. Steering wheel mitt. California blue plate special. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $2,496. Something is bound to breakfaster that you can say "Lucas, the Prince of Darkness." Then, the cost of the estimate for the repair will exceed the price (and value) of the car But with rental Jags going at $100 per day, after three weeks you'll be ahead. #402 1988 JAGUAR XJS Coupe. S/N SA1NA5842JC1440. Gold/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 85,447 miles. V12. Last repaint is - navy blue leather. LHD. Odo: 21,327 miles. V12. Pinstriping lifting in a few places. Carpet wear and door sill scratches are heavier than miles indicated. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $13,936. Initially bid to a $16,200 no-sale on Friday. Clearer heads prevailed, and shortly after it ran again on Sunday, a deal was put together FRENCH #161-1966 CITROEN 2CV Sedan. S/N 59467. White and burgundy/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 49,167 kms. 1986 body with sunroof mounted on a 1966 driveline subframe. "Get the whole story of Exotic Car Transport, visit us on the Worldwide Web.' 1-800-766-8797 www.exoticcartransport.corn pretty good. Appears to run out well. Typical interior wear of a limited-usage daily driver. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $3,744. Investment potential is zip; however, it's worth getting as a daily driver (provided you have multiple cars). #6 1990 JAGUAR XJS Convertible. SN SAJNW4845LC1744. Light blue metallic/ - Winery promotional car when imported. Headlights aimed five feet in front of the car. Hood hinge seam cracking and rusty, dull brightwork. Add-on mudflaps. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $6,824. More anemic than a Trabant (but not by much) Nationwide Transport of Exotic, Vintage and Luxury Automobiles ORLANDO FLORIDA Open and Enclosed Carrier Service! ' _., New Alain Vilboux Originals 'Golden Era' 31" x 16"  $3,100 Visit US at 'American Beauty' 39" x 32"  Giclee on Canvas, Limited Edition of 100  5arrett-Jacksc Inside main tent opp. restaurant $5,200 $450 Prints and originals by: Fearnley, Rowe, Watts, Vilboux and more. 'La Femmes Fatale' 30" x 24" $3,800 Giclee on Canvas, Limited Edition of 100

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SCM MARKET REPORT: SILVER FOUNTAIN HILLS AZ  and just as dreaded to encounter on the Autobahn, 2CVs will always appeal to afringe factor, and price out accordingly. The parts bin shuffle used to get it past Customs/EPA/DOT doesn't help. GERMAN #23 1964 MERCEDES BENZ 230SL - - Convertible. S/N 11304210006388. Resale Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 89,640 kms. appreciate why these sold well in the northern plains—and cruise was added. #224-1974 PORSCHE 914 Targa. S/N 4742909283. Orange/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 13,931 miles. Custom-upholstered rear • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • disclosing everything about the car However; at this price the new owner can afford a few fixes without going postal. #319-1982 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA TURBO Coupe. S/N WPOZZZ93ZCS0003. Black metallic/black-and-white checkerboard cloth. LHD. Odo: 52,884 miles. Widebody kit, European spec. Standard hubcaps, M-B accessory locking gas cap. Fresh paint and undercoating, new exhaust system. Progressive feel to door latch mechanism. Very nice wood finish. Aftermarket stereo. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $20,280. What's a car like you doing from a place like North Dakota? Immediate post-sale, via Mitch, to a dealer who proved to have been wise to pick it up. The rest of the story next month. #348 - - Convertible. S/N 107.044-12-0033. Cream/ two-tone tan leather. LHD. Odo: 109,358 miles. bulkhead between the seats. Some lifting of the new vinyl on the B-pillars. Overspray in crevices. Theme of the car is best summed up with the Porsche decals stuck over the VVV emblems on the hubcaps. Cond: 3 - . SOLD AT $5,824. Porsche's contribution to the nerd-car era. Doesn't even have a back seat to take a back seat to the 911s and 912s of this era, so they remain something of a play toy to VW Bug fans who are bored and need something different to build. Top money here. #91 - 1976 MERCEDES BENZ 450SL Con- 1972 MERCEDES BENZ 350SL vertible. S/N 107.044-1202835. Silver/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 209,303 miles. Title in transit. Registered on original California blue plate. sunroof, whale tail. Aftermarket stereo and (bent) antenna. Odd clutch-like smell when running. Front bumper rubber rippled, rear not much better. Fat 60-series tires on 13-inch wheels made it look like a skateboard. Cond: 3 - - - . NOT SOLD AT $17,200. When bad things happen to good cars. #151 Convertible. S/N WDBBA48D6HA0715. Black/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 91,429 miles. Aftermarket mags. Accessory chrome wheel well trim. Small dimples on top of front bumper. olthA 406, 1987 MERCEDES BENZ 500SL - Pair of dash cracks. Heavy steering wheel. Weatherstripping, door panel, and lower console wear. Well-maintained and presented paint. Cond: 3 - Extra pinstriping on fenders and wheel wells. Minor ding in lower rear fascia. Non-original upholstery pattern. California blue plate. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $9,672. Upper end of the price spectrum for a first-year 350SL. Cheap fun, will never be worth less if taken care of #21 - - Sedan. S/N 109.057-12-0017. Ultramarine/ cream leather. LHD. Odo: 25,538 miles. Sunroof, new bags in suspension. A very well-preserved This month on www.SportsCarMarket.com 1973 MERCEDES BENZ 300SEL 4.5 Download the latest SCM gearhead custom screensavers. For Subscribers Only!  r  FO -;--1 SALE so'*. Available March 8, 200: Strange Cars from Scottsdale Screensaver! prairie schooner from North Dakota. Added stereo/CD and cruise control. Superbly executed repaint. Light driver's door window frame scratches. Fog lamps. The way to buy one of these! Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $13,000. Bid to $10,000 on Friday, post-sale late on Monday. Anyone who's done a road-trip stint from Fargo to Minot (guilty as charged--andyes, both towns have successful M-B dealers) can really 40  To get your complimentary SCM screensaver: 1) Go to www.sportscarmarketcom 2) Click on "Screensavers for SCM Subscribers" on the menu 3) Enter the March password - Camino 4) download and enjoy the show Just another way to thank you for being apart of the SCM gang.— KM & CB Sports Car Market . SOLD AT $8,216. One owner; well maintained, but still a time bomb waiting to go off At least the consignor was honest about Tops of doors well worn and discolored (owner must have really liked hanging his left arm out the window). Old repaint. Cond: 3 - . SOLD AT $12,376. Just another used Mercedes, probably

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Mee.. SCM MARKET REPORT: SILVER FOUNTAIN HILLS AZ destined to go into the garage of a local condo near a golf course, where it can be hauled out a few times a year for a quick run to the mall. #184-1987 PORSCHE 928 S4 Hatchback Coupe. SiN WP0JB0928HS5861. Guards Red/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 96,438 miles. Friday at $13,000, the dealer offering it bought too many other cars and decided to cut it loose. New owner bought it on Sunday, then tried to turn it again on Monday, but didn't let it go despite a bid of $9,100. #432-1989 BMW 635 CSi Coupe. S/N WBAEC8410K32692. Dark green metallic/black leather. LHD. Odo: 155,902 miles. ITALIAN #389-1963 MASERATI 3500 GTi Coupe. Body by Touring. S/N 101.2470. Eng.# 101.2470. Jade green metallic/burgundy leather. LHD. Odo: 86,800 ktns. Fuel injection parts in trunk, triple Weber 40PHHs installed. Aluminum bodywork was more pliable and supple Sunroof. Hokey boy-racer rear wing. Vinyl nose and mirror bras (just like Madonna). Stick-on dash pad cover (also just like Madonna). Tired and well-used interior (let's not go there). At least the respray was well done. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $8,580. Initially a no-sale on Universally hated Metric TRX wheel/tire system. Originally light green metallic (very popular in Germany, but not here), current dark green paint has tons of nicks and plenty of wheel well overspray. Pimp-grade window tint. Uh-oh, title in transit! Cond: 4. SOLD AT ,11•111■MIlr•-.mew Founthin Hills, Arizona 2001 al1111111F.11111•11111.11,./O.M. $4,264. As SCM's resident BMW fan, even I avoided this Oklahoma-plated nightmare. Fellow BMWCCA members can't give away a useable set of TRXs, the automatic transmission is of core value only, and I need another parts car like I need another hole in my head. Calendar of Events Seattle, Washington  200 cars  150 cars Boise, Idaho 80 cars Billings, Montana 80 cars Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  125 cars  March 9-10, 2002 Seattle Exhibition Center With the Seattle Roadster Show Portland, Oregon  April 20, 2002 Portland Expo Center April 27, 2002 Western Idaho Fairgrounds June 1,2002 Roaring '20s Auditorium June 15, 2002 Coeur d'Alene Resort Grounds Jackson Hole, Wyoming July 6 - 7, 2002 150 cars  Teton Village On the grounds of the Mangy Moose Saloon Reno, Nevada 800 cars Sun Valley, Idaho 250 cars August 8- 11, 2002 Hot August Nights August 31 - September 1, 2002 Sun Valley Lodge Puyallup, WA. February 2000 SILVER COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS 2020 N MONROE, SPOKANE, WA 99205 1-800-255-4485  www.silverauctions.com '16 Buick sold for $14,600 March, 2002  '67 Fiat sold for $5,200 41 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - June 2000 '53 Corvette replicar sold for $17,500 Sun Valley, Idaho - September 2000

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SCM MARKET REPORT: SILVER FOUNTAIN HILLS AZ than the re-dyed leather seats. Bumpers appear to have not been chromed, but polished. Poor older restoration. Scary. Cond: 3 - . SOLD AT $24,440. Bought on Friday night, rerun twice, no-sales at $22k and $19k. With best-inthe-world 3500 GTs fighting hard to get past $30k, and restoration costs still through the roof the seller has a tough job ahead to make any money on this car #175 - 1966 ALFA ROMEO GIULIA SPRINT GT Coupe. S/N AR62030. Red/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 53,760 miles. Plenty of paint wounds, especially heavily touched . NOT SOLD AT $36,000. Offered again on Saturday, bid to $35,500 no sale. Once the stainless exhaust dulls back out, it will have the look of a well-maintained original instead of a boy racer Within a couple ofbids ofwhat should be the selling price. Polished stainless steel exhaust system. Otherwise, the minor wear is commensurate to the miles indicated. If anything, the paint is developing scratches from too much polishing. Cond: 2 - AMERICAN #121 1940 LINCOLN ZEPHYR 5-Window - up front fender tops. Talbot mirrors, aftermarket stereo speakers and antenna (with a broken mast). Musty interior smell. Older tires. A nice 80-footer. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $6,800. Car looks like it really needs an end user to spend a lot of time and money on it. The basic chassis and body are decent. #185 - 1974 ALFA ROMEO BERLINA 2000 Sedan. S/N AR3002755. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 78,831 miles. Rust-out in several odd locations on rear doors and rear quarter panels. ''''.41140••••■  Fresher replacement engine with dual side-draft Webers. Weatherstripping and glass seals are chewed up or heavily torn. Trim scuffed and pitted. Fuzzy seat covers. Cond: 5+. NOT SOLD AT $3,300. Reran during the Monday push-pull-or-drag segment, bid to $2,200. A parts car waiting to happen, and the wait won't be too long. Bid for the value of the drivetrain. #171 - der. S/N AR3050086. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 21,389 miles. Paint is so new that several front and rear emblems weren't reattached (perhaps they wanted the paint to aerate evenly?). 1 - 42  .3 411181°.. ' j New interior and top, original trim acceptable (what was reattached, that is). Engine compartment appears to be original. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $5,408. With the paint so haphazardly and recently applied, one has to wonder what the mechanical side of the car is like. Fully priced— usually the best place to buy older Alfas is from Alfa Club members. #7 1985 FERRARI 308 GTSi Targa. S/N ZFFLA13B0000559. Black/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 20,650 miles. CD player added. Minor wear on weatherstripping for top lid. great on the outside, but the underhood is far from spectacular (paint it all flat black, don't clean it up, and leave the hood shut at shows). Too many chromed interior trim pieces. Tiny G78-15 tires. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $32,760. Over-restored to the nth degree when first done (the 110 was Packard's mass-produced economy car with minimal chrome), it overly impressed at least two bidders. Eight-cylinder money for a six-cylinder car that doesn 't perform impressively on the road. #313 - 1952 PONTIAC CHIEFTAIN EIGHT Sedan. S/N P8WH61936. Seafoam green/multi-green cloth. LHD. Odo: 29,067 1976 ALFA ROMEO VELOCE Spi- security staff during his 1940 presidential campaign. Restored in 1996 to high standards, then made LCOC and LZOC meet circuit, gathering awards along the way. Now starting to show wear. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $63,440. Yikes! Huge money, maybe double what would be expected. But it takes two to tango and to bid, so clearly the new owner wasn't alone in his estimation of value (or desire to own this car). #375 - 1941 PACKARD 110 SERIES 1900 Convertible. S/N D21452. Cream yellow/ maroon leather. LHD. Odo: 27,666 miles. An older restoration that is starting to age. Looks 41 k,  ) Coupe. SN 4H1-05939. Black/tan broadcloth. LHD. Odo: 71,133 miles. Claimed provenance included use by Wendell Wilkie's • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • miles. Good news: this is an all-original North Dakota car. Bad news: North Dakota has miles of dirt roads. Plenty of paint scars all around. Vintage seat covers over nice original upholstery. Fresh cylinder head and valve work. All GM-Guide accessories. Overall nice patina. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $6,760. Kenny Buttolph's (Old Cars Weekly 's travel and leisure editor, emeritus; retired) pick if he had to take a road trip across the country in any car at the sale. Only a fool would restore this period piece, which would remove any value it has. #155 - 1955 STUDEBAKER PRESIDENT SPEEDSTER Coupe. S/N N/A. Maroon and white/maroon leather. LHD. Odo: 529 miles. 259/185 V8. Aftermarket A/C, radials. Sits slightly low, especially in the front. Some r- brightwork is fresh, some is dull. Odd horn ring fit. Small cuts in the seat sides. Door and body panel fit and finish askew; just like in 1955. Cond: 3 - . SOLD AT $13,624. Typical of a lot of Studes, this one had a long-term owner (the Studebaker Driver 's Club motto: We'd Rather Drive Than Switch). When not low-mileage show cars, they do tend to be sorted out better mechanically. Not a bad deal for both parties involved #327 - Convertible. S/N M6FX328729. White/white and black. LHD. Odo: 18,461 miles. It must 1956 FORD THUNDERBIRD have been a windy day when the shop applied the Bondo, since it is very wavy (may even have whitecaps under the paint). Driver's door torn off, hastily repaired, then dented in the opposite corner. Car droops to the rear. Faded front signal lens. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $14,300. "An opportunity"—to shovel another $30k into a no-win scenario. This car should never be restored, but just driven around until it breaks in half Sports Car Market

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Experience Counts For Thirty-Two years, Passport has transported nothing but treasured automobiles. Whether an antique, classic, exotic or your everyday driver, we transport in fully enclosed safety. In fact, Passport invented enclosed auto transport and has continuously refined the state of the art. PASSPORT ow =or air me miniu lusw■  a7al  aw-wl• arm' 41111/-11111 Mill  II/ 11111 MEI= MI 1M/ ow /IN NW— 1111111-41/  MN /MI MI /NI MI MI 1W NONNI NM  '111111111111."  A FedEx oCustom Critical Company 11111 1111 /11// Mil Enclosed Auto Transport Since 1970 Now More Than Ever, The Standard of the Industry • Door to door service  • Lif igate loading • Special event services 1-800-325-4267 fax 314 878-7295 www.PassportTransport.com

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SCM MARKET REPORT: SILVER FOUNTAIN HILLS AZ #482-1956 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Convertible. SN VC56L094411. Torch red and white/red and white. LHD. Odo: 41,390 miles. Power steering, GM accessory "hockey stick" rocker moldings. Engine painted wrong shade of red, underside flat black. Vent glass delaminating, door weatherstrips sticking to door jamb. Trophies in trunk date to the restoration in the early 1990s. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $46,280. This is your barometer of mid-'50s Chevy convertible pricing. Appears to be holding steady. #318-1957 FORD FAIRLANE 500 SUNLINER Convertible. SN D7RC166274. Mint green and white/mint and white interior. LHD. Odo: 212 miles. Aftermarket A/C, non- gauge inoperable. Odd door gaps, but doors function fine. Original but scratched-up brightwork. New exhaust. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $29,952. Okay, class, remember to disregard any odometer readings on a fully restored car, since it is now irrelevant to its originality. The consignor just took all doubt out of the equation. Somehow a reset odo seems like an insult, a denial of a past existence #301 - 1964 CHEVROLET IMPALA SS Convertible. SN41467S304497. Dark blue metallic/blue vinyl. LHD. Odo: 24,007 miles. 327/ 350 V8, floor-shift 4-speed. Factory AM/FM. • • • • • • • • $34,424. No longer a show car; except at your local mall. Really a fair deal for both parties. #453 1965 BUICK SKYLARK GS Coupe. S/N 444375Z119871. Black/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 27,634 miles. 401/360 V8, four-speed. - • • • • • • • • authentic Kelsey-Hayes knock-off wire wheels. Some bare metal on top of driver's rear door post from trimming to fit. Converted to electric (from vacuum) wipers. Chrome exhaust tips. Overall, a very nice restoration. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $27,860. This car was done well, and consequently did well on the block Its about time people realize that red Bel Air convertibles were not the only cars built in 1957—although a Bel Air might have brought double this amount. #152 1957 CHEVROLET BELAIR Coupe. S/N C57J154939. Mariner blue/two-tone blue. LHD. Odo: 66,927 miles. Power pack, dressed - in late-model chrome valve covers. Aftermarket stereo. Recent restoration, with plenty of orange peel in compound curves. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $21,632. Pricing reflects that this car is destined for cruiser duty rather than show duty. Cars like this keep Danchuk and the rest of the restoration parts industry in business. They are driven, get worn, get restored, are driven, get worn, get restored #174 - 1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 30837S105664. White/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 3,007 miles. 327/300 V8. Consignor claimed mileage was 65,000 "when odometer was reset during restoration." Power steering, windows, factory AM/FM. Fuel 44  Pontiac, while steering wheel and stereo are aftermarket. Very thick paint. Good door fit, but minor paint chip on door edge near top. One dash crack paralleling the windshield at the base. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $16,000. Was the prize at the casino over the weekend, tied in with the auction. Winner opted to auction the car and pocket the money. Bound to be found on a dealer 's lot in about a year as a "correct, numbers-matching GTO." #406 - 1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 194375S120071. Nassau Blue/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 41,705 miles. 396/425 V8, four-speed. Factory AM/FM, side pipes, knock-off spinner-type wheel covers. Grungy undersides, in need of engine room detailing and corrosion removal and abatement. At least the 15-year-old restoration still looks superb and on the shiny side. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT and shifter. Chromed "export brace" in engine room. Bodywork, paint, chrome and assembly all nice, but not to show standards (a look-pretty cruiser). Cond: 3. SOLD AT $12,688. Initially a no-sale at $13,750. The color is neither Rangoon Red nor Candy Apple Red ("hey, it looked good Sports Car Market wires, radial Redline tires. Sits high in the back. Nice paint and body finish, plus excellent engine bay detailing—a definite dealer consignment. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $17,420. Declared as a no-reserve car when rolled up to the block, and brought the best money it will ever get. #242 - 1966 FORD MUSTANG GT Fastback. SN 6R09A232226. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 70,704 miles. 289/271 V8. Aftermarket engine dress-up trinkets, stereo, tachometer Aftermarket shift knob, engine dress-up trinkets and exhaust. Restoration commensurate to the 1984 California Olympics commemorative license plate. Smokes upon start-up. Nice raspy exhaust note, though. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $16,900. Another one of those nebulous "sold but reran and declared sold again" cars, the second time for $16,640. Afrequentflyer in previous years at the venue, this money is slightly over the top. #613 1964 PONTIAC LE MANS Coupe. S/N 82 4F11699. Resale Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 97,994 miles. GTO fakey-doo with three deuces. Wheels are from a newer (1970s) - Magnum 500 wheels. Dealer-installed dual fourbarrel carb set-up. Very recent restoration with very nice bumper chrome, body prep, and paint. New seat kit. Iffy gas gauge. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $16,744. Factory four-speed, rather than the over-the-parts-counter Riviera dual-quad induction, makes this one a rarity. Considering all of the lemmings who are paying far more for comparable Chevelle SSs, this was a good deal. #288 1966 PONTIAC GTO Coupe. S/N 242176Z104237. Gold metallic/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 58,476 miles. American Racing mags. Factory A/C and pod tachometer. Aftermarket gauges, steering wheel, spark plug -

