Fred Phillips, of Calgary, Alberta, sent in an email about his Sunbeam Tiger prototype:

I first saw a Tiger when I was only interested in muscle cars. My thoughts were “What an odd-looking, short car.” The car stopped at a traffic light and I pulled up beside it, this was not a stock Tiger, as it clearly had headers and an aftermarket camshaft. The rumble left an indelible impression.
Years later I saw an ad for the Tiger prototype. One look at those fins and I was sold. There is something about the taillights and fins on the early cars. My car was built with a 2-speed automatic transmission and a 260 and there really is something missing—-a clutch and a couple more gears—-but due to the history of the car, I’d never change it.

Fast, fun, functional and simple, that pretty much sums up a Tiger for me. Did I mention I like the Fins?

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