1959 Porsche 356A Super Cab

In 1959 Porsche concluded the run of the 356A cars, with their distinctive “droopy” front fenders, lower headlights and low bumpers.

Even though the Cabriolet appears to share thepanels of the Speedster, in fact their bodies have almost nothing in common. In further contrast to the Spartan Speedster, the Cabriolet was built with a taller windscreen and raised top frame to accommodate drivers of normal stature, roll-up windows and more comfortable seats. The Cabriolet has the dash and fittings of the coupe, rather than the hooded three-dial instrument panel and austere interior trim and accessories of the Speedster. The luxurious, fully padded top of the Cabriolet is also in stark contrast to the Speedster’s simple unlined cloth top.

Approximately 3,367 356A Cabs were built during its four-year life span (1956-59) and the refined and elegant Cabriolet proved to be nearly as popular as the Speedster. In the US, where the weather was agreeable and racing was a part of the intended use, the Speedster was king. In Europe, the Cabriolet far outsold its stablemate. As a more useable and multi-purposed car, the Cabriolets have always been highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

The example pictured here has benefited from a thorough restoration, which has included a fully rebuilt Super 1600 engine and new tan paintwork with the correct black leather interior. We understand that this lovely example is in fully sorted mechanical condition, is cosmetically excellent and an overall very solid example.