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li eee mm  SCM MARKET REPORT: SILVER FOUNTAIN HILLS AZ Coupe. SIN 124377L109471. White with black pinstriping/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 275 miles. 327/275 V8. Fresh paint and vinyl roof (Arizona car from new). Rallye wheels, rear on that Chevelle I just did"), and a lot of parts got swapped, so an MCA show car it won't be. As a Dairy Queen troller, it represents a good buy. #259-1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS interior vinyl. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $16,380. The top of the financial mountain for this car today, although, if trends continue, expect to see it go up another 20% in the coming year These Chevelles always strike a sweet spot with the baby boomers gone gray. antenna option. Limited underhood detailing comes off well, although mildly tired. Competent reassembly, especially underneath (chassis and parts). Cond: 2. SOLD AT $15,340. So many of these are stuffed with non-original motors, shod with Cragar SSs, and jacked up in the rear that the core market doesn't know what to do with a nicely done stock car Perhaps that's why it sold slightly under the money. #262-1969 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 Fastback. SIN 9R02H172399. Red with black and gold stripes/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 16,459 miles. 351-c.i. V8. Newer repaint. Original brightwork crazing in places (especially the rear quarter window glass surround) and not befitting the rest of cosmetics. Older seat kits holding up well. Undercoating covering a rather VINT °TORGAI Established 1979 9848 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77074 713-541-2281  Fax 713-541-2286 kand_k@swbell.net 1972 Maserati Ghibli 4.9SS: "Fast As The Wind"; 1 of 120 made; 5-speed; factory a/c; recent restoration. $39,900 PRESEN Food For Your Soul 1968 Maserati Mistral: Beautiful Frua Body! RARE 4 litre with factory a/c; NEW paint & leather; freshly rebuilt engine. $37,900 March, 2002 45 unspectacular underside. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $14,768. Brought across the block on Sunday and sold again, for $14,040. Deal gone bad? Dealer speculation? A pair of dealers stroking each other? Buyer's remorse? The four-mile test drive revealed something scary? (Pick no more than two.) #335-1969 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE MALIBU SS Coupe. S/N 36379Z363152. Medium blue metallic/off-white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 17,373 miles. 396/325 V8. Magnum 500 wheels. #317-1970 DODGE CHALLENGER R/T SE Coupe. S/N JH29G0B164133. Panther Pink with black stripes/white. LHD. Odo: 73,192 miles. 440, Six-Pack carbs. Originally Hurst shifter, headers, chrome top radiator brace, and aftermarket whip antenna give a good clue about its earlier existence. Body straight, paint decent, although an incorrect color and type of 1969 rrari 365GT 2+2: "The Queen Mary" provides luxury with performance; finished in Black with New Tan leather; 5-speed; factory aJc. $49,900 1971 Maserati Indy Finished in Red with Black leather; 5-speed; factory a/c; One Of The Fastest 4-Seaters Ever Made. $19, 5, dark green metallic (flaking paint on firewall tells the tale), missing fender tag doesn't help credibility. Several dash cracks, touched-up interior panels, pitted chrome trunk rack, wornout bumper trim. Lumpy exhaust. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $22,880. More than enough paid for a car that is on shaky ground at best. It's dangerous to assume the best about a car when there is no paperwork available. #43-1970 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 Fastback. S/N OF05H108136. Resale Red/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 23,783 miles. All weatherstripping is dry rotted and cracking apart. Aftermarket gauges and door lock plungers. Missing brake pedal pad and one of three Petrowood inserts on steering wheel. Wornout chrome. Aftermarket exhaust that could either be working or leaking. Cond: 4-. SOLD -in

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SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON, UK 'Birds. Hopefully, us unwashed masses will get to buy a few and actually use them for what God and J Mays intended them for: driving. • ( 1 IRISTIE AT $11,540. When the new buyers were getting ready to load the car onto their trailer, the brake pedal went straight to the floor If they were lucky, just the master cylinder died Lends true meaning to having a sinking feeling about a car deal. But cheap enough. #276 - T - 1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE top Coupe. S/N 194371S113838. Red/black nylon. LHD. Odo: 91,521 miles. 350/270. Trunk rack, CD player, full complement of -  Christie's Nine Elms, London, UK December 4, 2001 Auctioneer: Christian Philippsen Number of automotive lots: 45 Number of automotive lots sold: 29 Sale rate: 64% Sale total: $1,857,578 High: Lot #68, 1927 Bugatti Type 37 Grand Prix Race-Sports, sold at $216,195, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 17.5% on the first $80,000, 10% thereafter paperwork since day one. Nicely done cosmetics, especially bumper plating and paint. Uniform flat black undersides. Overall, a welldone older restoration that has been used little and held up well. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $15,184. Now that the first-generation 1968-72 banana boats are finally getting some respect, the selling price was right on the mark #312 - 1992 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 1 G I YY33P6N51114. White/white leather, black carpet. LHD. Odo: 115,219 miles. The interior is really showing The $216,195 top-priced seller—and correctly valued by all concerned—was a matching-numbers 1927 Type 37 Bugatti, among whose owners were Count Johnny Lurani, Alec Ulmann and Dr. Ginsburg from Buffalo, New York. Although restored some 30 years ago, it looked remarkably original. terms of all vital statistics, Christie's nonetheless staged another of their compact events at their Jack Barclay Showroom. 13 its age (especially the driver's seat and steering wheel). Add-on aero "mud flaps." Arizona daily driver—fading emblems, drying-out weatherstrips. At least the white paint will help conceal any chalkiness. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $13,624. Late-model used car A lot of fun for not much money. M0000000ve it out. #3 - 2002 FORD THUNDERBIRD Convertible. S/N 1FAHP60A92Y1027. Black/black leather. LHD. Odo: 27 miles. Brand-spankin' new with instruction tags still attached to the shift lever. Offered by a specialty (i.e., non-Ford) dealer. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $44,000. With supply catching up to demand, the very brief days of "additional dealer mark-up" are about over on the new 46  The surprise of the sale, however, was the $208,385 raised by an 1894 (yes, 1894!) Sander 3.5-hp dogcart, which started life in the 19th century as a steamer and had been retro-fitted with a Benz 1045-cc single-cylinder petrolfueled motor. With center-steering and chain drive, this early primitive's claim to unique fame is that, following very early steam- and gas-powered installations, and as a result of being fitted with its first petrol-fueled engine in 1894, it is officially regarded as the earliest British petrol-powered automobile. It was acquired by a Japanese bidder. A redated-as-1915-vintage Silver Ghost tourer did well to make the desired $208,385. Its estimate was downgraded by $71,000 following a major pre-sale announcement revealing that a chassis from a different 40/50-hp Rolls-Royce had been employed as the base item for what was very much a bitsa. The car had been put together, albeit superbly, by Michael Neale during the late 1960s and early 1970s. A formerly 7-liter Duesenberg-powered 1926 Stutz Blackhawk with shortened and stiffened chassis, which had been re-engined with a 5liter motor from a 1927 Stutz in Canada and then rebodied in the style of the 1921 French GP winning car, was certainly interesting. Called (Morgan Motor Co.'s home town). Condenser from very early steam-powered days surviving on front. Benz one-cylinder motor fitted in 1950s. Well presented, good varnish. Huge chain-drive. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $208,385. English-made automobile survivors from the 19th century are incredibly rare—and, because more than one bidder wanted it, this unique curio nearly achieved twice the $70 ,000$114,000 catalog estimate. #47 - 1909 ROVER EIGHT 2 seat Tourer. - S/N N/A. Eng.# 1572. Red with black beading/ black. RHD. 1372-cc single-cylinder engine. Report by Richard Hudson-Evans Market opinions in italics etter attended and turning over more commission than the Coys end-of-season sale at Islington, but far less of an end-of-saleyear event than Bonhams's bumper Olympia auction in • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • the Cameron Special or, as it became known in Canadian racing circles between WWI and WWII, "The Stutzenberg," it went to a new Japanese home for a near-top-estimate $66,740. More extraordinary history came with a 1912 Brasier 16-hp. At the outbreak of WWI, the time-warp limo with lots of original brocade and roll-down blinds in the back had been walled up in one of his barns by the first owner, a vineyard owner who did not survive the conflict, and remained undiscovered for the next seventy years. Amazingly, the Edwardian could not attract the $40,000 required to sell. By contrast, V12 E-types were wanted. For a not-particularly-nice 1974 Series III roadster with factory hard top—admittedly one of the last made, being the 25th of the 49-strong "Commemorative" batch—sold for an overthe-top $70,077. A still-sharp-from-1982-restoration 1972 Series III 2+2 fixed-head with five-speed manual shift made a much-betterthan-forecast $30,033. As ever with a Christie's London sale, something for everybody and some surprising results.—R.H-E. ENGLISH #41-1894 SANTLER 3.5111P Dogcart. Body by C. Santler & Co. S/N AB 171. Eng.# 1036. Varnished wood/black. Earliest recorded British petrol-driven motor car. Built in Malvern Badly chipped paint, tatty top, dull brass. Shabby leather twin buckets. Lain dormant for years and without documents. Will require Sports Car Market

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SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S LONDON UK  careful recomissioning prior to road use. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $9,230. No! Not in this paperless condition, anyway, and most probably not at any price at all. #49 - - Tourer. SN 252. Dark blue with gray wheels/ tan. RHD. Odo: 7,075 miles. 1460-cc, four-cylinder, monobloc engine. Rust-pitted mudguard/ fenders. Very dry, cracked interior. However, 1913 CALCOTT 10.5HP 2 seat Assuming making it run won't prove to be too costly, this was a characterful open 1920s Roller with Barker body that offered much potential for below mid-estimate money #45-1924 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER GHOST PICADILLY Roadster. Body by Rolls-Royce Custom Coachworks. SN 1 87 KF. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •  topped with Supaloy head and large SU. Sidescreens present. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $11,680. In this glossy condition, and even without any pre-WWII history on file, an open A7 like this could probably be retailed here in England for $2,500 more. #38 1929 MORRIS 11.9HP Light Van. Body by E. G. Wrigley. S/N N/A. Blue with black fenders/black. RI-ID. Odo: 681 miles. Originally purchased by Lord Annerly of Holdenby House, - • did appear to be complete. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $15,017. Calcotts remained in production until 1917, and were rugged enough to be used as an army support vehicle in WWI. Somebody loved this project enough to take it on for midestimate money. One has to wonder #76-1915 ROLLS-ROYCE 40/50HP SILVER GHOST Tourer. Body by Wilkinson. S/N 16 BD. Aluminum with gray fenders/blue. RHD. Odo: 423 miles. Having been built up from major components, admittedly all exSilver Ghost—though from different Green with black fenders/beige. RHD. Odo: 64,384 miles. Supplied new to Bamberger family, whose stores became part of Macy's chain. An older restoration, now mellowing. Black paint better than green, particularly around hood edges. Some orange peel to rear and crack on rear seat lid. Leather nice and squashy. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $102,169. Possibly soon in need of a pricey repaint, it only just got away for the minimum sought. On this side of the pond, this valuation seemed to be about right. #46 - 1928 AUSTIN SEVEN CHUMMY Tourer. S/N 70198. Red with black fenders/ black. RHD. Odo: 354 miles. Older restoration recently refreshed. All mint cosmetically. Even suspension polished. Later engine fitted, and has been a member of the family ever since. Visually not as glossily presented as in catalog. No signage on side now and everything overthickly painted. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $9,230. Despite the same aristocratic family ownership since new, nobody here wanted it. #33 - Eng.# 788 AP. Dark green/black. RHD. Body 1934 MG PA Roadster. SN PA 504. - vehicles, by Michael Neale in late '60s/early '70s—auctioneers and experts re-dated it as being 1915. Some chips to fuel tank apart, it was well presented. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $208,385. Despite chassis, engine, gearbox and front axle all starting life in different cars, this superb recreation still achieved the auctioneer s revised top estimate, which, in RREC country, must be considered an accurate valuation. #35 - 1923 ROLLS ROYCE 20HP 4 seat - - Cabriolet. Body by Barker. SN GA71. Eng.# G645R. Dark burgundy with black fenders/beige. RHD. Odo: 17,396 miles. Much varnish and and interior last restored in early 1990s. In storage for years and now rather dull. No YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Log on to www.sportscarmarket.com and vote in the weekly Collector Cur Insta-Poll. See the poll results instantly, and find out if you are part of the mainstream or hopelessly lost in space! Poll beginning March 1, 2002: Which segment of the market will be strongest in 2002? much of it in need of some TLC. Paint better. Fabric top poor. Hinging split windshield and fold-down side pillars very quirky. Declared nonrunning pre-sale. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $33,370. 48  Sports Car Market

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SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S LONDON UK weather equipment. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $10,650. Not particularly sharp. Desired $14,000 minimum unrealistic. #73 - 1935 ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM H - Limousine. Body by Henry Binder. S/N 151 TA. Black over blue/black leather in front, beige. RHD. Odo: 7,141 miles. Ex-Sedanca de Ville. Bumpy paint with chips. Brightwork in I ' w XK for anywhere near the mid-estimate money paid. need of refreshing. External luggage trunk much weathered. Driver's seat leather torn. Very comfortable, discreet rear quarters with vanity mirror and blinds intact. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $45,440. Over-ambitiously, at/east $57,000 was being sought. However, this car exuded much originality and the driver's roof section could have been opened up easily enough. Would have been worth buying at $50,000. #62-1936 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM III Sedanca de Ville. Body by Barker. SN 3 AZ 24. Eng.# A 64 A. Taupe over cream/cream and tan. RHD. Odo: 40,798 miles. Whitewalls. older restoration with mellowed paint and chrome. Clearly never exposed to nasty weather. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $20,022. Near top-estimate price was paid for the bike and sidecar; both of which were made by Brough. Valued correctly by all concerned. #54 - 1948 LAND ROVER 4X4 Utility Ve- hicle. S/N R 08. Sage green/green. RHD. Odo: 20,215 miles. Eighth pre-production Landy supplied to works Development Department. restored in UK in 1989. Paint good with only minor chips. Evidence of masking. Wood veneer quite cracked on cocktail cabinet console in rear. Milky around window edge. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $36,707. Mid-estimate result. Spoton current market valuation. #53 - Only the chassis and gearbox are truly original following a 1989 restoration. Later-design bulkhead fitted. Dull but sound. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $24,140. Huge money for a largely unoriginal andfar-from-sharp example of one of 48 pre-production vehicles. #71 - Last restored in Sweden some years ago. Freshly rewired. Usual cracks to paint at bases of front pillars. Rest of car near perfect inside and out. Very art deco when new. Now useful for weddings. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $83,425. Extremely stylish and carrying the original Barker coachwork Quite deserving of the midestimate result. #51 - - - Tourer. SN GU 65. White with black fenders/ red. RHD. Odo: 40,798 miles. Former Thrupp & Maberly sedan. Paint, chrome, wood and 1949 BENTLEY Mk VI Drophead Coupe. Body by Park Ward. S/N B294 CF. Midnight blue/blue with gray piping. RHD. Odo: 9,037 miles. Concours winner—but that was 1986! Paint now crazed and bubbling,. 1936 ROLLS ROYCE 25/30HP 4 seat yr' - leather all good  possibly from its 1984 restoration. Fold-away auster windshield. Plenty of documentation. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $33,370. Required minimum was paid, which is the correct valuationfor an open 25/30 with non-period body in Weddings White. 50  !Wiwi la; 744, s 14.1//1/. fe  It Center foglight. Original owner's handbook, copies of factory build sheet, plenty of invoices. Whitewalls marked. Very freshly retrimmed with top renewed. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $39,760. More than $50,000 was being sought. No way—without a back-tobare-metal repaint. #64 and driveshafts very shiny. Hoole Racing maintained and on-the-button. Hand-stitched leathercovered steering wheel possibly original. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $114,665. Genuine works car in stunning and race-ready condition—what more could a serious historic racer want? Price paid was about right valuewise. #77 1961 BENTLEY S2 Convertible. Body by H. J. Mulliner. S/N B 127 CT. Dark blue/ beige. RHD. Odo: 39,377 miles. Once owned by - #56-1955 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER WRATTH Touring Limousine. Body by Freestone & Webb. S/N DLW 94. Maroon over cream over maroon/gray. RHD. Odo: 42,056 miles. Automatic. Illinois-owned 1972-89. Last #32-1939 BROUGH SUPERIOR Motorcycle with Alpine GS Sidecar. S/N M8/2150. Black/black. In overall good cosmetic order, having been the subject of an • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1957 LOTUS 12 F1/F2 Race Car. S/N 352. Green with yellow wheels/black. Plenty of history. Fully restored in mid-1990s by Peter Denty. Superbly presented with suspension 1952 JAGUAR XK 120 Roadster. S/N 67 1078. Red/red and tan. LHD. Odo: 100 miles. Re-import from US West Coast. Fresh and mint restoration. Everything perfect cosmetically, though absolutely no patina. Car rides on steel wheels with hubcaps. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $58,398. Lovely car; happily still left-hand drive. It would be impossible to restore another Jeremy Lloyd. Last refurbished in 1994. Minor marks to paint. Brightwork good. Trim fair. A rare coachbuilt Bentley S2. Cond: 2+. SOLDAT $71,746. Acquired by the Carnegie Club for the minimum required Retailer would claim it could fetch more, but I doubt that this one would Sports Car Marke

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U .1 I .%.100  SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON, UK #74-1961 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD II LWB Limousine. Body by Park Ward. S/N LCB 76. Midnight blue/beige. RHD. Odo: 11,627 miles. A/C, automatic transmission, power windows and division, Sony tripmeter and navigator foot plate. Paint and brightwork all okay-ish. Some milking to windshield edge. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $13,490. In full rally spec, this was far too specialized for the audience here. Standard MGAs can be found in better cosmetic order for $11,000-$14,000. #36-1962 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD H Standard Steel Sedan. S/N SAE 187. Two-tone gray/tan. RHD. Odo: 7,119 miles. Automatic. Older repaint. Paint on the top of the hood orange peely. Masking line between two-tone paint wavy. Original trim stereo, picnic tables. Last cosmetically restored in the early 1990s. Paint and chrome okay. Cracked leather seats in front. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $25,028. Early aristo history. Apparently sound. Correctly valued. #52 - 1961 MGA 1600 Rally Roadster. SN GI-IN 1103513. Red/black. RHD. Odo: 73,778 miles. Hardtop. Much serious eventing in recent years. Unpadded full cage could be painful for cramped cockpit occupants. Halda Connolized at some time and okay. Wood on driver's door top bleached. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $15,620. Not good enough to warrant the $17,000 minimum bid required. #59-1965 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD III LWB Limousine. Body by H. J. Mulliner Park Ward. S/N CFL 21. Dark blue/magnolia. RHD. Santa Fe owned early 1980s-97. Recent repaint and trim, both good. Upholstery refurbished recently. Originally ordered larger seats retained. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $33,370. Near top estimate paid. Last James Young-bodied car. Last restored in the mid-1980s. Paint fair. Brightwork good— apart from a poor rear fender and unimpressive radio aerial chrome. Driver's seat leather cracked. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $21,300. Vendor wanted $28,000 plus. Worth $24,000 or so. #50 - 1965 LOTUS CORTINA Mc I SH Se- dan. S/N 1SS/SA875. White with green flashes/ black. RFD. Odo: 1,023 miles. Paint only fair with some crazing. Windshield mbber perished. Gearshift console trim plate tatty. Dell'Orto rather than original Weber carbs. Incorrect steering wheel and gearshift knob. Cond: 2-. SOLD 9113 noir USA model s/n 87454 Just inspected . and serviced. Needs nothing. Motor and Nur undercarriage fully detailed. Fire extinguisher. Tubi exhaust with catalysts plus original exhaust. All tools and receipts. 12,031 miles. California legal. Motivated seller. Priced to sell at $295,000 O.B.O. We buy US and Euro model 360 Modenas, 456 GT's, 550 Maranellos, F40's, F50's, and other late model Ferraris. V , • For the best in a 1950's to 70's Ferrari contact us or visit our web site. With years of expertise and a detailed  database of classical and competition Ferraris we always have the best selection available. 481, tqftl, 1965 BENTLEY RH LWB Sedan. Body by James Young. SN BCL 16. Silvergray over black/red. RHD. Odo: 9,345 miles. - The second lot in this sale acquired by the Carnegie Club for guest transportation. Easily worth $35,000. #40 The Ferrari Specialist Michael Sheehan March, 2002  www.ferraris-online.com --- Phone (949) 646-6086 • Fax (949) 646-6978 • E-mail ferraris@pachell.net 51

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SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON, UK accurately estimated at $11,000-$17,000. A "wow! " resultfor a V12 2+2 coupe, even though this was a very sound manual-shift car #39-1974 JAGUAR XICE Sill V12 COMMEMORATIVE Roadster. SN 1S 2825. Black/ biscuit. RHD. Odo: 19,986 miles. Hard top. Claimed to be original paint—but being AT $10,011. Re-shell and poor attention topenod-correct detail did not deter the buyer from paying the minimum amount required, which was more than enough, in my estimation, for this particular car #55 - 1967 ASTON MARTIN DB6 Vantage Coupe. S/N DB6/2718/R. British Racing Green/white. RHD. Odo: 7,217 miles. Automatic. Monaco registered. Costly mechanical black, every stone chip was visible. Interior refurbished at some time with armrest marked. Dirty under-hood. Serious misfiring when run during viewing. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $70,077. Despite disappointing cosmetics, near top estimate money was forthcoming. In my view, $57,000 would have been enough. SIII V12s have been out offavor for some time—perhaps they are making a comeback #63 - - refurb bills from works on file. Paint good. Engine bay tidy and well presented. Impractical white trim impossible to keep clean. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $34,080. Any automatic DB6 would struggle to make the $40,000 being sought. High bid should have been enough. #66 - Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N JRH 50294. Richmond blue/magnolia. RI-ill). Odo: 83,788 miles. Automatic. Some early servicing by factory. Repainted during last six years. Paint (apart 1971 MERLYN Mk 20 F FORD Race Car. S/N N/A. Green with gold stripe/black. Paint okay with race chips. Suspension and roll bars all very clean. Engine and gearbox could from an obvious masking line across the top of the rear fender) and brightwork all still good. Driver's seat squashed and saggy. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $36,707. Top guide price was paid, which is market value for a Camargue of this mileage. #42 - do with a cosmetic makeover. Last raced at Brands Hatch in 2000, when prepped by Hoole Racing. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $15,017. $2,840 less than the low estimate was wisely accepted for this not-particularly-special Formula Ford with no apparent period race provenance. #34 - 1972 JAGUAR )(ICE SIII V12 2+2 Coupe. SN UC 1S73060. Black/black. LHD. Odo: 9,567 kms. Chrome wires. US-spec example with factory A/C. Rarer five-speed manual-shift transmission. Last clearly well restored in 1982. Paint, brightwork, interior and engine all still cosmetically good. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $30,033. Bravely offered without reserve and, I thought, 52  1996 JAGUAR XJ220 Coupe. S/N SAJJEAEX8AX 220. Blue/gray. LHD. Odo: 13,088 kms. If top dollar was invested, this car might have cost $572,260 when new. Has been serviced twice in Spain and France - appeared unused, apart from top tonneau. Inappropriately small Momo aftermarket steering wheel. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $36,920. $50,000 and more was being sought. Retailers could possibly get this—on a very sunny day. #78 1912 BRASIER 16HP Limousine. Body by Marcel Guilloux. SN 16 CH212. Dark green/beige and gray. RHD. Odo: 7,265 kms. Walled up by vineyard owner for 70 years, so pure time warp. Original paint completely matte, although nice brass hood trim and hinged front windshield frame to polish. Faded elegance within, including brocade window straps and roller-blinds with tassles. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $34,080. Considering "Sleeping Beauty" story, this mobile - hopeless case. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $15,620. The desired $17,000 was impossible. #69 1988 ASTON MARTIN V8 VOLANTE Convertible. S/N SCFCV81C8 JTL. Gray metallic/beige. LHD. Odo: 19,906 miles. Automatic. Paint and wheels excellent. Retrim up chips to front radiator surround. Highly polished brass-braced hood-frame hinges. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $50,055. This charming Edwardian with original coachwork made midestimate money. Correctly valued. #48 Touched - - 1910 RENAULT 8HP AX Doctor's Coupe. S/N 25194. Maroon with black beading/ black. RHD. Very barn-found. According to windshield-top plaque, the car is named "Ann." Interior last occupied by a squirrel. An absolutely since. Minor corrosion to trunk lid (said to leak), but it is otherwise all like new. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $127,800. Despite the sensible/realistic $142,000 reserve, nobody wanted this one. After the small price bump when several were brought into the US, 220s seem to have left the flavor-of-the-month club. FRENCH #65-1909 DELAUNAY-BELLEVILLE MODEL 14 10HP ROI DES BELGES Tourer. Body by Henri Labourdette. SN 1712. Burgundy/ burgundy. RHD. Last restored in Australia more than 20 years ago. Minor scratches to paint. 1980 ROLLS ROYCE CAMARGUE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sports Car Market

