Based on the chassis of a 4.2 litre E-Type Jaguar, the Pirana was coachbuilt by Bertone as the only fully-functional concept car on display at the 1967 Earls Court Motor Show. The fastback two-seater was originally commissioned by John Anstey, publisher of the English Weekend Telegraph, who insisted the car be built from parts already in production, and that all the latest aids to safety, comfort and performance should be built into it, so that it could be considered a fully operable car.

Much of the design work was carried out behind closed doors, by only Nuccio Bertone and his chief stylist Marcello Gandini. In the end, Bertone gave the car an abbreviated Kamm tail and an overall length of just over 15 feet (making it slightly shorter than the E-Type 2-plus-2). The unique design of the Pirana is often credited as having inspired the Lamborghini Espada that was produced by Bertone just one year later.

“We’re very excited to have the Pirana as part of our showcase this year,” said Tom McDowell, President of Concorso Italiano. “It serves as a prime example of Bertone’s design craftsmanship and is an excellent addition to our 100th anniversary celebration. The company was responsible for producing some of the most exciting, beautiful, and historically important automobiles.”

Concorso Italiano is revered as the world’s largest car show of exotic Italian automobiles, combining sophistication, taste and affluence with all the cultural elements of Italian style, including music, cuisine, fashion, and travel. This August 17, the 27th edition of the Concorso will kick off the traditional Monterey-Pebble Beach weekend portion of the internationally famed Monterey Car Week festivities. Spectator event tickets and limited VIP Fan Club packages are currently available online at

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