As a tribute to hot rod pioneer Robert Petersen, the AHRF will air segments of the interview it conducted in 2004. The video vignettes can be seen every Tuesday and Friday (at 2pm PDT) at

Robert Petersen passed away on Friday, 23rd March. Petersen’s contribution to hot rodding and the auto industry as a whole is legendary. To his contemporaries, he was a man driven to succeed but a man who had a humble side.

For us and generations to come we are blessed that the Petersen Automotive Museum will continue to carry his legacy guided by his close, loyal friend and confidante Dick Messer.

His passing drives home the importance of our mission here at the foundation: to preserve and promote hot rod history. While our filmed interview of Mr. Petersen ,and the story he tells, is but a part of this important hobby and culture, it is none-the-less a story that will be preserved forever.

Robert Petersen also appeared in Deuce, the documentary on the 32 Ford. This is available at

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