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EV.. E•  SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON, UK ing of the mid-estimate result for this "Best Restoration" winner at last year :s Louis Vuitton-sponsored Bagatelle in Paris. An enormous amount of visual panache for relatively little money. #68 1927 BUGATTI TYPE 37 GRAND PRIX Race Sports. SN 37240. Blue/black. RHD. Ex- - - FV3B/58311. Gray over light blue/red. LW). Odo: 58,214 knis. Last repaint and retrim in 1991, now only fair after long storage. Rubber finishers poor. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $43,381. Price achieved was amazing considering general presentation. Color combo may prove difficult to resell. Facels go to a small and picky crowd GERMAN #67 1957 PORSCHE 356A 1600 SUPER - living room should have sold. Suprisingly, though, there were no takers here. #44-1923 DELAHAYE 84N 14-18HP Convertible Sedan. Body by Janoir. S/N 17201. Black/black. RHD. Odo: 41 miles. Count Lurani. Last restored nearly 30 years ago. Could do with a repaint. Chipped cockpit edges. Grubby and oily interior. American Bug Club badge from early 1970s. Alec Ulmann ownership. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $216,195. Mid-estimate price paid for a rare matching-numbers car with well-charted history. Great buy. #60 - 1958 FACEL VEGA HK500 Coupe. Concours restoration with fantastic attention to detail. Faultless paint and nickel-plated fittings. Leather top lined with moleskin. Show-finish acetylene container and running-board box containing fire extinguisher, oil can, tire pump, grease gun. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $58,398. Well deserv- 410 North Circle Drive Oaks, PA 19456 610.666 1966 fax: 610.6669422 www.pamotorcom info@pamotorcorn 1958 Porsche 356 Convertible D, very rare roadster, silver/red, Cardex, recent cosmetics CA 2-owner car. $43,900 AMERICAN CARS 1960 Chevrolet Impala, documented, 960 out of 1000 points, red/redwhite, VVWW tires. 348-4bbl. PS. PB. great. 1941 Buick Sedanette, 2-tone green. ex-AACA Senior, outstanding condition and detail throughout, VVVVW tires, lovely 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster, 327/365, red/black, AC, knock-offs, side exhaust, PS, PDB, well restored, #s match 1966 Shelby Cobra ERA, red/black, original 427 side oiler, 2x4's, Jag rear. top loader, coil springs, 3.300 miles since built 1949 Olds Fastback Rod, 350, chopped, channeled, lowered, frenched, PS, PDB, AC, PW, VVWVV radial, much more WOWS/ E X,41.11 CIEURCY: 1962 Bentley Sli Continental, chassis #678LCZ, convertible, LHD. auto. factory AC, PS, black/black. 2000 BMW Z8, red/black, US spec car, 1,400 miles, no paint work. never seen rain, as new 1989 Ferrari 328GTSi, Chiarro Blue/Creme, 20k miles, books, tools, all records, as new, 2 owners. ABS, 18" wheels 1954 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster, red, black, skirts, VVWW tires,recent service, new clutch, very straight 1966 Jaguar XKE Convertible, white/tan leather, very well restored, numbers match, excellent and just serviced 1974 Jaguar XKE Roadster, 18k miles, all records & docs from new. wire wheels, cold A/C, hard top. red/tan, new 1971 Maserati Ghibli Coupe, 4.9 SS, black/tan, outstanding restoration. Borrani's, auto, AC, not one better anywhere  1968 Mercedes-Benz 600, very nice original car, brown/tan, meticulously kept. all books, tools & records, SWB 1971 Mercedes-Benz 3.5 Cabrio, California car, brown/tan, very nice older restoration, zero rust, AC, center shift, books  1961 MGA Roadster, completely restored, red/black leather with red piping, all weather equipment, runs well   1962 Ford Thunderbird, factory roadster. 27k miles. 2 owners. Kelsey Hayes. tonneau, restored, jewelry, numbers match. Cabriolet. Body by Reutter. S/N 61483. Silver/red. RHD. Odo: 29,938 krns. Originally supplied to Hong Kong. Cracked paint on driver's door top and minor scratches touched-in. Minor scratches to paint where hood rubs. Milky windshield corner. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $46,718. $4,000 more than top estimate was forthcoming for this rare right-hand drive example with all numbers matching. Finding non-rusted RHD examples can be difficult, hence the strong price. #57 1961 PORSCHE 356B S90 Coupe. S/N 116712. Ivory/black. LW). Odo: 22,762 kms. Panels fit, paint only fair. Period Blaupunkt. Tools and owner's manual. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $21,691. Despite only average cosmetics, near top estimate was achieved, - $47,500 $32,900 $48,500 $17,900 1937 Rolls-Royce 25/30, chassis #GRM 51, Gurney Nutting, very nice older restoration, silver/red, rust free, runs very well $29,900 1989 Rolls-Royce Corniche II, Magnolia/tan, piping, 25k miles, one-owner, all book & service records, lovely  $79,900 March, 2002  53

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SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON, UK • • • • • • • • • mid-estimate money forthcoming In this condition, certainly not worth more and perhaps even a bit less. #61-1973 FERRARI 246 GT DINO Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 02816. Red/black. RHD. • • • • • • • • which was on the high side for a left -hand drive fixed-head, according to current auction prices. #37-1968 MERCEDES-BENZ 2805L Roadster. S/N 11304422012436. Silver metallic/black. RI-ID. Odo: 84,376 miles. Hardtop. in Morocco 1999—and looked like it. Much marked paint poorly masked. Worn, though original, leather still mainly sound. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $28,400. Great looker but condition disappointed. A lot of potential—but not for much more than $23,000 or so. #72-1970 ALFA ROMEO GTAm 2000 Coupe. S/N 1531231. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 83,616 kms. Upgraded from 1750 Veloce coupe to 2-liter GTAm-spec by Autodelta in period, though only briefest competition history known. Last repaint now only just passable. Front fender chrome pitted. Wood trim on door tops very distressed. Driver's seat squab virtually collapsed with piping adrift. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $25,028. In view of very average cosmetic appearance, the mid-estimate price was surprising to me. $20,000 would have been enough. ITALIAN #58-1953 ALFA ROMEO 1900C SPRINT Coupe. Body by Touring. S/N AR19C 01066. Black/green. LHD. Odo: 91,202 kms. Rallied Odo: 44,953 miles. Well repainted—and not that long ago. Unmarked interior. Clean engine. Spare wheel area well presented. Nasty modem stereo with CD. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $48,280. Should have sold for around this. Another day, another auction, it most probably will do so. AMERICAN #43-1926 STUTZ BLACKHAWK Race Car. S/N AA/5/81857. White/black. RHD. Reckoned to be the original once-Duesenbergengined "Cameron Special." Body paint fair, Paint fair. Aluminum trunk lid. Fender extension rivets looked fresh. Perspex above both doors badly crazed. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $50,055. Fuelinjected, twin-spark motor Offered before by Christie's and unsold. Not this time, though, with chassis paint good. Cord-bound rimmed steering wheel spokes rusty. Floor-covering rubber Hagerty Collector Car Insurance presents the 2nd Annual SPORTS CAR MARKET MAGAZINE INSIDER'S SEMINAR at RM/AMELIA ISLAND AUCTION Saturday, March 9, 2002 Take A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a High-End Catalog Auction Keith Martin, Cindy Banzer and the market analysts of SCM invite you to join them in a one-day, intensive seminar on collecting and the current market, held on-site at the RM auction of Vintage Motor Cars at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Amelia Island, Florida. Participants will be part of an exclusive, intimate group that will participate in both no-holdsbarred discussions of the collector car market and hands-on examinations of cars that are going to be crossing the block. SPACE IS_LIM1TED! DEADLINE–March 1, 2002 (Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. Don't be lefi out!) Name The seminar will be held from 10 am to 12 noon, Saturday, March 9, at the auction site. Specialists on appraising and other facets of collecting will be available. There will be ample time for you to ask direct questions about the auction experience, and we guarantee you'll get straight answers. Register Today (If registering for more than one person, please place additional details on separate sheet.) Address City  State  Day Phone  Fax  Zip  Eve. Phone  E-mail Space is strictly limited. Cost is only $95 ($125 non-subscribers) per person for the seminars, car examination and unlimited personal consultations Card # Exp Date with the SCM staff. An auction catalog and admission to the auction are included. Total Amount $  Signature  Call or e-mail David Slama for more information at 503/261-0555 x206, david.slama@sportscar market.com. We look forward to seeing you there. 54  Send this form to: SCM Amelia Island Seminar, PO Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292, or fax 503-253-2234, phone 503-261-0555 x206. Sports Car Market L.1 Enclosed is my check made out to Sports Car Market for $95/pp ($125 non-subscribers) UI Charge my VISA/MC 

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- 11-  IFIC 'IC IBC ICIP • watch gear • , Tourneau TimeMachine ;- 52nd Street at Madison Avenue World Trade Cent, • Roosevelt Field Walt Whitman Mu , I The Mall at Short Hills 91,1 H .Us Town Center at Boca Raton Boca Raton _ South Coast Plata  a Meca_ Shop At Home.i-Soo 542 2zPH • wv, w tchapa r :orr SECTLA SPORT WATCHES wvvvv.sectortioliritits.G0111 TOURFIERU DOMED SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL TAT ING GLASS BF7EL

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SCM MARKET REPORT: POULAIN LE FUR, PARIS, FRANCE................. nearly worn away. SU carbs. Stutz motor converted to shell bearings with Carillo rods. SU carbs fitted rather than hens' teeth Miller originals. Cond: 2 - . SOLD AT $66,740. Certainly looked the part. Near top estimate price was paid by a Japanese bidder Worth it. Cosmetic tidying-up will cost little. • POULAIN . LE FUR COMMISSAIRES PRISEURS ASSOCIES Poulain Le Fur Palais d-s Congres, Paris, France December 10, 2001 Auctioneer: Herve Poulain Number of automotive lots: 47 Number of automotive lots sold: 35 Sale rate: 74.5% Sales total: $1,122,530 High: Lot #32, 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL roadster sold for $161,400, including buyer's premium. Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 10% C 56  Market report by Raymond Milo Market opinions in italics omfortably nestled in their own auditorium at Palais des Congres, the venerable house of Poulain Le Fur—in association with Sotheby's—held its end-of-theyear sale, and the results were quite bright. Like the two English auctions held a week earlier in London, this was a very successful event. The professional team of Maitre Herve Poulain, assisted by experts J. M. Cerede and Marc Souvrain and backed by the some of the finest ringmen in the business, glided effortlessly through an interesting and eclectic array of cars. The focal points of the auction were the Collection Ortelli, consisting of nine significant cars that were unfortunately known only in Europe, and an important Porsche 906 (S/N 906-115) with fully documented history. The Ortelli's stars were a 1937 Peugeot 402L Eclipse and a 1938 402DS Darl'Mat roadster. Both the Eclipse and the Darl'Mat sold, the latter for a fair market price, the former on the cheap. The Carrera 6, at the wrong place at the wrong time, found no serious bidders and went unsold at $265k. However, the otherwise magnificent auction catalog, the equal of anything produced by Christie's, Bonhams or RM, was completely in French. Not a single car description contained an English sentence. In the past, Poulain has had brief but informative English translations, but as of late, nothing. When I mentioned this to the principals of the auction company, they replied that North American and British auction houses don't print their catalogs in French, so why should they print anything in English? This may be a fact, but so what? Getting even does not bring buyers from the New World. By ignoring the North American market, a unique opportunity is missed: Paris may be the only city in the world whose mention brings a smile to the wife of every collector. Why not give that collector and his significant other a reason to go to Paris—would a small paragraph in English really be so difficult? And further, with Christie's about to invade Gallic turf with their auction in conjunction with Retromobile, it would seem to be a good time for Poulain to be expanding their customer base.—R.M ENGLISH #17-1952 JAGUAR XI( 120 Roadster. S/N 672871. Gray/red leather. LHD. Disc wheels with spats. Said to have had a complete history. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $79,843. Approximately 120 examples were made in four different body styles, and less than 40 exist today. An attractive car that will be easy to restore and fun to drive. Darl 'Mats don't grow on trees and are almost never for sale. Very well bought. #5 1948 PEUGEOT 202BH Cabriolet. S/N 1019028. Beige. LHD. Very nicely kept - restoration, but if so, only to a driving standard. Decent panel fit. Could use a good detailing. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $31,414. Just a car made the right price. These cars have to be stunning to get into the $40,000-$60,000 range. #23 - 1965 AUS11N HEALEY 3000 Mk III - Roadster. S/N HBL8L29257. Light blue metallic over white/tan. LHD. Odo: 77,721 miles. up and refurbished to excellent driver condition. Part of the Ortelli collection. Good panel fit, nice cosmetics, no play in the doors, no rust. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $9,817. A tiny 1100cc motor but a great cruiser and eye-popper nonetheless. Unique and very cute. If my brain had been working (too much cabernet the night before) I would have bought it. A bargain. #21 - 1954 DELAHAYE T235 CHAPRON Chromed wire wheels. Good panel fit, sound fenders, no visible signs of rust. Most likely a good driver, but not much more. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $22,251. These cars are making the same price on either side of the Atlantic. FRENCH #6-1937 PEUGEOT 402L ECLIPSE Retractable Hardtop. S/N 617219. Dark blue. LHD. Brought to perfect as-new condition by the Ortelli family (Peugeot dealers since 1905) . SOLD AT $35,340. A great value for the money. Unfortunately, all post-war French Grand Routiers (Talbot Lago, Delage and Delahaye) are not as well-received as the prewar models, due to their bulky bodies—even though they have identical mechanicals. nice. Glass and headlights are excellent. Cond 2 - GERMAN #24-1963 MERCEDES-BENZ 190SL Convertible. SN 12104210025811. Beige/red leather. LHD. Said to be bare-metal, ground-up without any silly stuff like powder coating and cadmium plating. A retractable hardtop design, roughly 20 years before Ford introduced the Skyliner. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $58,900. The bargain ofthe sale. At about 3,000 pounds, with 55 hp, this isn't exactly a doubleA fuel dragster but it remains a stunning design. Extremely rare as well. #7 - 1938 PEUGEOT 402DS DARL'MAT Sport Roadster. Body by Darl'Mat. S/N 400247. French Blue/black. LHD. Good, straight body and great brightwork. Wrong steering wheel, cheap older repaint. Rear axle, brakes, Cotal gearbox, oil pan and radiator all leaking like sieves—anything with any fluid is, actually. From Ortelli collection, no known Coupe. S/N 818076. Black/tan. RHD. A nice, older restoration, with conversion to hydraulic brakes. Brightwork and wire wheels are very restored, and claim appears to be true. In typical Continental fashion, the dash and door panels are original and very nice, although they do clash with the new paint and leather upholstery. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $29,450. An expected price for a car restored in the European tradition of trying to leave as much original as possible, rather than having all traces of its history sandblasted away by a ground-up restoration. Sports Car Market

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mmemi  ITALIAN #30-1966 LANCIA FLAMINIA 2.83C GT Coupe. Body by Touring. S/N 826138-1117. Gray metallic/red. LHD. Superbly restored SCM MARKET REPORT: POULAIN LE FUR, PARIS, FRANCE precaution. Books, tools and such not visible. Reported accurate mileage. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $50,000. 1 have never been able to understand the fascination with very low-mile cars. What do you do with 13-year-old new cars? Drive it and turn it intojust another used car, or store it, wrapped like a mummy, to keep a low three-digit odometer reading. AMERICAN from bumper to bumper, and from rooftop to floor pan. Excellent detail and perfect panel fit. A no-stories car. Catalog incorrectly identified model year as 1969. Cond: 1 - 1929 CADILLAC 341B Roadster. Body by Fisher. S/N 330 136. Burgundy/black. LHD. Odo: 60,369 miles. A time-warp car. Attractive body with a 341-c.i. V8. Engine rebuilt #11 - . SOLD AT $26,178. Great cars to drive, with an attractive 2+2 body. The 2.8 3C engine configuration is the most desirablefor the model. Unfortunately, the market today values them at afraction of the value of the Zagato-bodied cars. Bought at a mere sliver of the resto cost. #40 1989 FERRARI 328 GTS Targa. Body by Pininfarina. S/N ZFFWA20B0000815. Red/ black. LHD. Odo: 100 kms. Looks like a brandnew car. Cam belts reportedly replaced as a - and front seats recovered; everything else is original (including the paint) and very nice. A rare find. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $52,356. It would be very interesting to know how this car came to France, and what it has been doing here all these years. Price seemed fair enough. #25 - 1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. SN 194377S107222. Silver/black. LHD. Odo: 31,677 miles. 427/435 with three Holley two-barrel carbs. Four-speed. A nice, originallooking car, sold new to the late Serge Pozzoli. Mileage is believable. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT 'ay '4'11444". Rech Audience. Advertise in Call (503) 261-0555 x 202 for information and rates. Ad Rates available online at: www.sportscarmarket.com www.classic car yam (WE BUY CARS) BIZZARRINI 5300 GT )  OSCA II4T4  MORETTI BARCHETTA  rf  _3,13 e. ( ALFA ROMEO TZ1  DINO 206 SP  ALFA ROMEO 1957 )  ABARTH OT (DATABASE CHASSIS NUMBERS & RACES RESULTS) $24,214. Serge Pozzoli (a premier French collector and a big name in the automotive world) provenance a plus, and car looked solid, so why so cheap? The Corvette fanatics can let me know.• bob@classicscars.com ( LANCIA AURELIA B20 )

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Le Pur Sang des Prototypes by Carl Bomstead o °bill Object: Bugatti Atlantic Prototype painting, by Riester—Lot #214 Auction: l'art et I 'automobile, December 12, 2001 Estimate: $2,000-$2,500 Sale Price: $3,335, including buyer's premium acques Vaucher has been a fixture within the automobilia community for the past decade or so. He has a presence at most of the major auctions and his store in East Hampton, New York, is a treasure chest of early automotive posters, badges and trophies. For the past several years he has been conducting semi-annual mail-order auctions with bids submitted by phone, fax or e-mail. The December 12th auction was his seventh. The auctions historically have achieved a high sale rate, although Jacques stated this year's was off by a few percentage points, which he felt could be attributed to the current state of the economy. The descriptive catalog for the most recent auction was complete with black-and-white photographs of the majority of the 330 items and sold for $10. It included grading of the items, along with pre-sale estimates. The catalog was divided into several categories and all were heavily laced with Bugatti items from the collection of Miles Coverdale. The books and literature section had an exceptionally high sales rate, with 66 of the 78 lots offered (85%) going to collector's libraries at prices at or above the high estimates. One notable item was Lot #54, a numbered edition of the book Bugatti Magnum by Hugh Conway. This definitive reference book on Bugattis was complete with a simulated CMA Uncompromising Quality CMA Jaguar D-Type, LM '57 winner Custom-built to order. Superb Collector Models of Survival of the Fittest: Companies that are Focused and Streamlined will Survive C tom buildiservices. One of a Kind Scratch -C commissions. 1932 Chrysler Imperial Speedster Previous sold-out limited semi-scratch-built models In these challenging times, your success depends on the efficiency and focus of your management team. We've worked with senior executives of Fortune 500 companies to focus key players on projects that direct money to the bottom line, quickly effect change, and streamline organizational activity to conserve costs. Clients include: Qwest Communications Seagate SPLWorldGroup Rare limited edition hand-built models. We are creators of the finest automotive miniatures. We can make any car you desire, from Alfa Romeo to Zeder. Catalog. USA $12.00 Overseas: $15.00 :..z.fi. --7-- . ----, 7 1111"-"Illi 101143 r, ( ° 7.5 , CREATIVE MINIATURE ASSOCIATES, INC. 40 CORBIN AVENUE, UNIT #40-M, BAY SHORE. NY 11706, USA www.creativeminiatureassociates.com 631 667 5423 FAX 631 667 5419 58  Sports Car Market We can help you focus and structure your organization to achieve results now. Learn more about us at www.elg.net Free initial consultation: 720 963 9212. rem - - Easier to hang on the wall than a real one. engine-turned cover box and sold for $632, including commission, compared to the pre-sale estimate of $250 to $350. A highlight of the auction was Lot #214, a handsome oil and acrylic painting on canvas of the Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic prototype coupe at speed on a country road. It exceeded the high estimate of $2,500 to bring $3,335, including premium. The painting of the prototype was signed by the artist, Riester, and was originally given by him to the Bugatti family. Even though the prices of quality automobilia continue to climb, good pieces continue to be relative bargains. $3,335 won't go very far towards putting a real Type 57 in your garage, but it will get you a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art with interesting provenance to hang in your office. I call that a good deal. (Vaucher S next scheduled event is May 2002; visit www.arteauto.com for more information.)• The Strategy Implementation Experts

