Marriage may be 50/50, but Corvettes don’t have to be

Married for 36 years, Rick and Sandy Jensen share everything from closets to
bills, but when it comes to their Corvettes, it’s every man and woman for

Rick, a devout car fanatic for as long as he can remember, brought his love
of Corvettes to their relationship, and his enthusiasm quickly rubbed-off
onto his wife.

“I always knew he was a fast car guy. Our first date was at the Martin,
Mich., US 131 drag strip where you could race muscle cars,” Sandy explained.
“Rick and his friends had their own 1/4 mile on a dead end street where they
would compete. I was not allowed to ride when they raced, but I stood on
the side lines and watched him win!”

Rick reminisced that as their relationship grew, he and Sandy would forgo
traditional “dinner and a movie” date nights to attend cars shows – wishing
and wanting to someday own a Corvette of their own.

Their desire led the couple to what some may call the Corvette enthusiast’s
Mecca, ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales in Napoleon, Ohio, 35
miles southwest of Toledo. ProTeam showcases the largest inventory of
classic Corvettes in the world with 200 vehicles worth more than $15 million
on display.

“As you walk past the Corvettes, your mind returns to a place you thought
you had forgotten. You reawaken memories. You relive fantasies,” said Rick.

At least one Corvette from each generation of production is on hand, and
restorers and enthusiasts can find a vehicle in any variety of conditions –
from project car to a fully-restored award winner. And these classics
aren’t just for looks – they’re for sale to the right owner.

“Our customers are enjoying life and their money. A Corvette is not only a
smart investment, but something they’ll really enjoy, and collect memories
from, too,” said T.C. Cooley, one ProTeam’s most successful salespersons.

The Jensens had made the three-hour pilgrimage from their home in South
Haven, Mich., to ProTeam on five separate occasions since 2001, and with
each visit their yearning to buy a classic Corvette grew.

“If you visit ProTeam, there is no guarantee you will purchase a Corvette,
but if you have the means to do so, you’ll be tempted!” Rick said. “Our
visits to ProTeam have been phenomenal. Each time we met a different sales
person, and we learned a little more about Corvettes. If you’re a Vette
person, or just an automotive enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to visit

Finally, on March 11, the Jensens’ Corvette craving was simply too much to
bear. It was Sandy’s birthday, and she knew exactly what she wanted.

Sandy had her eyes on a 1966 silver small block, automatic, air-conditioned
coupe, while Rick took a liking to a 1996 maroon 390 horsepower big block
coupe. And although it was Sandy’s special day, she was willing to reach a
compromise with her husband. They bought both.

“We went in there with the intention of just buying one car, but in the back
of my mind, I knew we might buy two,” Rick said coyly. “The second Corvette
was still part of Sandy’s present. It was a guarantee that Sandy had a
Corvette to drive.”

“Well, I think Rick used my birthday as an excuse to get himself the Vette
he always wanted, you won’t hear me complaining, I got one too!” Sandy

While some collectors are known to park their cars in a garage, taking them
out once a year for a jaunt around the block, the Jensens held no such

“I drive my Vette once a week in poor weather and every chance I get in good
weather,” Rick said. “And Sandy drives hers every weekend.”

“Our five-year old grandson, Parker, calls the Vettes Nanny and Papa’s
racecars!” laughed Sandy.

Relationship experts may contend a successful marriage is founded upon
mutual love and respect, but, as Rick and Sandy Jensen know, the true road
to marital bliss is found behind the wheel of a classic Corvette.

“I used to think I was the bigger enthusiast,” said Rick. “But Sandy might
take that title now!”

About ProTeam
ProTeam has many award winners on the roster. Vehicles have been on
display at major auctions and Corvette gatherings around the United States.
Fully restored, renovated Corvettes, formerly owned by ProTeam, have been
awarded with many National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) Top Flight
Awards, Bloomington Gold Awards and Best of Show honors and have been
featured at Corvette events across America, including the Bloomington Gold
Special Collection as well as Corvettes at Carlisle and the Chicago

ProTeam is leading the industry with its money-back guarantee that puts
Corvette enthusiasts, especially those who cannot visit their showroom,
behind the wheel of their dream car much faster and without the risk of
other dealerships or individuals sellers.

Through the use of the Internet, ProTeam’s customers can span the globe to
resource their favorite classic courtesy of a user-friendly Web site where
inventory is updated daily with new vehicle listings.

Clientele can be found in all 50 states and more than 40 countries,
including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Malta, Gibraltar, New
Caledonia, Botswana, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates,
Kuwait, Croatia, Taiwan, Argentina, Russia the principality of Monaco and
most countries in Europe. Actors, entertainers, rock legends, racecar
drivers, sports stars and auto industry VIPs are among its thousands of
satisfied patrons.

Visitors are welcome at ProTeam Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST or
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST.

For a group of 10 or more visitors, ProTeam recommends setting an
appointment at least two weeks in advance of your arrival.

And if you’re in the market for adding one of these gems to your collection
of memories, you can call any one of the many experts at ProTeam who will be
more than happy to assist you in your search to relive those days of youth.

To learn more about ProTeam Corvette Sales or its collection, contact
ProTeam at P.O. Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545, call 888.592.5086 or visit

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