Loren Hulber sent in an email about his 2009 Callaway Corvette:

I am a long time subscriber to SCM and Corvette Market, and growing up in Detroit made me a “car guy” my entire life.  Now living in Pennsylvania, I have a collection of about a dozen cars including classics, sports cars, hot rods, muscle cars and motorcycles.  I have had many Corvettes, and when the latest ZR1 was rumored, I immediately went to my local Chevrolet dealer and got an agreement for their first ZR1 at MSRP.

Excited about this awesome car, I attended the ZR1 Reveal at the Detroit Auto Show as part of the National Corvette Museum contingent where we saw the first ZR1 and met the ZR1 product and engineering team.  Boy, was I pumped up!  The day after ZR1 dealer allocations were announced, I received a call from my Chevy dealer, but they were advising that they just missed the cut and would not be getting any ZR1s.  What a letdown!

My choices now were to bid on the wild prices that the first ZR1s were going for or look at other options.  I made the decision to buy a Callaway Corvette convertible with supercharged LS3 engine developing 580 horsepower, Honker air induction, and Double D exhaust. A complete spec sheet and photos are attached. What a Corvette and what performance! And the icing on the cake is that the top goes down for summertime fun with the wail of that supercharger cranking out 580 ponies!

Now I still think the ZR1 is a fantastic car, but I could not be happier than with my Callaway Corvette, which received a Star Award in the Supercar Class at the 2009 Concours d’Elegance of the Eastern United States. Janet Guthrie, first woman to race in the Indianapolis 500, accompanied me on the Concours Road Tour and she could not have more impressed.

So sometimes, a surprise twist in the road leads to an even more rewarding outcome! Today’s Corvettes are world-class performance cars and the team at Callaway definitely takes them to the top of the class!

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