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Brad Dougherty (left) and David Grainger fit wheel spat on a custom creation A note from David Grainger, co proprietor and founder of The Guild of Automotive Restorers I was a fairly successful professional artist for fifteen years before changing horses and pursuing my hobby, literally immersing myself in the world of the automobile over a decade ago. Many people, on finding out that I was an artist, ask me if I ever miss the creativity involved in painting. My answer to that is quite simple. While I was happy as an artist, the scope of the creativity required to execute a painting pales in comparison to that involved in the creation of an automobile. Whether a car is to be restored to Concours levels or the commission is to design a totally new, one-off custom automobile, the level of artistic endeavor is stratospheric. I have been given the opportunity to engineer and design every component of many custom automobiles and that not only scratches the creative itch, it is exciting at the deepest levels. It provides me with an opportunity even top designers at the big three do not have. The nurturing of a design from flat sheet metal to a living sculpture with an intimate, hands dirty participation is largely extinct in ° the modern computer driven automobile industry. When a car rolls down the road that just a short while before existed in only the shared imagination of my client and myself there is an excitement and satisfaction that few other pursuits could ever provide. Not only have I been blessed with all of that but as icing on the cake it has given me the opportunity to surround myself with a team of like-minded professionals whose dedication and craft constantly take my breath away. Some people wonder about the Guild's name. When it was founded by Janice Stone and myself we had two objectives. The first was to restore and build the finest cars humanly possible, and the second was to create a reservoir for the crafts and skills that have been quickly disappearing from the rest of the automotive industry. It was to be a true assembly of craftsmen working on enthusiasts' cars. We have been wildly successful in both of our objectives. We thank all of our past and present clients for the opportunity to realize our ambitions, and we welcome our future clients whose enthusiasm and dreams of unique automobiles will continue to nurture the very special organization that we have built. The Guild of Automotive Restorers P.O. Box 1150, 44 Bridge St., Bradford, ON L3Z 2B5 Canada Tel: (905) 775-0499 Fax: (905) 775-0944 l

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pilli[Mystery Photo ANSWERS   CLIENTELE FROM COAST TO COAST Niles, Michigan The ultimate in Four Wheel DRIVE-ing now you trashed my Ferrari. Your driving career is over!— Russ Welch, Oai, CA Congratulations, you've just won a genuine, highly desirable, sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1/18 scale collector car model courtesy of USAppraisal.—Walter Meyer, Eagle, ID 1-888-BEST-4WD or visit us at www.greatlakeshummer.com Premiering 2002 The H2!! To Reserve one of the FIRST H2s Please Call Kirk Kenaga at 1-888-237-8493 or E-mail kirkk@greatlakeshummercorn o A Classic Doesn't Have To Be ON a The Brave Little Toaster-Rossa, Part IL— Ken Whale, via e - heap. — The Ferrari Dumpster mail Ferrari finally makes it to the top of the Marni Lynn, Kewaskum, WI Envious of all the sales generated by Porsche's Boxter, Ferrari counters with their own entry-level model, the "Dumpster."— John Thompson, Sylmar, CA Lou discovered that putting Viagra in the Briggs & Stratton wouldn't expand his son's car into a real F40.—Richard Castiello, Chevy Chase, MD I'm sorry, Giuseppe. You ruined my Alfa, And after 20 months of wracking his brain for Mystery Photo answers, Bob finally realizes that the 1/18th scale toy really wasn't what he wanted after all.—Bob Lynn, Kewaskum, WI Maybe the only thing that will satisfy the "greenies" is taking toys from children.—Daniel Shanahan, Gualala, CA Immediately after the divorce settlement became final, Barbie grabbed the spare set of keys Ken left behind and trashed his Ferrari.— Luke Kowalski, Belmont, CA And this month's winner of a genuine, highly desirable, sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1/ 18th scale model from Dave Kinney 's USAppraisal is Luke Kowalski, for sharing his insight that even toys have toys.—ED. Hurry, only 7 slots eft! Join Sports Car Market's Keith Martin & Cindy Banzer on the 2002 MOTORS119 ' to ENGarir including the ODWOOD REVIVAL' Historic Race Meeting and much, much more. 10-day luxury coach tour departs September 4, 2002 First-class hotel stays at Goodwood, the Cotswolds and London HhIIIA Ac CIIREAT VACATIOSIS Tel: (503) 266-4079  E-mail: steveaustin@canby.corn  Other highlights include: • Entries to grandstand/paddock at Goodwood Revival • Paddock walks escorted by noted vintage racer and Rockefeller Center Concours organizer Murray Smith, along with Speedvision personality Alain de Cadenet • Catered gourmet lunches at Goodwood • Beaulieu National Motor Museum • Jaguar factory tour • Bentley factory tour • Castle Donington Fl Museum • Dinner with the Director of Christie's English Motor Car division • Visit to Coys Classic Showroom • Daily conversations with Keith and Cindy about collecting, and the state of the market • Sightseeing including Stonehenge, High Tea in the village of Broadway, optional tickets to a Shakespeare production at the National Theatre at Stratford-on-Avon • Alternative touring for accompanying non-motorheads Mention SCM for the special tour price of S2,925 per person/twin basis + air (regular price $3,330). Single supplement add $750. 1-800-452-8434  Fax: (503) 266-4097 www.steveaustinsgreatvacations.corn 1638 SE 11th Ave., Canby, OR 97013

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1962-67 MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprit.. i n the mid-'50s, as the costs of AustinHealeys, Triumphs, and MGs began to increase with each new model year, Donald Healey saw a niche opening up for a car that would be fun to drive, These little siblings of the MGB and Austin-Healey were among the cheapest sports cars on the road in their day and were noted for their razorsharp handling. While they had (and in original form still have) difficulty maintaining modem highway speeds, on a curving, Sunday-drive back Midget (above) carries different hood and grille than Sprite (below). road they put a smile on the faces of drivers and passer-bys alike. While many Spridgets were built, few survive. Condition is far more important than originality; in fact, having a 1275-cc engine in an earlier car might even increase its value. Since these cars are so inexpensive, the smart move is to pay a premium (say, $8,000) and get the best in the world, rather than get into a dogfight with a $2,500 car as you try to make it nice. Go flat out and never worry about a ticket. inexpensive to own, and "small enough to store in a chap's motorcycle shed." From that inspiration was born the Austin-Healey Sprite, introduced in 1958. In its first "cheap and cheerful" form, it used simple body panels, had no outside trunk lid and was powered (if 35 horses can be called power) by the Austin 948-cc A35 engine. A grinning oval grille and two headlamps fastened to the bonnet gave it a bug-eyed look that has endeared it to classic car collectors out of all proportion to its actual utility. In 1962 a new and improved model was released, with the fenders, hood and trunk lid of a real car. It even had bumpers. Nevertheless, the Sprite Mk II was built on the same chassis and used the same floor pan, bulkhead and doors as the Bugeye. More significant, British Motor Corporation decided to badge engineer an MG out of the Sprite at the same time. The car used the "Midget" name from MG's prewar era and was identical to the Sprite except for a different grille and slightly different trim details. Acknowledging the similarities, enthusiasts today simply group them all together under the term "Spridgets." The engine capacity of the new Sprite and the Midget was increased to 1098 cc, producing a whopping 55 bhp. At the same time, the front drum brakes were replaced by discs. Few other changes were made until 1966, when the Austin 1275-cc engine offering 65 bhp, similar to the engine being used in the Mini Cooper S, was installed. US market smog restrictions began to suck the life out of the car, though, with regulations effective January 1, 1968. March, 2002  car, offering an Spridgets can be an ideal entry-level collector's sports immersion experience in the world of 40-year-old British cars for less than the cost of a used Miata.—Gary Anderson• Years produced  Number produced  S CM Price Guide  Distributor cap  Tune-up  Original list price  Chassis #  Midget 43,921, Sprite 35,061 $4,000-$6,000 $300 $25 1962-67 Engine #  Stamped on aluminum plate riveted to front right-hand, side top of block ID plate screwed to sloping chassis rail beneath air filters Midget $1,945, Sprite $1,995 Web site .... www.healeyclub.org, www.healey.org Alternatives Mini-Cooper S, Fiat 850 Spider, Datsun 1600 convertible Club  Austin-Healey Club of America, 877/5-HEALEY; Austin-Healey Club USA, 888/4AHCUSA; North American MGB Register, 800NAMGBR1 Grey or black interior, manual or automatic transmission, performance, appearance and comfort options available, 6 month/6,000 mile warranty born $29,500 We own the largest remaining supply of DeLorean parts in the world and have been a "DeLorean-only" service and restoration facility since 1984. With trained mechanical and body technicians on staff, no one in the world is more prepared or qualified than DeLorean Motor Company to fulfill all of your DeLorean desires. =11111M 10804 Roark Road Houston, TX 77099 USA 281-568-9573 281-568-9386 Fax www.delorean.com 61

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Send your collector car questions to the X-perts, e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com, or snailmail to X-perts, PO. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Eo Pricing Porsches and Fitting Ferraris perts: In order to accommodate my current old-car urges (I want a Ferrari), I need to sell my 1972 911 Targa, which was recently on eBay but didn't generate the bids I was ear X - seeking. I bought the car in July, 2000, from a gentleman who owned itfrom 1979-2000 and had a three-ring binderfull ofreceipts totaling more than $30,000. In 1986 this 911 (originally yellow and a was given an $8,000 engine rebuild using"E" pistons, and another $8,000 was spent on body and paint. The car is now red with "S" trim, gauges and tasteful Recaros, though the original seats are included. It has 87,000 miles and I think it is a #2 or #2-. It isn't a concours-level example, but a really well-maintained, almost flawless car that is driven regularly I bought it for $13,400 in 2000 and would love to get $13,000 for it. I put in a lot of new parts (mostly cosmetic) but also did a turbo tie-rod kit. Most people are telling me it 's priced too high but this car is so much nicer Jim Schrager re- plies: Your asking price sounds fair enough. Perhaps eBay isn't the right spot for your car. I find eBay works wonders on basket cases and superb, perfectly restored garage queens. Most things in between seem to struggle a bit. Even so, don't give up on eBay. Try it again, starting at Non-reclining seats in the Spyder make the coupe the tall-guy choice. $1 with a reasonable reserve. Avery well-worded ad, honestly revealing all known flaws, with an excellent set of photos is vital. And of course I assume you have a clean eBay record with no negative feedback. Can a nice early 911 bring $13,000-$14,000? than the $8,000-$10,000 911s that I see for sale. What do you think?— Michael Solovay, via e-mail If this approach doesn't work, have some patience and advertise your car in all the regular places, such as Hemmings, Porsche Panorama, and of course SCM. Don't forget your local Auto Trader, as your car is in a price range that may appeal to the first-time 911 buyer. You are right about $9,000-$10,000 911s being a pretty poor lot. I always like people to think about spending at least $12k to get a good early 1969-73 911. Our clever editor tried buying one for under $7k, and then had to throw $3k worth of clutch, chain tensioner, brake, carburetor work and more at it. Especially with early 911s, you are better off spending more to get more. Your 911 will drive better than almost any Ferrari you can find at twice the price. It will also be cheaper to maintain than anything with The Used 911 Story The buyer's guide that future Porsche 911 owners should never be without. All air-cooled models are discussed with pros/cons mentioned regarding each model. Author Peter Zimmermann taps into 30+ years of experience to bring you this little book, now in its 6th edition. Sports Car Markefs Jim Schrager wrote: "This is the most useful, accurate and important single book published on buying a used 911. It is absolutely a must if you really want to know about these cars." Please mail $29.95 (check or money order made to Peter Zimmermann) to PO. Box 651, Newbury Park, CA 91320 for the cheapest Porsche insurance you'll ever buy! Credit card orders may be placed with www.BarnesandNoble.com 62  Exclusively 280SLs Low-mileage and original cars are our specialty to buy or sell. Several cars in stock for immediate delivery. FINANCING • LEASING. TRANSPORTATION 2 Springdale • Cherry Hill, New Jersey (888) 840-1700 www.tonylabella.com Sports Car Market a prancing horse on its nose. Remind me again why you want to sell this and get a Ferrari? perts: Here 's a quick and easy question for the Ferrari experts. lam 6'5 will I fit behind the wheel of a 365 GTB/4 Daytona? I have driven a 250 GTE (330 America, actually) without problem, but I read in your magazine that Daytonas are not tall-guy friendly. Should I forget this dream?—D. Miller, Tokyo, Japan Dear X - Michael Sheehan replies: One of the great joys of Daytona ownership is that they fit anyone from 5'5" to 6' 6", as long as you are not overly padded. Still don't fit? The seat tracks can be redrilled and mounted even farther back and the seats on the coupes (but not the Spyders) recline completely. So slide the seat back, then tilt it back. Unless you are an NBA center, you'll probably fit. And if you are an NBA center, you can afford to have a LWB Daytona built just for you. • Daytonas have lots of headroom, the steering wheel sits high and can be adjusted upwards by any mechanic, and the seat tracks have lots of room to slide back.

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Reviews  Ratings:  Camaro Exposed: 1967-1969 Author: Paul Zazarine Publisher: Bentley Publishers Phone: 800/423-4595 Size: 8 x 101/4 inches. Paperback, 175 pages Price: $24.95 Rating: Bowtie buffs: 2C'1:( Casual enthusiasts ** Organized chronologically, this book explains the beginnings of the first model Camaro in 1967, the refinement in 1968 and the minor facelift that occurred in 1969 prior to the big makeover for the 1970 model year. With GM's typical bewildering array of op- tions, including RS and SS packages, a dozen different engines, two interior trim levels, and hardtop and convertible styles, there's a lot to keep track of. But author Paul Zazarine steers the reader through the maze of information. The insider perspective of this book is useful. For example, Chevrolet stylists wanted to create a lower hood and a more steeply angled windshield for the 1969 Camaro. But to save money, it was decided to continue with the high cowl inherited from the Nova, and the Camaro continued with the same basic body until the 1970 redesign. Zazarine includes helpful comparison boxes of specs and performance for the Camaro Z/28 and its prime competition, the Ford Mustang Boss 302. Both models, created to meet SCCA Trans-Am specifications, carried a 302-cubic-inch V8 rated at 290 horsepower. Zazarine states that the Boss outperformed the Z/28 in several areas, including suspension, brakes and around-town drivability. However, the Z/28 still outsold the Boss 302 by far. A final chapter called "The Ultimate Camaros" is devoted to the approximately 1,000 427 c.i.-powered COPO Camaros and to 427-c.i. Camaros created by Chevrolet dealers such as Baldwin-Motion, Berger, Dana and Nickey. These remain the most valuable Camaros today. But in the '60s, dealers had a tough time moving Camaros with ZL1 aluminum 427 engines off the showroom floor because of the $7,200 price posted on the window—two and half times the $2,726 price of a base Camaro V8 hardtop. 64  "Offering a Fine Selection of Classic European Vehicles World Class Restoration Facility, Guaranteed Show Winners" Sales Dept: 760-747-3188 • Buying/Restoring: 760-747-9947 • Fax: 760-747-4021 San Marcos, CA 92069-3028 USA • management@classicshowcase.com lassie Showcase Sports Car Market th is Best. Two copies of books, videos, CDs, etc. must be furnished for review. Please send both copies to SCM, PO. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Most photos here are from GM's archives, including shots of clay mock-ups and styling exercises. Helpful charts give performance data, percentage of factory-installed options, and factory trim codes. Reproductions of period magazine ads show how Chevrolet positioned the car to sell. Instead of acting as a cheerleader for the model, as some authors do, Zazarine's levelheaded commentary explains the high and low points of the first three years of Camaro production. Pick this guide up if you are thinking of purchasing an early Camaro, or if you just want to learn a little more about Chevy's answer to the Mustang.—Bill Neill Classique Car Diary 2002 Publisher: Classique AG Phone: +(31) 578 575 100 Fax: 516/367-3260 Size: 8%2 x 6 inches. Hardbound, 200 pages Price: $19.95 Rating: Collectors who keep hand-written notes Palm Pilot and Blackberry addicts7A Hardbound, with 200 full-color pages and listings for auto museums, race tracks, institutions and clubs around the world, the Classique Car Diary is unique. Really a day planner organized in week-at-a-glance two-page spreads, you can plan your schedule while being cognizant of a multitude of automotive-related events (auctions, rallies or concours) listed. Alternatively, you can search the region-specific events calendar. Advertisements are liberally seasoned throughout  CLASSIQUE CAR DIARY 2002 the pages. They are either a nuisance or a useful resource, depending on your tastes. Each week also has a handsome photo background depicting a race or rally scene, something your Palm Pilot can't offer. The book is published in Holland so, not surprisingly, it is directed at a European audience. A number of the events and listings are of slight interest to American enthusiasts. Of course, the European vantage point also means that Americans have a chance to learn about events new to them. The Classique Car Diary doesn't have a stylus and can't access the Web, get you stock quotes or play music, but it does succinctly place a nice variety of automotive information into a handsome package. At the very least, leave this book in the glovebox of your collectible and record your weekend drives, all while keeping an eye on what other enthusiasts are doing that week across the world.—Brian Rabold• Sports Car Market magazine jiMME www.sportscarmarketcom Cruise by.

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ailliiiikferraris For Salemitimimp ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular text classified only $15 per month. 57 250 GT BOANO, very early one, very nice shape, very good event car 949-6503445. CA 58 250 GT ELLENA, #0885 w/new 351 Ford motor and trans, car is in primer and is 95% complete, as is for $40,000. 515-9819148. IA 64 330 GT, 2+2, 4-headlamp, extensive restoration of a Monaco delivery Ferrari, yellow headlights, original Ribot Blue w/ maroon Connolly hides, wires redone, all chrome redone, beautiful car $42,500. Jeff, 847-234-2800. IL 65 330 2+2, no engine, trans, Chevy mounts, requires some TLC $10,000. 928636-4016. AZ 67 275 GTB/4, SIN 9337, fly yellow w/blk int, Borranis, proper tools and manuals, complete history, shown in competition many times, 59k km, $329,000, James Dawson 614-354-6605 anytime. OH 67 275 GTB/4, completely and correctly inspected and rebuilt mechanically, newly rebuilt Patrick Ottis engine, excellent interior and exterior, runs perfectly $349,000 call for brochure. 909-849-5530. CA 67 330 GTC, #9607, cream w/blk interior, all original, 1 owner last 20 years $90,000. 206-329-4528. WA 68 365 GT 2+2, 23,300 mi, rosso/rubino, tan interior, complete int/ext restoration, CA car, from private collection $52,500. Johannes Neckermann, 315-858-8888. NY 69 365 GT 2+2, fresh silver paint, red int, 93k mi, mechanically and cosmetically ex- cellent, Borrams, new Michelins $49,500 nego. 954-456-1688 eves. FL 69 365 GTB4, blk/blk, straight, runs well, good interior, great driver $80,000. 714751-2464 . CA 71 365 GTB/4, S/N 14187 (US) red w/blk int, rebuilt Borranis with new XWX tires, nicely detailed, excellent driver that will show, proper tools and manuals, complete history, above the rest! 38k mi, $129,000, James Dawson 614-354-6605 anytime. OH 71 DAYTONA, red/tan, wires, total restoration, show car winner, one of the best in the country $129,000. 530-222-1311. 530246-1649.CA 72 246 GT DINO, 90k mi, blue/tan, nice proper car $62,000. 214-351-0218. Fax 214-351-0219. TX 72 365 GTC/4, silver w/blk int, 22k miles, one owner, all books and tools, fantastic original car $60,000 BO. 530-435-2627. CA 72 246 GIS, Chiaro Azzuro, tan interior, 20k miles, one owner car with manuals and tools $75,000. Jeff or Bill, 847-234-2800. IL 74 365 GT4 BB BOXER, S/N 17553, original Road & Track test car, yellow/ black leather, 24k mi, total engine rebuild, new clutch, tires and battery, correct tool kit, books, shop manuals, DOT/EPA paper work $78,500. Bob, 207-283-1764. ME 75 308 GT4 DINO, total restoration, pristine condition, original owner Mrs. Bill Harrah of Reno $33,000 serious buyers only. 949-249-2058. CA 80 308 GTSi, 23k, red/blk, 2 owners, up- to-date services, excellent $32,000 BO. CC Ltd., 608-849-9878. WI 82 512 BBi, red/tan, 24k ml, CD, tape, runs perfectly $75,000. 440-460-0161. OH 82 308 GTSi, excellent condition, 40k ml, very good paint, carpets, leather, all tools, books and records, two-owner car, looks and runs great $30,000 firm. Bruce, 206623-3221. WA 82 512 BBi, red/tan, 24,000 miles, CD, tape, runs perfectly $75,000. 440-4600161. OH 83 512 BBi, red, tan leather, 6,700 km, absolutely gorgeous car, concours winner, CA title with barcode, original tools, spare, etc., all unused $95,000. Steve, 650-3481735. CA 83 512 BBi, red w/full tan leather including tan leather headliner, tan carpet, orig Pioneer, silver door grilles, and much, much more, too much to list, call for details $89,500 BO. Keith, 616-392-1384 anytime. MI 308 GTS QV, S/N 46693, red/blk, excellent, books, tools, cover, records, meticulously maintained and serviced, never raced or abused, 42k ml $32,000. Roger Wooley, 503-228-1945. 503-295-1982. OR 88 MONDIAL QUATTROVALVE, Cabriolet, a perfect 7,500 mile car, red w/tan leather interior, blk top, pw windows, door locks, pw antenna, A/C, CD, tools and spares, leather boot $48,000. 717-848-3300. PA 90 F40, red/red, 4,290 miles, 30 service (major) $300,000. Bob, 281-370-7355. TX 91 MONDIAL T CAB CONV, only 4,300 miles, as new, lovingly driven and maintained, red, tan interior $89,500. 856-8452361 11 to 5. NJ 95 348 SPIDER, blk/blk, 4,800 miles, all books and records, 15k service, new condition, chrome wheels, CD $89,900. 401741-7411 days. RI WANTED Ferrari project or parts collection. Apart, incomplete, rusty, crashed, any condition. Will travel, drew@rockisland.com , 360378-3013. (WA)• Iiiir- fecigii 40R dlIfillaitt— We make leasing as simple as turning the key. FINANCIAL SERVICES Serving your leasing needs since 1978 Premier March, 2002  47 Sherman Hill Road Woodbury, CT 06798 203-267-7700 FAX: 203-267-7773 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME Visit our Website at www.WhyNotLease.corn 65

