MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA (June 1, 2009) – For over twenty years, Concorso Italiano has been the place to go to see great Italian cars during the Monterey Historic week. This year, it will be better than ever. Under new ownership, it has moved to the beautiful Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, right across the highway from the Laguna Seca racetrack. There is plenty of free parking; no tedious bus rides.

BONUS! Concorso Italiano has just announced that they will be extending their current early bird pricing through the end of June! Take advantage of this and sign up today at Concorso will be the go-to Italian car event in Monterey.

And as always, the event has a full roster of designers and noteworthy people attending. Here is a partial list of special guests:

-Tom Tjaarda
-Matteo Fioravanti
-Luca Fioravanti
-Valentino Balboni
-Lilli Bertone
-Michael Robinson
-Jay Leno

In addition to the special guests, Concorso will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of DeTomaso, and the 25th anniversary reunion of the Ferrari 288 GTO.

Clubs support Concorso: Italian car owners are voting with their cars, and their cars will be at Concorso in August. This is the long list of Italian car clubs that have pledged their support for Concorso:

-Ferrari Club of America-Pacific Region
-Ferrari Owners Club
-Lamborghini Club America
-Pantera International
-FIAT America Car Club
-Iso and Bizzarrini Owners Club
-Allante Club
-Lamborghini Owners Club

Don’t miss out. Be a part of the new Concorso Italiano today.

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