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Etceterini at Friends Market Place BUGATTI 32 BUGATTI TYPE 49, sport sedan by Marsand, with twin rare shapes, nimble, reliable, potent mechanically, cosmetics $110,000. E-mail: gscesari@aol.com. DELAHAYE 51 235 COUPE, Paris show car, the first car made of the 235 Series, unrestored $25,000 OBO. 630-878-2200. IL FACEL VEGA 60 FACEL VEGA, excellent original-condition paint and interior, blk/red leather, 2owners from new, rust-free, rare 4-spd w/360 hp, 40k orig miles, incredible $40,000. 310478-0555. CA 61 FACELLIA CONVERTIBLE, 1-family owned from new, 1600-cc dohc, 4-spd, great orig cond, 26,676 miles $19,800. Bob, 207283-1764. ME 62 FACEL II, best in the world, 1st Place at Pebble Beach, metallic burgundy, beige interior, 2 owners from new, rare 4-spd w/390 hp, disc brakes, A/C, Borranis $110,000. 310478-0555. CA HAT 37 CABRIOLET, very good, complete body, call for details, also have two others available $5,500. 651-592-5332. MN 59 1100 4-DR SEDAN, runs, needs brakes and cosmetics $1,695. 973-481-5550. NJ 59 BIANCHINA, red and white, fully restored, int/ext in exc cond, orig seats, title and rebuilt engine, CA car, drives well $4,500 nego. 732-830-1296. 732-793-5865. NJ 68 DINO SPIDER, red/tan, 2.4 motor, 7F trans, body-off restoration completed in '92, excellent condition $25,500 OBO. 281-8504384. TX 69 850 SPORT COUPE, runs and looks great, orig 1-owner, 175k mi, garaged, restored int/seats $5,000. John Kreg,l, 229-759-9159. GA 71 500L, 100% restored, new motor (650cc), trans, floors, skins, wiring, nice car, 55 mph $8,900 firm. 847-332-1323 weekends. IL 77 SPIDER CONVERTIBLE, 90% complete, parts car $600 OBO. 605-673-5044. 604-201-4241. SD ISO 67 RIVOLTA, 327/300 hp, 4-spd, air, restored Borranis, new int, shocks, windshield, front end, radiator and more, very classy and fast, motor in exc cond, call for more info $21,000 OBO. Mike, 602-220-0400. AZ 69 GRIFO, red/blk, Borrani wires, 32,900 miles, straight, correct, clean Iso $39,500. 207283-1764. ME 71 GRIFO SERIES II, #2 cond, Ferrari red, straight, exc tan leather int, Chevy 350 hiperf w/elec ignition, B&M GM auto trans, show cond, everything replaced or rebuilt, brightwork exc, all works/runs strong, call for details $45,000. Dave, 562-862-5202. CA INTERMECCANICA 70 ITALIA, red, black interior, A/C, 45k mi, 4-spd, wire wheels, pw, very tight, runs strong, 351C, lots of new parts, spares, drive anywhere $20,000. 516-783-3054. NY LAMBORGHINI 71 ESPADA, 20k mi, no rust, Miura wheels, tools, beautiful car in green metallic, complete history $24,900. 860-455-9030. CT 71 ESPADA SERIES II, red/blk leather, 5-spd, low miles, well maintained, needs nothing, a dream car, call for information $32,000 Offers. 847-816-1630. IL 72 IVIIURA P400 SV, one of the last made with factory split sump, red, orig dk brown int, 14k orig mi, like new cond $200,000. 310-478-0555. CA 73 ESPADA SERIES HI, partially restored, painted, upholstery done, most parts there, plus extra parts included $10,000. 304-624-4102 days. 304-8422206 eve/weekends. WV 76 URRACO P300, 32k mi, outstanding cond, new tires, exhaust, tune, cold A/C, all manuals, some documentation $29,900 USD. 519-896-2810. CANADA ON 85 COUNTACH, Euro model, blk, blk leather, wing, MSD QV with carbs, 28k miles, nice cond $68,000. 724-898-2663. PA 91 DIABLO, S/N 12144, blk w/tan int, originally owned by Rod Stewart, 8k km, excellent condition, $124,900, James Dawson 614-354-6605 anytime. OH LANCIA 53 B53 BERLINETTA, 1-off by Balboa, RHD, twin-carb Nardi manifold, mechanically redone, needs paint, all vintage Offerte e Richieste di Alfa Romeo 55 1900 SS TOURING, complete and untouched car, absolutely no rust, absolutely no damage, a true barn-find car 949-6503445. CA 58 GIULIETTA SPIDER, white with black leather interior, frame-up restoration over the years, incredible attention to details, all driveline components completely rebuilt to better-than-factory standards $42,500. Paul Lane, 203-9137480. CT 61 GIULIETTA SPIDER, convertible, runs and drives, 1300, 101 Series engine, red, black interior and top, owned 27 years, never driven in winter $11,000 firm. Warren, 218-848-2477. 952-926-7167. MN 63 GIULIA SPRINT, red w/blk int, good driver $8,500. 360-378-3013. WA 63 SPRINT 1600, 2-door coupe, blue ext, red dash, black leather bucket seats, for restoration project, been in storage, BO. Peter Kniskern, 703-255-3298. 888-329-4169. Fax 703-255-1268 VA 65 GIULIA SUPER, project or parts, some small stuff missing $2,000 OBO. Bill or Jeff, 847-234-2800. IL 66 DUETTO SPIDER, rust-free CA car, mils, needs restoration $3,000. 501-751-7993 eves. AR 67 1300 GT JUNIOR, complete resto, great paint, new mechanicals, 57k mi on tach $14,000. John Kay, 301-652-6287. MD 69 1750 GTV, Euro car w/orig Webers and deluxe interior, eng and drivetrain/brakes restored in 1977, been in storage from '79 thru current, needs rockers, complete, drive Specialized in Italian car parts & pre-war car parts. VIA Italian Ferrari Maseraii Lancia Fiat  Fax: +310172-240536 E-mail: info@italparts.com www.Italparts.com Alphen aid Rijn-Holland 66  borghini home $9,000. 207-882-5033. ME 72 GTV, race car with long history, well maintained, nut-and-bolt resto, Carillo rods, 48-mm Webers, Tilton clutch, Penskes and more, call for details on this outstanding car Greg Baldwin, 503636-0027. OR 81 GTV6, 55k mi, mechanically maintained, runs exc, body rusted, good for resto or parts, many parts too, hardware $1,700. Ray, 631669-1245. NY 86 SPIDER VELOCE, champagne, tan interior, CD, A/C, pw, leather, 56k ini, orig rebuilt motor, new top, tires, exhaust $6,200. 973-3355373. NJ PARTS FOR SALE GTV-6 exhaust OEM middle and rear muffler with cat. bypass, less Look to ItalianCarParts.Com for the Quality products you need to restore & maintain your Italian Car. Visit our website & on-line Catalog for the largest selection of parts and accessories on the World Wide Web. rts.Comf., 503.655.9811 PO. Box 515 West Linn, OR 97068 USA Sports Car Market than 20,000 miles, excellent cond., you pay shipping, best offer 253-531-5921. WA WANTED GI ULIETTA/GIULIA Wanted: Project car, parts car, entire parts collection, any condition, will clean up garage, will travel, e-mail: drew@rockisland.com, 360-3783013. WA• events eligible 323-656-7483. Fax 323-6548788. CA 66 FLAMINIA SUPER SPORT, Zagato, body and chassis restored, much mechanical work done, ready to drive $40,000. 803-6429940. SC MASERATI 623500, GT body $1,800. 480-922-3778. AZ 70 GHIBLI SPIDER, 1 of 100 orig, 4.7-liter Spider with only 70k orig miles, 5-spd, AM/ FM factory air, Borrani wire wheels, yellow w/tan leather int, Haartz cloth top, a great car $89,500 OBO. Chuck at, 619-247-7615 or Bill at 619-247-8341. CA 82 QUATTROPORT'E, only 36k orig mi, gorgeous, mint cond, a CA beauty, recent major service, looks and runs great $12,500 OBO. 800-655-0090 x19. CA 83 QUATTROPORTE, 2nd owner, 70k mi. new tires, runs great, make offer 212-831-8753 days. 914-428-4582 nights. NY SIMCA 56, weekend convertible, very rare aluminum 2-seater, later "Flash" 4-cylinder motor, solid, needs total restoration, one of fifty imported new, $8,000. 650-854-1755. CA•

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SportwasrenTu Verkaufen BMW 71 3.0 CS COUPE, diamond blue, 80k verified CA miles, stick shift, wood, black leather $9,800 OBO. 310-793-8989. CA 72 3.0 CSL, lightweight coupe, black/ black, air, carbs, straight and clean $22,500. 305-439-9166. FL 81 Ml, rare, blue, 30k miles, excellent condition $75,000. 904-273-8067. FL 85 COUPE, auto, new paint, beige leather, 87k mi, original owner, new exhaust and catalyst, shocks, excellent $7,500. Harris, 516-609-3334. NY MERCEDES-BENZ 52 220 CABRIOLET A, restoration project, body done, needs paint, new wood, rockers, side rails, exc workmanship and finest materials, Glasurit epoxy primer, leadwork, optically straight $42,500 OBO. 210-349-8520. TX 54 300SL GULLWING, silver/navy, beautifully maintained original, matching numbers, recent major service, in the showroom in Topsfield, MA 978-8876644, www.DearbornAuto.com. MA 55 300B, 4-dr convertible, one of 59 produced, maroon, tan top, natural leather int, show winner, beautiful restoration, call for information $125,000. 215-794-7867. PA 57 220S CABRIOLET, blk/silver, red leather int, completely restored $37,500. 201-567-7224. NJ 60 220SE CONVERTIBLE, dark red/tan, beautifully restored CA show car with recent major service, spectacular and functionally excellent $110,000. Photos at wvvw.DearbornAuto.com, Alex Dearborn 978-887-6644. MA 60 220SE CONVERTIBLE, black/beige, nice original convertible with all records, great history, recent major service $36,000. Photos at wwvv.Dearborn Auto.com , Alex Dearborn 978-887-6644. MA 63 190SL, 2 owner, exc cond, garaged past 15 yrs, engine rebuilt, brake system and interior redone prior to storage, both tops $22,500. 813-247-6858. FL 65 300SE CONVERTIBLE, silver/navy, rare 5-spd, restored CA car, only 57k mi, drives like new $75,000. Photos at www.DearbornAuto.com, Alex Dearborn 978-887-6644. MA 67 250SE CABRIOLET, auto, dk brown ext/int and top, fully restored, fabulous condition $32,950. 208-765-2886. ID 67 2505L, white/red, 5-spd stick, restored and thoroughly prepared for tours $39,000. Alex Dearborn 978-887-6644, photos at www.DearbornAuto.com. MA 68 280SL, red w/blk soft and hardtop, Euro headlights, dials and jump seat, excellent condition, body and mechanical $25,000. 609-683-3846. NJ 69 2805L, 5-spd, gray/beige with tobacco brown MB leather, A/C, show-quality older restoration, complete records $49,000. Alex Dearborn 978-887-6644, vvww.DearbornAuto.com. MA 69 280SL, white w/blk, manual $13,900. 408-279-0944. CA 71 280SL, black/red, 4-spd stick, A/C, excellent older restoration with thorough recent updates $33,000. Alex Dearborn 978-887-6644, photos at vvwvv.Dearborn Auto.com. MA 71 3.5 COUPE, white/red, new paint, excellent throughout $10,000. 978-443-9213. MA Re- 0 r •ig •   Original Carello and Marchal Headlights Front Turn Signals Ferrari Dino & Daytona Seat Covers 72 350SL, red, tan leather, new top, restored show car, 85k, detailed engine and undercarriage, mint $19,750. 856-829-2974. NJ 77 450SL, red, orig owner, exc cond, all records, FL car, garage kept, 127k miles $10,000 OBO. 305-389-9621. FL PORSCHE 56 356A SUPER SPEEDSTER, all original, some upgrades mods, #s match, no rust, exc cond, easy restoration, runs and drives great $35,000. 508-400-5566 message. MA 63 356C CABRIOLET, red/blk, dependable old driver $19,500. 214-351-0218. Fax 214-351-0219. TX 64 356SC, original SC engine, compensatory spring, oversized gas tank, originally silver, repainted off-white w/blk interior $13,500. 304-624-4102 days. 304-8422206 eve/wkends. WV 65 356C COUPE, slate gray, deep red, 46k mi, exc cond $19,000. 570-223-8691 nights. PA 71 911T, blk/blk, fully restored mid '90s, good daily driver $8,900. 214-351-0218. Fax 214-351-0219. TX 75911 CARRERA, sunroof coupe, A/C, 65k miles, fully restored, all updates, yellow, blk leather int $18,900. 731-587-2117. TN 80 928, fully restored, gold ext/int, 58k original miles, orig radio $22,000. 276889-2986. VA 82 911 COUPE, red/blk, sunroof, 16" Fuchs wheels, killer stereo, A/C, call for details $12,500 BO. 530-246-1649. CA WANTED PORSCHE 356, seeking 1960-62 356B roadster or 1964-65 3565C Cabriolet in 13601 FM 529 Sutte Houston, TX 77041 Phone 713-849-2400 Fax 713-849-2401 CARS - PARTS ,91 ERATL 7'S-R- - 4r803711eIN934 fax 8O5/568-i53 t. excellent condition, will travel East Coast Alex Dearborn 978-887-6644, wvvw.Dear bornAuto.com, slralex@aoLcom. MA• Marchal Foglights Rare Taillights Many Kinds Available Ferrari 355 Spider Complete Seats & Upholstery Kits Ferrari 275 GTB and Lusso Complete Seats & Upholstery Kits Ferran 250, 275. Daytona 330 348 4001, F-40 Steering Wheels Ferrari Front Grilles, 250 275 330 GTC-4 Giulietta Sprint, Spider & SS Nardi Steering Wheels FREE CATALOGS & UPHOLSTERY SAMPLES Alfa - Ferrari - Lancia - Fiat - Maserati - Apollo - Lamborghini March, 2002  67

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27 ANHLCAR CGSS, nice condition, being sold to settle estate $30,000. 480-9223778. AZ 49 LINCOLN COUPE, factory race prepared, dual carbs, cottage cheese frame, auxiliary gas tank $20,000. 650-854-1755. CA 58 AUSTIN-HEALEY 100-6, 350 ci - Chevy, 4-spd, 1-10, narrowed, 9-inch rear, chrome Cobra roll bar, could be re-bodied any kit $14,500. 305-822-1387. FL 58 MGA ROADSTER, race car, VSCCA logbook, great looking car w/new wire wheels, close ratio gearbox, recent rebuild, excellent racing record $19,000. 201-5680013. Fax 201-568-8054 NJ 64 SUNBEAM ALPINE, built and raced by one of the premier shops in Denver, fresh 1750  www.fazioauto.com. (CO) $11,000.  Fazio's,  eng  and  303-935-6336, red  65 CORVETTE, beautiful West Coast car, HMSA standards, Monterey Histories veteran, ready to race, 1 event on fresh 327/365 engine, includes trailer and many spares, including wheels, short block, trans, rear end paint $89,000. Jim, 714-633-2770. CA 65 CORVETTE COUPE BP, history from 1960s-70s w/log books, totally restored, best of everything, no flares, still has glass/door panels, currently one of the fastest coups available, correct blue paint, still has orig dash, SVAA medallion, spares, may take partial trade $67,000. 443-831-0212. 410-5618064.MD 65 MG powered by Gilbem GT 1800, rare tube frame, fiberglass body, o/d, wire wheels, 4-seat coupe, built in Wales, runs and drives, 1 of 277 built and only LHD known, needs restoration $5,500 or MGA trade. call or email billmg@juno.com, 216-287-5069 weeknds ONLY. OH 65 SHELBY GT350, dynos at 300 hp, 300 ft lbs torque, Centerforce clutch, Flowmasters, subframe connectors, 5-spoke wheels, still have Vragars, etc, etc, rates production for autocrossing $40,000. Bill, 815-459-7844. IL 66 DATSUN 1600, "Rising Sun," wellknown Colorado racer, meticulous construction, condition and graphics, spares, trailer, fresh motor, wonderful toy www.fazioauto.com . (CO) $13,000.  Fazio's,  303-935-6336, 66 SHELBY GT350, B production, SVRA Gold Medallion, Fully sorted and prepared race car, brand new. No expense spared, road/ race engine, call for details, interesting trades $55,000 US$, firm. 905-988-9004. CANADA ON 66 SAAB FORMULAS, Indy car, functional art, hand-formed alum Indy body on 66 Saab Formula S chassis and drivetrain, special car, complete w/Halibrand Shrike, knock-off wheels and original Firestone tires, beautiful and unique $8,500. 805-466-1015. CA race car, log book, upgraded F-prop car, fresh 1275, competition axles, new braking system, Carrera shocks, Webster radiator, MGA carbs, fuel cell, Olde English White $7,500 or interesting trade. 607546-8479. NY 69 CAMARO, 1st Generation pro-touring RS convertible, built by Detroit Speed and Engineering's Kyle American Cars For Sale BUICK 48 SUPER CONVERTIBLE, yellow w/ blk top, resto rod, detailed 455 Buick 1-400, ps, pb, tilt and tele, Vintage A/C and heat, Daytona wire wheels, new leather and velour int, Camaro clip and more $48,500 might trade. 936-569-7088. 936-554-8711.TX CADILLAC 55 ELDORADO CONVERTIBLE, white, total restoration, trophy winner, always garaged $27,000 OBO. 215-635-2714. PA 56 CONVERTIBLE, dark blue, dark blue leather, tan top, pristine condition, showing 30k, believed to be accurate $65,000. 631-537-1868. NY CAMARO 68 RS CONVERTIBLE, very original, gold, rebuilt V8, 3-spd column std shift, radio, heater, manual top, mechanically restored, needs paint and upholstery, runs and drives great $7,800. 405-942-0233. OK 69 SS/RS, simply the fmest, frame-off rotisserie restoration, true #1 cond, straight, every nut and bolt new, show winner, blk custom interior, gauges, 350, 4-spd, call for info $35,000. 941-948-1960. FL CHRYSLER 48 WINDSOR HIGHLANDER, convertible, complete car, some rust, good project car $8,000 call for info. 949-498-3466. CA 67 IMPERIAL, convertible, stunning #2 unrestored show car, 50k mi, pale yellow w/ blk int, every option, nice wood, near perfect, museum quality $20,000. 901-458-6941. TN CORVETTE 54 rolling chassis and completely empty body from head to toe, all body panels are there $9,300. 310-329-5334. CA 56 ROADSTER, 265-ci V8, dual carbs, manual trans, older restoration, very sharp, blk and silver w/red int $42,500 OBO. 716633-2848. NY 60 all original, 95k mi, burgundy and 68  white, looks great, runs excellent, rare mint automatic $34,000 OBO. 516-457-7005. 631-422-3744. NY 63 SPLIT WINDOW, 300 hp/327, red/blk, local show winner, new tires, brakes, carb, battery, starter, etc, good driver $31,000. 801-768-4154. 801-756-3466. UT 66 427/450 coupe, NCRS winner, 37k original miles, silver on black $58,500. Manny Dragone, 203-335-4643. Cl 70 CONVERTIBLE, 1 owner, blue, white top, blue int, 350, 350 hp, 4-spd, 41k miles, Protect-O-Plate, all books $19,800. 978939-2103 days. 978-939-5146 eves. MA DODGE 59 CORONET 2-DR, hardtop, new red/ white paint, black swivel seat interior, Lancers, dual rear antennas, solid #2+ driver $25,000. 719-473-0461. CO 67 HEMI R/T CONVERTIBLE, I of3 produced, buckets, 3.54 Dana, ps, pw disc brakes, museum quality resto. on 25k-mi car, doc'd, Certicard, investment quality $125,000 trades considered. 520-298-7989. AZ LINCOLN 56 PREMIERE CONVERTIBLE, 27k original miles, beautiful $49,500. 562-9233456. CA 76 Mk IV, 10k original miles, original owner, stored, absolutely like new in every way, white, brown, half roof $15,000 nego. 520-723-9169. AZ MERCURY 51 street rod, suicide doors, 302 V8, floor shift, Edelbrock 4-bbl, dual, good dk red paint, runs well $5,850 can deliver. 618635-7056. IL 69 COUGAR XR-7, 2-dr, completely re- stored, all receipts, Windsor engine, restored auto trans, white with new red leather interior, garaged, exc cond $10,500. 310-652-9470. CA OLDS 50 ROCKET 88 DELUXE, 2 dr sedan, - beautiful $18,500. 419 668 1884. OH - - 63 STARFIRE CONVERTIBLE, factory air, National winner, spectacular $35,000. 419-668-1884. OH PLYMOUTH 59 FURY, total restoration, ps, pb, sport deck, 318 V8, Torqueflite, flame red $15,500. Jim Nelems, 770-448-5916. GA 66 BELVEDERE CONY, Beverly Hills CA car, stored last 25 yrs, orig factory red/red int, white top, slant 6-cyl, auto, ps, straight and rust free, all original, Hemi transplant project $7,850 Private. 800-4061065. 68 BARRACUDA CONY, hi po - 318 V8, a/t, buckets and console, floor shift, CA car, no rust, triple blk, new paint, int and top $9,100. 213-864-9000. CA PONTIAC 59 BONNEVILLE, convertible, red, new red/white leather int, tri-pw, air, multiple show winner, solid #2+ driver $32,000. 719-473-0461. CO v-Sg" PRECIOUS METALS TRANSPORTATION OF FINE AUTOMOBILES • SPECIALIZING IN DOOR-TO- DOOR PERSONALIZED SERVICE • STATE- OF- THE- ART, FULLY- ENCLOSED 6-CAR TRANSPORTER • EAST COAST, SOUTHEAST, MIDWEST & "SNOWBIRDS" • ALL MAJOR NATIONAL COLLECTOR AUTOMOBILE EVENTS CALL: 1-888-PRECIOUS! MASTEN VAN LINES, INC., 70 MONROE AVE., CRESSKILL, NJ 07626 WEB: WWW.GO-PRECIOUSMETALS.COM E-MAIL: PRECMETALS@AOL.COM FAX: 201-894-0188 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR SHOW-WINNING CLIENTELE! Sports Car Market 62 GRAND PRIX, the best, original, 21k mi, orig paint, 8 lugs, ps, ph, auto, white w/ blk int, needs nothing $19,500. Steve, 214797-7698. TX WANTED FORD THUNDERBIRD, 1957, '56 or '55. Must have at least automatic, p/s, p/b and soft top. Nice car only! Please no poorly done cars Charles Clarke, 860658-2714. CT• 68 AUSTIN-HEALEY, Sprite vintage Tucker, Wayne Due modified C4 Corvette suspension, pw r&p, AFCO coilovers, NASCAR stab bar, Baer brakes, Autometer, idiot lights, Vintage Air and more, call for details $49,900. 630-430-5747. IL 73 BMW 2002 tii, ground-up restoration, new everything, Alpina cliff, 5-speed, adj front camber plates, Mini-Lites, 195 hp high-compression engine, also an instructor car, too much to list, call for info $31,500 firm. Tom, 888-533-7223. NC 79 PORSCHE 924 DP, one of orig 16 Porsche factory cars, 8 remaining, all mechanicals rebuilt, spare transmission, numerous gear sets, springs, wheels and other spares $39,000. Kurt, 717-848-2565. PA•

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40 English Car Shopping Centr ASTON MARTIN 67 DB6, short-chassis Volante, 1 of 37 made, red w/blk convertible top, show quality $230,000 offers. 410-299-3811. MD 67 DB6, LHD, 5-spd, runs great, southern car, slight nose damage, Jerry 330-759-5224 days. OH 69 DBS, 5-spd, LHD, rust-free car, A/C, pw, strong 6-cyl engine, never been in any accidents $18,500 firm. 708-387-9934. 702-2882588. IL 83 VOLANTE, green, tan interior w/piping, new brown top, excellent condition CA car, 45k miles $65,000. 949-675-0645. CA AUSTIN HEALEY - 55 LEMANS, Healey ice blue/Olde English White, blk leather int w/white piping, older restoration, Lucas driving lamps, 30-year collection of parts including engine, trans and 0/Ds, complete set of orig tools + extras, call for details $30,000 OBO. 561-744-6098. FL 55 BN1 100-4, red, blk leather w/red bead, new wheels/tires, stainless steel exhaust, carpets, brakes, plus more, drives fine, 100% correct $17,000. 910-793-0990. NC 59 100- 6, 2-seater, for restoration, runs and drives, everything works including 0/D, rebuilt carbs and brakes, has usual Healey rust $8,200. Frank, 215-675-2670. PA 59 BUGEYE, restored, exc cond, red, many orig documents and service records, 1 owner 40 yrs $9,500. 701-293-3417. ND 60 3000 Mk I BN7, for complete aggressive restoration, needs motor, rust repair, body work, frame is good, has title $3,500. Nathan, 405-843-6117. OK 603000, restored, factory hard top $26,500. David Grant, 661-254-6188. CA 63 3000 BJ7, recent complete professional restoration to original specs, burgundy lacquer, black leather, excellent $24,000. Rob, 718-398-2055. NY BENTLEY 36 PARK WARD DHC, alum coachwork, Ace wheel disc, engine head off, partly disassembled, driven until 1970, by owner, MA car, wonderful restoration project $55,000 OBO. 978-456-8404. MA j Now Available Volume 12 of Our World Standard Replacement Parts Book — Restoration Parts & Upgrades — — Routine Service & Maintenance Parts 384 Pages of Jaguar Parts & Information 56 Si H.J. MULLINER saloon, gray over plum respray, new blue/gray leather, brakes, engine, R-R serviced, new www tires, rare Deluxe model, very pretty, drives well $45,000 OBO. 336-643-6096. NC JAGUAR 48 Mk IV, 3.5-liter, LHD, in storage last 35 years, good restoration candidate $12,000. 408-395-8760. CA 51 Mk V DHC, solid original car, no rust, runs well, new red leather interior $30,000. 732-938-5326. NJ 56 XK 140 FHC, green, tan leather int, chrome wire wheels, good chrome, PL700 headlamps, runs well, new wire hamess, new hubs, rebuilt trans, original, great prewar style rare coupe, body complete, auto $30,000 offers. Robert, 352-371-3993. FL 66 XICE SI CONVERTIBLE, total restoration, white, black top and interior $49,900. 810-716-7935. MI 69 XICE SERIES H, silver/blk on blk, older restoration, in excellent condition, 3,000 miles on rebuilt engine $24,500. 631-5371868. NY spd, white/biscuit, German canvas top, show winner, ground-up restoration $37,000 OBO. 530-222-1311. 530-524-5639.CA 74 XKE V12 ROADSTER, A/C, wires, 4 98 XIC8 COUPE, silver/blk, loaded, lilce-new condition, 17k mi, $42,000, James Dawson 614-354-6605 anytime. OH LOTUS 73 EUROPA, black, 31k miles, very complete, never wrecked, big-cam engine, alloys, very good tires, stored since 1990, interior good, needs paint $10,500. Mark, 610-2983273. PA 76 ESPRIT, 19k mi, restoration started, many, many new parts, runs well, A/C $6,500 OBO. 702-656-6209. NV 85 TURBO ESPRIT, yellow w/blk int, 37k mi, clean history, runs well, needs minor work $12,900. 631-669-1245. NY M.G. 49 MG- TC, concours restoration by Briskman, burgundy, fully sorted but never driven since restoration, perfect in every way, ‘1L,AR Parts Arid Aoccessaries Huge Inventory All Jaguars From 1948-2002 Fast U.S. & International Shipments Same-day Shipping • Overnight Delivery TWO NEW JAGUAR CATALOGS Brand New Jaguar Performance and Accessory Collection from X.Ks Racing Applications— Performance Upgrades Books — Manuals — Art— and Collectibles 80 Full-Color Pages of Jaguar Specialties $10 U.S. for both. Refundable with $25 order. mtg. (805) 544-7864 • U.S.A. (800) 444-JAGS FAX (805) 544-1664 • www.xks.com 850 Fiero Lane San Luis Obispo California 93401 U.S.A. .. It's In Tke Detail March, 2002 - collector owned $30,000. Mike, 602-2200400. AZ TD, cream w/green leather, perfect condition, many trophies, always garaged, well maintained, recently rebuilt driveline and engine $19,500. 843-832-8660. SC 51 MG- TF 1500, red w/tan interior, recent ground-up restoration, excellent condition $29,500. 281-370-4715. TX 55 MG- 59 MGA ROADSTER, red w/blk top and interior, nice car $6,500. 708-387-9934. 708288-2588.1L 60 MGA 1600 ROADSTER, white w/red leather, perfect condition, many trophies, restored in 1995, always garaged and well maintained $16,500. 843-832-8660. SC 69 MGB, total professional restoration, mineral blue, blk leather, 0/0, wood Moto-lita steering wheel, Mini-Lites, performance exhaust, ignition and suspension, solid driver or show $10,500. Scott, 219-947-0047. IN 71 MGB ROADSTER, cherry red w/tan int, completely restored incl rebuilt engine 9k mi ago, looks and drives as new $8,400. 732613-2790. NJ ROLLS ROYCE - 29 SPRINGFIELD, Phantom I, Trouville town car, look and drives great, new leather front, rear orig but no rips or holes, wood refinished, new tires $67,500 OBO. Iry Steele, 321-269-0187. 321-4322322.FL 59 CLOUD I, LHD, air, pw steering, pw windows, needs paint, very original car $18,900. Regal, 954-9899777. FL 71 CORNICHE CONVERTIBLE, blk/tan, exc cond, 1-owner, records, 39k mi, garaged FL car, really nice car $67,500. 561-8635263. Fax 561-863-0051 FL 74 SHADOW, 76" stretch, GM front wheel conversion done, interior 70% complete, 1st money secures $12,000. 803749-8500. SC 76 SHYER SHADOW, white, ready for show or drive, garage kept, blue leather, excellent condition, A/C $21,500. 804-784-0011. VA TRIUMPH 63 TR3B, white/blk int and soft top/boot, wire wheels, 0/D, older restoration, rust-free, correct, rebuilt eng, trans, 0/D, clutch and generator, all documented, spares, short block, trans, NOS heater, wires and misc included $13,900. 219-529-0375. IN 66 TR4, surrey top, white/blk, 0/D, wire wheel, professionally rebuilt and restored, $20k invested, serious inquiries only please $13,000. 847-724-5322. IL 70 TR6, 89k mi, white w/blk int, super straight rust-free CA blue plate example, new clutch, roll bar, 0/D, redlines, looks and runs great $9,900. Dan, 312-209-0699. IL 80 TR8 CONVERTIBLE, original CA car, fuel injected, 148 hp, V8, superb orig cond, 61k miles $10,500. 303-674-7282 7pm- lOpm. CO WANTED AUSTIN-HEALEY 100, 100-6, 3000, Triumph TR, MGA, MGB, MGC, TC, TD, TF, any year or condition 415-566-5052. CA• WORLD'S FINEST LOTUS 7 REPLICA BIY Starter Kit, $10,824; S3 Complete Roller, $17,904; Race Version, $16,978 INFORMATION PACKETS AVAILABLE! DEALERS: ALAMANCE MOTOR SPORTS - NC 336-585-1001 BAKERACING - MA BRYANT MOTORS CO. MO BRITISH AUTO SHOPPE - IL CARISMA, LLC - ID RIGHT COAST RACING - NY 5-3 CORPORATION - OH 2eaferi 2eitrecti 413-569-1557 660-826-2700 309-764-9513 208-429-8615 631-329-1200 513-861-1100 SHRADER MOTORSPORTS - OK 405-354-5033 WIRE WHEEL CLASSIC - FL 561-595-3000 P.M Allure/ BIRKINAMERICA PO Box 120982, Arlington, Texas 76012 PH: 817-461-7431 • FAX: 817-861-5867 e-mail: BirkinAM@aol.com www.birkinamerica.com 69

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P [ Resource Directory PEI= Advertise in the SCM Resource Directory. Call 503/261 7127 x202 for information, e mail artdir@sportscarmarket.com. - AUCTION COMPANIES Blackhawk Collection/"The Auction." 925/736-3444, fax 925/736-4375. 3600 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506-3600. 6694, fax 480/421-6697. 3020 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. email: info@barrett-jacicson.com. Bonhams. 415/391-4000, fax 415/3914040. 500 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94102; Montpelier St., Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1HH. 44-207-228-8000, fax 44-207-585-0830. Barrett-Jackson Auction. 480/421- Coys of Kensington. 44-207-584-7444, fax 44-207-584-2733. 2-4 Queen's Gate Mews, London, England 5W7 5QJ. Dana Mecum Auction Company. 815/ 568-8888, fax 815/568-6615. P.O. Box 422, Marengo, IL 60152. Christie's. 310/385-2699, fax 310/3855875. 360N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. www.christies.com. Russo and Steele. 602/252-2697, vvww. russoandsteele.com. (AZ) 1868, fax 631/537-2641. P.O. Box 2277, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. KenMotor@aolcom. Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions/ Keith McCormick. 760/320-3290, fax 760/323-7031. 602 East Sunny Dunes Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92264. www. classiccarauction.com . Kensington Motor Group, Inc. 631/537- Poulain Le Fur. 33-01 58 05 06 07, fax 3301 45 72 07 77. Commissaire Priseur, Palais des Congres de Paris, 2, place de la Porte Maillot, no 48, 75853 Paris Cedex 17. email: automobile@poulainlefur.com. www.poulainlefur.com. Kruse InternationaL 800/968-4444, fax 219/925-5467. P.O. Box 190, Auburn, IN 46706. USAppraisal. 703/759-9100. 25 years experience with collector automobiles, available nationwide. Call or visit our web site. David H. Kinney, ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers). e-mail: dhkinney@usappraisal.com; web: www.usappraisal.com. (VA) - Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. e-mail: info@grandprixclassics.com; www.grand prixclassics.com. (CA) 8183. Serving SF Bay Area and northern California. Prompt, personal, professional and affordable service for insurance, legal, IRS and pre-purchase inspection. Free phone consultations. baba@sfgate.com ; www.bestyellow.com/classic/index.htm . Auto Appraisal Group. 800/848-2886. Serving 33 states, valuation, insurance, divorce, trusts, estates, charitable gifts, diminished value, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness. www.autoappraisal.com , e-mail: aag@autoappraisal.com. "Not just one man's opinion." Joseph L. Troise Appraisals. 415/332- Harry Newton. 310/280-3513. Fax 310/ 822-1360, e-mail hanyanewtonnsn.com . Value appraisals-50+ years experience. Noted automotive historian and journalist. Meticulous research, thorough inspections, up-to-date market knowledge. Clients include major collectors, insurance companies, dealers, estates, attorneys, individual buyers and sellers. Will travel anywhere. Classic Car Research. 248/557-2880. fax 248/557-3511. 15 years in business, IAAA, for loans, estates, divorce, insurance and pre-purchase. Detroit area, will travel. wwwjmkclassiccars.com or kawifreek@ msn.com. AUTOMOBILIA RM Auctions, Inc. 310/246-9880, fax 310/246-9744. 9300 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. #550, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. www.rm auctions.com. Silver Auctions. 800/255-4485, 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@ spokane.net; www.silverauctions.com. Smith & Santiago. 800/944-2816, fax 405/843-6251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. E-mail Rocky: rockydb5@sbcglobal.net . APPRAISALS Steve Cram's Automobile Appraisal Service. 415/567-1087, fax 415/567-1245. In business for 29 years, licensed, totally independent one-man operation. Work accepted by Lloyds of London, Midlands and all US banks and instuance carriers. No charge for phone consultations. (CA) Dave Brownell's Vintage Auto Appraisals. Phone 802/362-4719; fax 802/362-3007. 25plus years experience nationwide and internationally. Single cars or entire collections. Brass cars to contemporary supercars. Complete services from pm-purchase to insurance, donation, estate, expert witness. e-mail: dbrownell @sixrietcont 2714. Automotive consultant/appraiser. Hartford, Connecticut area base. State of Connecticut licensed. 40 plus years automotive experience, appraisals and wherewithal to address most any situation. We can travel. (CT) Charles W. Clarke. Phone/fax: 860/658- Spyder Enterprises: 516/367-1616, fax 516/367-3260. Authentic vintage posters and memorabilia (1950-60s). Safety accessories: Halon fire extinguishers; patented lead-alloy knock-off hammers; Ferrari tool kits. Free 30 page list (SASE + $1 postage) RFD 1682, Syosset, NY 11791. BUY/SELL/GENERAL 1934, fax 805/568-1533. Santa Barbara, CA. European classic and sports car specialists. Buy, sell, locate, consign, consult. Over 34 years of experience. Put our experience to work for you. www.charlescrail.com . Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/467- Charles S. Crail Automobiles. 805/568- Oldtimer Garage. 41-31-819 00 00, fax 41-31-819 51 91. Gurbestrasse 3, CH-3125, Toffen, Bern, Switzerland. www.oldtimer garage.com. www.historicalcars.com We Buy—We Sell—We Find. Europe/US/Asia/Far East. If you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle(s) with historic or collector appeal, try us. 30 years of experience, your satisfaction our priority. Any time—Any place—Anywhere. www.historicalcars.com . COLLECTOR CAR FINANCING J.J. Best Banc & Company. 1-800USA-1965, fax 508/945-6006. The largest national leader on Antique, Classic, Exotic, Rod and Sports Cars with rates starting at 7.99% and long terms from 5 to 12 years. Call, fax or e-mail your application today for quick 10 minute approval. Efficient and professional service is what you deserve so don't hesitate, call us today to be in the driver's seat of your dream car tomorrow. www.jjbestcom. COLLECTOR CAR INSURANCE American Collector Car Insurance. 800/360-2277. Get the "Agreed Value" coverage you need, at a price you won't believe! Visit us on-line at www. AmericanCollectorsIns.com for an instant rate quote, or call 800/360-2277. Insuring collector vehicles since 1976. Available in all states except AK, HI, SC and WY. We look forward to serving you. coast service. Insured, enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. State-of-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocation moves. www.intercity lines.com. (MA) TNT, INC. 518/236-4166, fax 518/2364549. Personalized auto transport service—door to door, coast to coast, open carrier or enclosed carrier. Winching and 24 hour security. First class equipment Dependable and insured. (NY) PC BEAR Auto Transport specializing in all types: hobby, collector vehicles, toys, neat old stuff, regular cars, parts, and winching. Life long car nut. Equipment serviced and maintained by me. Clean driving record since 1959 in all states. ICCMC, US DOT insured. I sleep in my truck while transporting. Inspection and check delivery service. Door to door delivery. PC Bear, 135 Broad St., Akron, PA 17501. 717/859-1585 Talk to me anytime. Thank you. 8657, fax 503/223-6953. Award-winning interior restoration. Leather dyeing and color matching. 431 NW 9th, Portland, OR 97209. RESTORATION/GENERAL Guy's Interior Restorations. 503/224- Creative Workshop. 954/920-3303, fax 954/920-9950. 118 NW Hill St., Dania, FL 33004. 1st Place Results. Antique, exotic and vintage race car restorations our specialty! Quality at realistic rates. Over 25 years experience. No job too small. Brochure available. www.restoreautomobiles .com. Hagerty Classic Auto Insurance. 800/ 922-4050. No-hassle coverage for your collector car. Plans tailored for your needs. Extremely cost effective. COLLECTOR CAR LEASING 6531, fax 206/467-6532. 2030 8th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Experts in collector cars worldwide. Whether buying, selling, evaluating, consigning or appraising, we cut the edge on the current market. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. Top prices paid; from one car to entire collections, condition and location are no obstacles. "We covet the rare and unusual, whether pedigreed or proletarian." E-mail: sales@cosmo politanmotors.com. Putnam Leasing. "Your Best Way to Lease the Best." Greenwich, CT: 800/ 278.0071; Scottsdale, AZ: 888/995.5800. Sole authorized leasing agent for BarrettJackson and Cavallino Classic. Lease to own. Custom-tailored leases from 24-60 months. Equity transfers and early-termination rebates for business and individual needs, serviced coast to coast. Dealer inquiries welcome. New, pre-owned and collectibles since 1983. Please visit wvirw.PutnamLeasing.com. 653 1, fax 206/467-6532. Complete appraisal services for any and all vehicles of particular note. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. We will help you in your time of need: we negotiate for you. Settlements, insurance, disputes, estates, pre-purchase, donations, etc. E-mail: appraisals@cosmopolitanmotors.com. Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/46770  Fantasy Junction. 510/653-7555, fax 510/653-9754, www.fantasyjunction.com , e-mail sales@fantasyjunction.com . Specializing in European collectible autos and racing cars from the 1920s to the 1970s, with over 50 cars in stock. Bruce Trenery has over 25 years experience in this business, based in the East Bay area. Clients and contacts worldwide with satisfaction as the hallmark. 1145 Park Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608. Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars. Mark Hyman, 314/524-6000, fax 314/524-0340. Specializing in buying and selling European sports cars. Over 80 in stock. We buy single cars or complete collections, any condition, any location. Quick action. Call today for the straight scoop on the market. (MO) Grand Prix Classics. 858/459-3512, fax 619/459-3512. Specialize in the buying and selling of historic sports cars and racing cars. Large extensive poster inventory. Automotive books, videos, art library. 7456 La Jolla 7700, fax 203/267-7773. With over 20 years of experience specializing in exotic, classic and vintage autos, our Lease/Purchase plan is ideal for those who wish to own their vehicle at the end of the term as well as those who like to change cars frequently. Our Simple Interest Early Termination plan allows you the flexibility of financing with the tax advantages of leasing. We make leasing as simple as turning the key. www.WhyNot Lease.com. Premier Financial Services. 203/267CLASSIC CAR TRANSPORT Cosdel International. 415/777-2000, fax 415/543-5112. Now in its 33rd year of international transport. Complete service, including import/export, customs clearances, DOT and EPA, air/ocean, loading and unloading of containers. Contact Martin Button, (CA) e-mail: www.info@cosdel. corn; web site: www.cosdel.com . VINTAGE EVENTS Cannonball Baker Classic. Contact West: Martin Swig 415/561-8401, fax 415/ 561-8422. New York City to San Francisco, California, October 1, 2001. The Colorado Grand. 1,000 mile tour of western Colorado. Pre-1961 sports cars. Frank Barrett. 970/926-7810, fax 970/9261815. Alfa Ricambi. 818/956-7933, fax 818/ 956-5160. Comprehensive supply of parts that puts authorized dealers to shame! To maintain and restore your Alfa, vintage or current. 6644 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91201. ALFA ROMEO Parts 9435, fax 510/524-3636. Large selection of parts from 1900 series to Milano. Efficient, personal service. 1221 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. Jon Norman's Alfa Parts. 510/525- International Auto Parts. 800/788-4435, 804/973-0555, fax 804/973-2368. Huge computerized inventory of Alfa/Fiat/Lancia parts, 1956 to present. Excellent, knowledgeable service. Fast! 68-page catalog. Route 29 North, P.O. Box 9036, Charlottesville, VA 22906-9036. Centerline. 303/447-0239, fax 303/4470257. Restoration and replacement parts, Giulietta through 164. Free catalog. www. centerlinealfa.com. Passport Transport 800/325-4267, fax 314/878-7295. Classic and specialty cars delivered anywhere in the USA. Special event services, including Pebble Beach, Monterey Histories, Barrett-Jackson, and Auburn. Standard-of-the-industry service since 1970. (MO) Intercity Lines, Inc. 800/221-3936, fax 413/436-9422. Rapid, hassle-free, coast to Black Bart's Emporium. 800/473-0078, 219/471-7278, fax 219/471-6359. 2639 Goshen Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46808. America's largest supply of badges and emblems for Alfas and other exotics, plus other interesting special parts. Complete your restoration. Performance Motoring Associates 831/338-9703, fax 831/338-2031. Former Alfa Romeo dealer and 20 time SCCA racing champion, Al Leake, has accumulated over 30 years experience and racing knowledge to compliment his new restoration shop in Boulder Creek, CA. Sports Car Market

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Specializing in Giulietta/Guilia. PMA has an extensive inventory of cars, racing components and parts. Light weight body panels, Sebring racing suspensions and complete restorations now available at PMA Racing. e-mail Alleake@aol.com 12895 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006. (CA) 7656. Info, 410/426-7524, fax 410/ 426-8194. 5928 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206. Largest importer of Alfa, Fiat and Lancia parts on the East Coast. Decades of experience—we know these cars, and we know the right parts. VISA/MC. Orders, www.difatta.com . Re-Originals. 281/807-1945, fax 281/ 807-1946. THE US source for original upholstery materials, original rubber mats and gaskets, and original, new European taillights, headlights, grilles and door panels for most Italian cars ('47-'78). Additional distributors wanted. (TX) The DiFatta Brothers, LTD. 800/638- Repairs / Restoration Britalia, Ltd. 510/548-0240, 2210 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702. We are SPICA and Bosch fuel-injection specialists with 25 years experience servicing Alfa Romeo. We are also intimate with many Maseratis. Automotive Restorations, Inc./Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARINRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www. VintageRacingServices.com , www. AutomotiveRestorations.com . Jaguar Rocky Santiago. 405/843-6117, fax 405/ 843-6251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Specializing in Aston Martins, all years, all conditions. Buy/sell/ consign. If you are buying or selling, please call. Also have other English cars, including Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, etc. Magazine, Resource Book, calendar, tech assistance, book discount. Annual dues still just $35. Visa/MC accepted. Visit our Web site: www.healey.org . Aston Martin Nasko's Imports. 503/771-1472, 5409 SE Francis, Portland, OR 97206. Oregon's oldest and most respected Alfa repair and performance tuning facility. Milano spoken here! Ask about our used Alfas for sale. Fast work, fair prices. Italian Performance/GTV City. Don, 650/508-8178. 565-A Bragato Rd., San Carlos, CA 94070. Performance modifications, service, repair and restoration for Italian automobiles. Allow us to do a restoration for you. Jaguar Clubs of North America. 888/ CLUBJAG, Write: JCNA, Dept. SCM, 9685 McLeod Rd., RR#2, Chilliwack, BC, CANADA V2P 6H4. Join the primary organization of Jaguar enthusiasts in US/ Canada. 52 local clubs provide social and other activities. JCNA sponsors championships in concours, rally, slalom. Members receive b i-monthly Jaguar Journal magazine. wwvv.jcna.com . Rolls-Royce/Bentley 0064. 1425 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209. More than two decades of helping Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini owners keep their cars on the road while not emptying their bank accounts. Other foreign cars serviced as well. ENGLISH British Car magazine. 800/520-8292. The American magazine for British car enthusiasts. Classic profiles, historical articles, club events, technical information, restoration advice. One year (six issues) is $22.95. Repairs / Restorations / Race Sports and Vintage Cars, Inc. ph/fax 503/ 254-4012, 4815 NE 97th, Portland, OR 97220. 36 years of British car repair to a very high standard. Also prep cars for vintage racing and rallying. Jags, TRs, MGs, Healeys, Morgans, Lotus and oddball orphans like Riley and Singer welcomed. Call Peter or Sue Price. ph/fax 845/226-9027, Hopewell Junction, NY. Specializing in the repair of all British cars. Factory trained Rolls-Royce and Jaguar technician. Located an hour and a half from the New York Metropolitan area. Pickup and delivery arranged. Call Jeff Palmero. AC International Motor Car Repair, Inc. 3225, fax 503/646-4009. US Registrar: Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. The World's largest organization of AC owners and enthusiasts. AC ownership not required. Monthly magazine. Austin-Healey CUSA, fax 503/528-0533. P.O. Box 6197, San Jose, CA 95150. Oldest national Austin-Healey club and factory club heritage. The resource for all current and future owners. Members receive Austin-Healey Austin-Healey Club USA. 888/4AHMarch, 2002  JWF Restorations, Inc. 503/643-3225, fax 503/646-4009. Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. AC restoration specialist. 35 years experience. Partial to full restorations done to street or concours standards. AC Owner's Club Limited. 503/643- Dan Sommers' Veloce Motors. 503/274- Peter Hageman, Vintage Automobiles. 206/954-1961, fax 425/287-0660. P.O. Box 554, Kirkland, WA 98033. Prewar European autos, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, specializing in vintage Bentleys. Automotive Restorations, Inc.Nintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARUVRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com , www.AutomotiveRestorations.com . FERRARI / MASERATI / LAMBO ETC. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. Sales, 800/547-4455, 503/255-7560. Service and Parts, 800/944-6483, 503/257-9655. America's oldest and most dedicated Ferrari dealer. New and used exotic cars. Also, huge parts department with fast, fast service. 203 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, OR 97203. 9900, fax 416/535-8152. Also Canada's largest Ferrari parts inventory. Under new ownership. Call today with your needs. Jason Popovich, Canada. (ON) 3559, fax 916/635-5824. 2347 Gold River Rd., Gold River, CA 95670. Specializing in restoration and reconstruction of exotic and vintage racing motorcars. Appraising service also available. Brian D. Moore Restorations. 916/635- Symbolic Motor Car Company. 619/ 454-1800, fax 619/454-1890. 7440 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92307. Largest dealer of exotic Ferraris, Jaguars, Alfas and other cars I constantly collect and sell all Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis. 310/2747440, fax 310/274-9809, simonrandy@ aol.com. If I don't have what you seek, I can usually find it for you (at low prices). Please, call anytime for straight advice on the market. Finder's fee gladly paid. Randy Simon. (CA) Gentry Lane Lamborghini. 416/535- ItalParts. Fax +31 172 240536. Specializing in Italian car parts and pre-war car parts. 25 years experience in finding all kinds of parts. Lots of spare parts in stock. Look on my Internet site: www.italparts.com . If you don't find the part there, send us an e-mail: info@italparts.com. Buy Italian engines/parts/cars of pre-war period and '50s and early '60s. 2690, fax 949/650-2730. 922 Sunset Dr. Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Specializing in sales of Ferrari and other exotics. Consignments, brokerage services, references available. Extensive computer database. Whether buying or selling, call. Garry Roberts & Company. 949/650- Thomas Shauglmessey Consulting. 949/ 366-6211, fax 949/366-6827. Professional buyer of Ferraris, primarily '50s, '60s and '70s. Also have extensive Lambo and Maser experience. Additionally deal in Ferrari engines. Plus—have more than 350 Ferrari wheels in stock. Call today for straight talk and honest advice. San Clemente, CA. Automotive Restorations, InciVintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARUVRS), 203/3776745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation.www.VintageRacing Services.com, www.AutomotiveResto rations.com . in the world. Always a superb array of important cars on display. Interesting trades always considered. By appointment only, please. www.symbolicmotors.com . GT Motors. 818/546-2971, fax 818/5462812. 741 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204. Sales, service and concours-winfling restorations of Ferrari. Always a wide range of quality cars in stock for sale. Friendly, top notch service at reasonable rates. Always in the market to purchase interesting Ferraris in any condition. Michael Sheehan. 949/646-6086, fax 949/646-6978. Always looking for cars to buy, from rare one-offs to serial production ordinaries. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus— call me first or call me last, I'll make you the best cash offer. Buyers—let me use my thousand-plus car database to help you find a car, or verify the history of one you are looking at. (CA) GERMAN Sports Leicht Restoration, Inc. Call Alex Dearborn in Topsfield, MA. 978/887-6644, fax 978/887-3889. A vintage Mercedes full service company, specializing in the 190SL. Large database of older MBs for sale. Free listing for your car. Mercedes-Benz Estep, 530/345-6701. 776 Cessna, Chico, CA 95928. Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of 1954 to 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupes and Roadsters. You do not have to be an owner to belong. Member benefits include: twelve monthly magazines per year plus a national convention that rotates its location around the country. Also, reproduction parts and much more. Gull Wing Group International. Gary Porsche 356 used parts, 717/865-6661, fax 717/865-7172. Mechanical and body parts, we ship worldwide. 12 Park Drive, Grantville, PA 17028. E-mail; autopart@ sunlink.net. AMERICAN Shelby Shelby American Automobile Club. 860/364-0449, fax 860/364-0769. P.O. Box 788, Sharon, CT 06069. Over 5,000 members, 50 Regions throughout the world. Dedicated to the care and preservation of the cars that Carroll Shelby produced. Two national conventions a year, semi-annual magazine, hi-monthly newsletter as well as a registry. • Display Ad Index Aston Martin of New England  31 Birkin America  Blackhawk  Bonhams  British Car Magazine  Cadillac  Brian D. Moore  Charles S. Crail  Christie's Int.  Car Logistics  Collector Cars International  Cosdel International  Cosmopolitan Motors  Creative Miniatures  DMC  Classic Cars.Com  Classic Showcase  Ferrari of Orange County  Ferrari of Seattle  Grand Prix Classics  Great Lakes Hummer  Grundy Insurance  Esoteric Engineering  Exotic Car Transport  Mercedes-Benz Club of America. 800/ 637-2360. MBCA, 1907 Lelaray St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909. World's largest Mercedes-Benz club, 33,000 members, all models, 1886-onward; excellent 120-page color magazine, The Star, with how-to tech articles, history, new models, racing, hundreds of cars for sale, ads free to members, much more. New car raffle, tech assistance, national events, more; dues $35/yr. www.mbca.org. 1500. 280SLs exclusively. 20 plus 280 SLs in stock for sale in any price range from above average drivers to show quality. Not a broker, we own all our inventory and are aggressively looking to buy top quality 280SLs. Technical and restoration advice always just a phone call away. Locations in New Jersey and Arizona. www.tonylabella. coin Tony LaBella Classic Cars. 856/424- Automotive Restorations, Inc./Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARUVRS), 203/3776745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.Vintage RacingServices.com , www.AutomotiveRestorations.com . Porsche Porsche Market Letter. 888/928-9111, fax 505/838-1222. Send check or Visa/MC to PMUSC, P.O. Box 567, Socorro, NM 87801. Find the Porsche you've been looking for. Over 1,000 Porsches for sale in every issue. 1 year, 12 issues only $55. (Can/Mex $65, overseas $100). phil@pmletter.com ; www.pmletter.com . JC Taylor Insurance  J.J. Best Banc & Co.  Jon Norman's Alfa Parts  Journey's Travel  K&K Motorcars  Italian Car Parts.com  Italia Reproductions  ItalParts  10 29 9 69 80 7 9 Guild of Automotive Restorers  59 Horseless Carriage  Intercity Lines  35, 57 64 25 11 75 58 61 72 39 16 18 33 60 37 67 5 Palm Fibre Coco Mats  Parish Heacock  Park Place  Pennsylvania Motor Sport  Precious Metals  Premier Financial  Putnam  Passport Transport  Peter Zimmermann  Re-Originals  RM Auctions  Ron Tonkin  Sector  Silver Auctions  SL Experience  Lotus Motorsports, Inc.  Maserati Club International  Michael Sheehan  Kensington Motor Group  Kruse International  47, 78-79 31 72 51 Steve Austin's Great Vacations  60 Tony LaBella Classic Cars  Vintage Racing Services  Vintage Rallies  Steve Austin's Automobilia  White Post Restorations  XKs Unlimited  62 73 12 13 69 71 2-3 16 55 41 13 39 13 63 43 62 53 68 65 16 67 12 34 66 10 66 14 11 10 14 45 49 9 356 Registry. 356 Registry, 27244 Ryan Road, Warren, MI 48092. A club for those interested in 356 Porsches. The Registry Magazine is published six times a year. 356 ownership not necessary. Dues $25 annually. Membership information: Barbara Slcirmants.

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Auction CALENDAR All dates listed are current at time of publication. Contact information for most auction companies may be found in the Resource Directory at the back of this issue. Please confirm dates and locations before attending any event. MARCH, 2002 England - March 4 COYS OF KENSINGTON - Islington Arkansas - March 8-9 EBAY/KRUSE - Hot Springs Florida - March 9 RM AUCTIONS - Amelia Island Washington - March 9-10 SILVER - Seattle Switzerland - March 11 BONHAMS - Geneva France - March 17 OSENAT - Fountainebleau Arizona - March 15-17 NT. CLASSIC AUCTIONS - Gilbert Florida - March 15-17 TAMPA BAY AUTO FAIR - Tampa Bay Illinois - March 15-17 MECUM - Chicago Texas - March 15-17 EBAY/KRUSE - New Braunfels California - March 23 MECUM - Pleasanton England - March 25 CHRISTIE'S - London APRIL, 2002 Germany - TBA COYS OF KENSINGTON - Essen California - April 5-7 SPECTRUM - Palm Springs California - April 6 MECUM - Del Mar England - April 6 CHEFFINS - Cambridgeshire Texas - April 6 INT. CLASSIC AUCTIONS - Amarillo Louisiana - April 6-7 EBAY/KRUSE - Shreveport England - April 10 H & H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire Tennessee - April 13 MECUM - Knoxville Missouri - April 20 MECUM - Kansas City Nevada - April 19-21 "THE AUCTION" - Las Vegas Oregon - April 20 SILVER - Portland England - April 22 BONHAMS - London Missouri - April 26-28 COLLECTOR CARS INT. - Branson Florida - April 27 MECUM - Orlando Idaho - April 27 SILVER - Boise www.maseratinet.corn r  41 6.MASERATI 19 76 INTERN A11 to,0 Factory recognized. Join the world's largest Maserati support group, with more than 3,500 members from 39 countries. Tech staff available to help owners and enthusiasts; parts discounts; the famous 80+ page glossy Club magazine Viale Ciro Menotti; Club decal; roster; access to a multitude of Maserati road tests, technical bulletins, manuals, etc. To join, fax your name, address, and credit card number; you'll receive a packet of Maserati information by Air Mail. $70 USA members, $80 Canada, $100 all other countries. Join now! MASERATI PARTS TOLL FREE 1-800-MASERATI (627-3728) New & Used for All Models. Providing owners with knowledgeable, courteous, prompt professional express service since 1976. Next-day service our speciality. Competitive Prices. $10 million inventory. Service shop discounts. VISA / MC / AE Technical Assistance Line: USA + 425-455-4707 Fax: USA + (425) 646 - 5458 P.O. Box 1015, Mercer Island, WA 98040 USA E-mail: mie@maseratinet.com Francis G. Mandarano President   72  ■■■■  Serving the Maserati community since 1976 England - April 27-28 BONHAMS - Stafford Switzerland - April 27 OLDTIMER GALLERIE - Toffen England - TBA COYS OF KENSINGTON - Islington MAY, 2002 Indiana - May 3-5 EBAY/KRUSE - Auburn Texas - May 3-5 SMITH & SANTIAGO - Dallas Wisconsin - May 11 MECUM - Madison England - May 11 BONHAMS - Newport Pagnell Monaco - May 17-19 BARRETT-JACKSON - Monte Carlo Monaco - May 18 BONHAMS - Monte Carlo New York - May 18 CHRISTIE'S - New York City England - May 18 CHEFFINS - Kent Illinois - May 24-26 MECUM - Belvidere New York - May 25 KENSINGTON - Bridgehampton France - May 25 OSENAT - Fountainebleau England - May 29 H & H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire Nevada - May 30-June 2 EBAY/KRUSE - Las Vegas JUNE, 2002 Montana - June 1 SILVER - Billings England - TBA COYS OF KENSINGTON - London Oklahoma - June 7-9 EBAY/KRUSE - Tulsa England - June 10 CHRISTIE'S - Atlantic City England - June 13 BONHAMS - Harrogate California - June 14-15 BARRETT-JACKSON - Los Angeles Idaho - June 15 SILVER - Coeur d'Alene Minnesota - June 21-22 MECUM - St. Paul England - June 22 CHEFFINS - Bedfordshire England - June 22 BONHAMS - Northamptonshire France - June 23 OSENAT - Fountainebleau Iffinois - June 28-30 MECUM - Bloomington• _  Change of owners plan provides a rare opportunity to acquire this matching number, very low km car, requiring a simple restoration. MM eligible of course. 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Zagato. Ex-Team Centro Sud. One of two. Time warp originality, documented race history. Would make a superb museum piece or rebuilt for serious historic racing. Expensive but negotiable. Any interesting trades considered. 1965 Aston Martin DB 5 Coupe  1971 Maserati 4.9SSGhibli Coupe  1937 Bugatti Type 37  1931 Alfa Romeo 6C/1750 GS Zagato  1959 Cooper Maserati F1/F2 1965 Alfa Romeo TZ1 1937 MB 500/540K Cabriolet A 1969 Mini Cooper S 1971 AC 428 Frua Coupe 1927 OM Type 665 Superba 1985 Allegretti 250F Maserati Monoposto 2/3 scale model, Alloy body, Benelli 250 cc 4 stroke engine, 5 speed gearbox, disc brakes . One of two constructed. Rare opportunity to acquire an Italian masterpiece and a serious Maserati collectable. All vehicles offered are from private collectors and are immediately available for sale by Private Treaty. Interesting and sensible trades can always be considered. private rollector, international restoration and collection management. and other s 207.236.0041  207.236.0056 (fax) esotericeng@aol.com Sports Car Market _ _ - _ _  ' _ Esoteric: (definition)...very unusual, understood or liked by only a small number of people, especially those with special knowledge.

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ENE(  The Twenty Year PICTURE ) ■■7 Airy Astons 1960-63 Aston Martin DB4 Convertible, 1964-65 Aston Martin DB5 Convertible, 1966-67 Aston Martin DB6 Volante $400,000 $350,000 5300,000 $250000 5200,000 51 50,000 $1 00,000 550,000 to, Coo ,eartottl. " " Additional data compiled from SCM archives.)  (Prices for cars in excellent condition.  vs,:zo This monthly value guide is provided courtesy of Cars of Particular Interest. CPI is the pocket guide most often used by credit unions and banks when dealing with loan values of collectible domestic and imported cars. Ph: 301/317-4228, FAX 301/317-8330* USAPPRAISAL MO1t!!F MYSTERY PHOTO Response Deadline March 25, 2002 Perhaps ... • You want to maximize your track time with a second car. • Your favorite race car is not going to be ready. • You're getting your feet wet and want to test the water without investing. • You're simply interested in trying a different piece of machinery. Our photo, your caption. Be the author of the most accurate, most creative or most provocative response and receive a genuine, highly desirable, sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1/18 scale collector car model courtesy of USAppraisal. Ties will be arbitrarily and capriciously decided. Fax your response to 503/252-5854. e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com; snailmail: Mystery, P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. March, 2002  Whatever your reason, we offer a wide selection of properly prepared, competitive, currently campaigned vintage race cars available as rentals. For more information on rentals, sales & service, call for a brochure. Visit our website at www.vintageracingservices.com Ptialzge ( a4171:1 ...t 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614 stet 203 377-6745 • info*vintageracingservices,com• fax' 203 386-0486 73 Rate a Raze eair? Your reasons may be as varied as the race cars we offer for rent.

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eiwate,h e have our first nomination for the On-Line Creative Description of the Year award. A seller on eBay Motors states he purchased a 1989 Peugeot 505 SW8 turbo wagon that was in excellent mechanical condition when he drove it home. The very next day, though, the turbo blew. He claims he doesn't have time to fix it, it can't be driven and his loss is your gain. Except for needing a respray, and having dents, rust and cigarette burns in the fabric, this 505 is reported to be a gem. The radio even works and it has a rare, we are told, Momo accessory steering wheel. For some unknown reason there were seven bids that pushed the car to a new home for $760. Maybe the new owner has a French bistro and needed some lobby sculpture. If you are the Packard man "Who Owns One," January was a good month to add to your collection of goodies. A 1/10th scale model of a Packard Aerocoupe, "Streamliners," was offered. It was the seventh of 10 that were designed by Jack Juratovic and is based on his painting "Road & Track-1935." Other examples had sold at $14,500 but this one received only one bid of $1,001 and was, rightly so, a no-sale. Moving on to full-size Packards, it took nine bids on eBay Motors for a 1936 Packard 8 Convertible Sedan to sell for $76,100. There was no description or explanation of condition presented, so spending this kind of money based on a couple of 72-dpi photos was a giant leap of faith. An extensive collection of Packard brochures was also offered and included a 1948 accessories catalog that sold for $76 after 14 bids; a 1939 Salesman Data Book that received 14 bids, ending up at $140; and a 16-page 1932 Light 8 sales brochure, with original envelope, that received six bids and finally sold for $202.50. Seven bids were received on an early Packard Chassis Oil quart can. Even though barely on the edge of acceptable condition, it still brought $123.50. A 1936 Packard showroom display piece was also offered on eBay, and with 27 bids it sold for a very reasonable $1,700. It was in the shape of a window valance with wonderful Packard graphics and had several large pulldown canvas panels that displayed renderings of the various models. This type of piece would be offered by the high-end memorabilia dealers at Hershey for at least twice this amount. While we are not fans of replicars, the following Porsche Carrera GT, offered on 74  restored, very desirable Indian Four, with matching numbers, was equipped with all the goodies. The stock market continues to offer a minimal return so vintage bikes, in good condition, are starting to look like a pretty good place to park part of your portfolio. If kept in good condition, this Indian will always be a desirable piece and a great ride. EBay # 1049044411-1939 STANDARD OIL MICKEY MOUSE WINTERFRONT. First bid: $9.99. Number of bids: 13. SOLD AT: $787. Date sold: 12/25/2001. Long ago, service stations offered all kinds of incentives to win consumers' dollars. One of their many giveaways was a wax-impregnated cardboard shield that protected radiators from the cold of winter. Most were rather plain with just the oil company's logo, but this version has highly desirable graphics that appeal to both gas collectors and the Mickey Mouse crowd. This was ""14111411"*" Yahoo!Auctions, did bring some visual panache to our monitor. The seller states this GT fakeydoo is the only one completed but, if you are interested, he has started on another. Yahoo!Auctions #59402355—PORSCHE CARRERA GT SUPERCAR REPRODUCTION. First bid: $29,000. Number of bids: 1. SOLD AT: $29,000. Date sold: 1/12/ 2002. This is a handsome car, even if completely bogus. Providing a lot of flash for not much money, it will surely impress the valet at the local fancy restaurant. But word will soon get around that you've got a fake plastic fantastic GT, and you'll be stuck hitting the local weekend car shows as the king of the replicar category. Ask yourself, is that really where you want your life as a collector to end up? EBay Motors #599221574-1941 INDIAN FOUR MOTOCYCLE. First bid: $30,000. Number of bids: 17. SOLD AT: $45,350. Date sold: 12/21/2001. This well- a relative bargain as another example recently sold at auction for more than $1,100. EBay Motors #599734279—R. LALIQUE "EAGLE" CAR MASCOT. First bid: $100. Number of bids: 29. SOLD AT: $3,754. Date sold: 1/06/2002. It takes a trusting buyer to send a ban c transfer to Argentina, a country in economic turmoil, to a seller with zero feedback, for a Lalique Hawks Head mascot in opalescent glass—a version not listed in any Lalique cata .og. Vahoo!Auctions #58975749-1966 BU1 CK SPORT WAGON. First bid: $1. Number of bids: 7. SOLD AT: $2,600. Date sold: 1/04/2002. This sunroof wagon was used in the movie "Ali." Equipped with a 425-c.i. engine, incorrect for this year wagon, it had also been fitted with tasteless, cheap seat covers. Strangely, wagons from the '60s have been coming on in price, and this winning bid was on t le cheap side. If the movie is a smash hit, the new owner can bask in reflected glory while enjcying his new investment. EBay #1053140879 — S.M.T. PORCE- LAIN BUS SIGN. First bid: $99.99. Number of bids: 27. SOLD AT: $2,458. Date sold: 12/31/ 2001. Within the automotive sign collecting community, bus signs are held in high esteem. Unusual ex- amples have sold for well into five figures and, as is the case with all signs, condition is key. This example has a great graphic, lots of color and was purchased for the right money. • Sports Car Market

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"We covet the rare and unusual AUTOMOBILES 1947 Alla Romeo 6C2500, Freccia d'Oro Sport  1969 Alfa Romeo GTV, driver  1969 Alfa Romeo GTV, restored to Club Concours specs  1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 Berline, Webers  1981 Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce, brown  1986 Alfa Romeo Milano, silver/AT  1963 Bentley S-HI, REID, a fine example  1994 BMW 5301, gray/AT  1927 Bugatti Type 35B, by Pur Sang of Argentina  1937 Bugatai Type 57c, Atalante Decouvrable  1947 Cadillac convertible, black, restored  1963 Cadillac convertible, project  1963 Cadillac Eldorado, Biarritz Convertible  1931 Delage D-8 S, Drophead, Lalique .,  1939 Delage D6 Drophead 3.0, Figoni & Falaschi  1936 Delahaye 135 Labourdette 3-position drophead  1946 Delahaye 135 MS, gentleman's racer  1954 Delahaye 235 Chapron, former Pebble Beach entrant  1999 Dodge Viper RI/b, hand-painted by Lassen  2000 Dodge Viper RT/10, red, only 300 miles  1966 Ferrari 275 G1M, alloy, six carb  1966 Ferrari 330 GTS, longterm owner  1967 Ferrari 330 GTC, two to choose from  1950 Jaguar Mark V, DHC, 3.4-liter  1959 Jaguar Mark I, recent partial restoration  1961 Jaguar Mark II, custom cabriolet project  $85,000 $5,500 $17,500 $4,750 $4,250 $1,850 $27,500 $16,995 $175,000 $650,000 $57,500 $2,350 $25,000 $235,000 $375,000 $115,000 $275,000 $125,000 $175,000 $78,000 $350,000 $185,000 $100,000 and up $37,000 $9,500 , 1969 Jaguar E-type 2+2, 4-speed, wires, nicely restored  1985 Jaguar XJ6 Saloon, blue, wires  1965 Lancia Flaininia Super Sport Zagato, Series V  1972 Lancia Fulvia Zagato, 1600cc  1962 Land Rover LIED 88, driver  1971 Land Rover LIM 88, Celeste, nice driver  1971 Land Rover 109, rugged  1959 Mercedes-Benz 300 d, Ivory/red, restored  1967 Mercedes-Benz 250 SEb, nice driver  1973 Mercedes-Benz roadster, 1-off  2000 Mercedes-Benz S430, Nautical blue  2000 Mercedes-Benz S500, silver, like new  1976 Oldsmobile Regency 98, one owner, like new  1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith H, black/black, like new  1995 Saab 9000S, 5-door, 5-speed  1937 Talbot Lago 1-26 Record, Concours drophead  WATERCRAFT 1938 Jensen Motorboat 38' Classic Cruiser  "Meteor." Famous one-off Buck Rogers-style by Jensen. Restored. 1947 Harco 40 Mahogany Pleasure Yacht  her pedigreed or proletarian" $25,000 $4,500 $75,000 $17,500 $12,500 $13,750 $6,500 $35,000 $13,500 $20,000 $65,000 $65,000 $3,750 $21,999 $7,000 Twin 440s. Cruises at 27 Ins, Art Deco head turner. Expensive when new. 1955 Chriscraft 29', beautiful Mahogany speedboat  Twin Hercules 6-cylinder, small galley and head. Fascinating history. 1958 Richardson 41'  Formerly of the Miller Brewing family, hence its name "High Life" REAL ESTATE WANTED $22,500 Looking for a home, condo, commercial building or even raw land. Want to $235,000 $110,000 $120,000 $42,500 $48,000 purchase byway of partial trade and cash. Price range $200,000 to $3,000,000. Trades can include classic or exotic automobiles, motor yachts, famous master artwork, or antique furniture. I would like to trade the downpayment (minimum 20%) and pay conventionally the balance, or if desired by seller, pay seller, on contract. This method can help sell real estate inventory that has been sitting for an extended period. This could also help sellers who have large capital gains concerns. With a large downpayment in "trade" their taxable gain could diminish significantly. Even if the seller doesn't want an exotic car or an expensive piece of furniture, these items can certainly be sold via consignment or outright sale. Normal commission protocol gladly honored. VINTAGE WINES Expensive, extensive, eclectic collection of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Californian, Washingtonian, Oregonian, and Italian collector wines. Old vintages to recent releases. Inquire. AUGUSTE RODIN (18401917) Cosmopolitan Imports is proud to announce its sponsorship ofan edfibition of many works by the famous 19th century sculptorAuguste Rodin including among others the Kiss, External Springtime, Eve, the Age of Bronze and the Thinker. This display will be ongoing from the present until January 2002. Those interested in this exhibition can contact us directly at Cosmopolitan Motors LLC to receive details. PUR SANG DE ARGENTINA The world's best Bugatti replicas, hand made in Argentina, Type 35B with supercharger. Virtually all parts are interchangeable with original. Blindingly fast as experienced by Phil Hill. Type 52 children's electric cars, Testarossa electric cars. Bugatti vices and spare parts. Expertly crafted by Argentinean metal masters. Cosmopolitan Motors LLC is proud to be the Exclusive Importer for Pur Sang in North America. • ALWAYS BUYING • We appraise collector cars world-widefor insurance or settlements. • We are experts in shipping. (206) 467-6531 • Fax (206) 467-6532 2030 8th Avenue • Seattle, Washington 98121 www.cosmopolitanmotors.com

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Nardi Steering Wheels for Alfa Romeo M GEO gOTOO E-Z Up Instant Canopy _ Available in 91/2 x 91/2-foot and 8 x 12-foot sizes, the E-Z Up Instant Canopy Plus is water resistant, and the telescoping legs are angled out a bit for better stability in bad weather. Its one-piece de- sign aids a claimed 60-second setup time, and the whole assembly slides into an easy-to-carry bag that will fit in most trunks. Price: $159.95-$229.95. J.C. Whitney, 800/529 4486, www.jcwhitney.com . - Ionic Breeze Car Plug-In Ionizer POR-Strip Paint Remover/Stripper Remove years of nasty paint layers from parts safely and quickly with FOR-Strip Paint Remover/Stripper. The spray-on liquid will not harm adjacent window glass, chrome or weatherstripping. Comes in one-gallon jugs. Price: $29.95. RestoMotive Laboratories/POR 800/457 6715, www.por15.com. - - 15, Swiss Army Auto Tool Just as the Swiss Army Knife has the basic, essential tools for camping survival, the Victorinox Swiss Army Auto Tool has some important tools to help you deal with unexpected automotive woes. In addition to standards like a serrated knife, three *screwdrivers and a bottle opener, the Auto Tool also has a built-in flashlight, digital tire gauge, fuse puller and ice scraper. Don't expect it to re- place your toolbox—or even your emergency tool kit—but it's a tool that's compact enough to carry everywhere. Price: $69.95. AJ Prindle & Company, 866/774 8278, www.ajprindle.com. - Xpower Autoplug75 Dual Action Polisher Want to detail your car like a pro? Get the best results with this professional-quality variable-speed polisher. Anyone can use it with minimal effort, and it combines oscillating and rotating motions to achieve uniform results without swirls or paint bums. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Price: $225.95. Meguiar's, 800/545 3321, www.meguiars.com. - 76  L_  If you find yourself needing to buy a different DC adapter for each of your mobile devices, the Autoplug 75 is a wise investment. Touted as the smallest AC power inverter on the market today, the unit will provide enough current for most electronic devices, like laptops, cell phones, and camcorders. The unit has a 10-amp internal fuse to protect devices, and special cir- cuitry shuts itself down before your car battery is completely discharged. Price: $29.99. Xantrex Technology, 800/670 - Do you have a favorite classic car product? Let others know by sending the information to copyed@sportscarmarket.com Sports Car Market 0707, www.xantrex.com.• Keep the air in your vehicle fresh by simply plugging Sharper Image Design's Ionic Breeze into your power socket. The Ionizer silently traps particulate matter—such as smoke, dust, and other odor-causing particles—without the use of headache-causing cover-up scents. The device has a passthrough socket so you can use another accessory at the same time, and it also includes an extension piece to help with awkward dash designs. Price: $39.95. The Sharper Image, 800/344 - 4444, www.sharperimage.com . Digital Alcohol Detector Even if it's been hours since you had your last drink, you still might be impaired. Carry one of these in your coat pocket or purse, and stop guessing whether you or your guests are fit for driving. Simply exhale into the 31/2-inch-long unit, and its advanced gas-sensor circuitry displays your blood-alcohol concentration (in increments of 0.01%) in less than ten seconds. Price: $49.95. Herrington, 800/622 www.herringtoncatalog.com . - Coil Hose and Sprayer This bright red Coil Hose and Sprayer is a must-have for do-it-yourselfers who can't seem to remember to put anything away or always end up with knots. When coiled up, it's only 38 inches long, yet it will stretch to 50 feet. Price: $59.95. Griot's Garage, 800/345 www.griotsgarage.com . - 5789, Replace that unsightly aftermarket steering wheel in your old Alfa with the real thing: a classic-look Nardi steering wheel. The Classico has a mahogany rim and polished spokes to fit especially well with 105/115 classic Alfas, while the Anni' 60 is a handcrafted, hand-engraved replica of the wheel originally made for the Ferrari GTO. The wheel features polished aluminum spokes and fits a 750/101 series car. Price: $258 Classico/$500 Anni' 60. Centerline Alfa Romeo, 888/750 www.centerlinealfa.com. Nardi Anni - SVV138 - Nardi Oassico - SVV130 2532, 5221,

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SCM Suner Showcase _ _ 1959 BMW 507 Series II Roadster. Red with black. Superb condition.  Correct numbers. "507's R Us" Charles S. Crail Automobiles. 805/568-1 934 or fax  805/568-1533, e-mail:crailauto@aol.com (507 Hard top for Series I or II Available) (CA) (Mar)  1961 Plymouth Savoy Pan Am race car. 440 w/dual 4-barrel cross ram, 4 speed. Fully race prepared w/2,500 miles since construction. Over 530k invested. $24.5k. 415/860-1505. (CA) (Mar) 1983 Porsche 911SC Coupe. Sunroof. Guards red with black leather interior. 77,000 miles. 75k service done w/ updates. Excellent condition thru-out. Garage kept. $19,000 negotiable 917/620-8158 (NY) (Mar) 1965 Apollo Convertible. Unique, like new, stored 36 years. 150 total miles. Original paint, upholstery, brightwork, tires. 2001 AACA National 1". $99,000. 503/227-3892; renovprop@msn.com (OR) (Mar) 1947 Bugatti 73C. Chassis/Engine 73002. Coachwork: Monoposto. Blue. Engine: 4cyl. 70x95mm, 1462cc, plain 5-bearing crankshaft, twin OHC each operating 8 valves. Supercharged. Transmission: Dry multiplate clutch, separate all-synchro 4-speed gearbox. Tire size 5.00x18. Museum exhibited. Only 3 existing, USS350,000. Alberto Lenz (Mexico) FAX 011/525/55606-6568 e-mail: clasicar@prodigy.net.mx (Mexico) (Mar) 2000 Camaro SS SLP Edition Convertible. Boosted to 330 horsepower, aluminum SS wheels, Auburn High Torque Performance Differential. 5 year war. Only 13,200 miles. 524,00005. Canadian built American torque king. Call 519/2842763. (Canada) (Mar) 1987 Ferrari 328 GTB. S/N 70147. The Centerpiece Display Car at 2001 Concorso  Italian°. Pristine condition. White with red leather interior. All book and records from  new, 61k miles, 8 cyl, 5 spd, AC, CD, PIN, PB, PDL. Lease for 5440/mo. OAC or purchase  for $39,900 OBO. Chris Hoskins 714/470-6400 (CA) (Mar)  1991 Oman 850i. VVBAEG1319MCB42251, Traction Control, nonsmoker, garaged California car from new, White/Gray, 114k mi, Factory original with Dinan installed upgrades: 2 Engine Chips, Intake Manifold, Stage Three Suspension System, Dinan/ Bilstein Shocks, 17x9.5 Oman Road Wheels, new Goodyear Eagle suspension parts included. 529.5k OBO Robert Canepa 510-387-2328. Rcanepa@aol.com (CA) (Mar) 1976 Lancia Scorpion. Silver, Red Leather, 5-speed, Monza Exhaust. Na Rust.  1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 (SAW 32) Barker Pullman Limousine. Body-  This rare car looks and runs great. $5,900. PH:952/835-3387 (evenings and  weekends), e-mail rkrivo@mn.rr.com (MN) (Mar)  car. Less than 300 miles since restoration. In family over 25 years. $49,950. Nicola, 440/967-0022. (OH) (Mar) off restoration. Dark brown/tan. Leather padded roof. Tan West of England cloth to rear.  Brown Connolly Leather front. Mother of Pearl appointments, exquisite wood. Great tour  1999 Featherlite Car Hauler. 8.5x20 feet. Beaver tail, side door, weight distribution hitch assembly and bars, spare tire, sway control. Under 5,000 miles. $6,900, 865/376-8673 (TN) (Mar) 1967 VW Sedan. Show Winner. Savannah Beige restored with respect for stock  condition. 1600cc single port. Must see. Details too numerous to list. $9,500 firm. D.  Vierra. 415/751-4644 (CA) (Mar)  1984, Trike Corvair, completely rebuilt, 140+ hp w/ 4 Weber carbs., new AT, brakes, tires, AWFM, CB, runs and looks great, tri-flake paint, lots of chrome, multiple trophy winner, health forces sale, $18,000 OBO, rjb786@webtv.net 541/957-9461 (OR)(Oct) Cars sell in the Sports Car Market Showcase Gallery. Have a full-color photo of your car and a 25-word description in SCM for as little as $44/mo. Also, receive an Internet bonus: all Showcase Gallery ads are placed on SCM On-Line at no extra charge! See the Classified Order Form between pages 72 & 73 for more information about placing your ad.

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CONSIGN YOUR CAR OR MOTORCYCLE TODAY! tIM 1--my'versary  And the 6th_ 0071mil_u_cd AUBURN CORD DUESENBERG 45e s v 6 14fe( MAY 3 , 4 & 5 2002 , E'CE TOMOTIVE & TRUCK 2 Sei t Cy_eie_T 1,000 Collector Cars & Motorcycles Expected To Auction REGISTER TODAY TO BID AT THE AUBURN SPRING MOTORFAIR AUCTION! 800.968.4444 I --t- J1 cSatulitlaft,  4 Held in conjunction with the Kruse Auburn Spring MotorFair Auction Register your bike with: AGO Festival, Inc. P.O. Box 6019 Auburn, Indiana 46706 Phone: 260.925.3600 Website: acdfestival.org E-mail: acdfestivalOctInet.com Fax: 260.927.7200 Proceeds of CycleFest 2002 will benefit The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. The National Automotive 6 Truck Museum and Habitat lot Humanity. Special Motorcycle Auction Saturday, May 4', 2002 from 5-6pm Kruse Auction Park - Auburn, Indiana • "The Classic Car Capital of The World" www.kruseintemational.corn

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Motors,. presents M otors :I I 1  1011 CA 1  /C2 a music 1 1 la Or C011A-1 of dr, o' ,,,,isit  )1,N, MANDMAY BAY La8 produced by 1CIVE (_,,n.ignments Being Accepted for: Collector Vehicles, Automobilia and Nitisic Collectibles. 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500 111. 400 Cars Saturday Night Beach Party eBay/Kruse & Mandalay Bay invite you to attend a fabulous party with a National Act after the Auction on Saturday June It PUBLIC WELCOME 2001 Ferrari Modena 360 Spider Registered Bidders inti Consignors Admitted FREE Friday Night Vintage Instruments & Music Memorabilia Auction 1941 Willys Coupe Vendor applications being, accepted now. Contact Angela at 800.968.4444 ext. 292 al  111.11 V.1111,' di tilt' Way/ To Comgign  1929 Duesenberg o this Wald C/a gg Afictiongl Collector Car OUF 161:111:7 Pgiff  nadayides May 3i - June 2H, 2002 OLD CAR 0114*41k Durham Phaeton t; Call Kruse for Special Consignment & Bidder's Discount Travel Packages. 800.968.4444 kruseinternational.com

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Don Williams and Richie Clyne Present The 16th Annual "THE A Being held at the IMPERIAL PALACE HOTEL & CASINO, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Antique, Classic & Special Interest Automobile Auction & Exposition Sale April 19th thru 21st, 2002 Over 350 Automobiles Expected! ft 1939 Packard 180 Darrin Convertible Victoria "NO RESERVE" 1959 Jaguar XK 50 Roadster "NO RESERVE" 1957 BMW lselta "NO RESERVE" 1936 Packard Standard 8 Pheaton "NO RESERVE" 1928 Rolls-Ro■ cc Piccadilly Roackter "N() RESERVI:" 1938 Packard 1608 Transformable Town Car "NO RESERVE" 1938 Lincoln V-I2. Zephyr Limousine "NO RESERVE" 1937 Packard 1 ,. 07 V-12 Convertible Coupe "NO RESERVE" For further information please contact us at: The Auction Inc. 3535 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Tel: (702) 794-3174 Fax: (702) 369-7430 www.VegasAuction.com 1937 Packard 1508 V-12 Convertible Sedan "NO RESERVE"