Valhalla, NY, May 20, 2008–New car buyers up and down the Eastern seaboard
who wish to avoid aggressive dealership sales tactics and have a support
company handle all the details and paperwork involved in the lease or
purchase of a late model vehicle can now take advantage of Russell Auto
Buying (, a five-year old white glove service that has
extended the scope of its risk-free, no pressure offerings to include
customers from Maine to Florida.

“We are essentially a concierge service for prospective car buyers of
mid-priced ($35K) and higher cars,” said Russell Levine, president of
Russell Auto Buying. “Plus, we offer ultra-competitive prices. For example,
we typically save customers $25 to $75 per month on leases.” But providing
personal attention to the needs of its customers is the reason the company
gets repeat business, Levine said. “Our team of consultants, researchers and
auto financing experts helps customers select the most suitable make and
model; we then obtain it for them at a price below what a dealer would
charge, handle the red tape-and deliver it personally to their doorstep.”

Russell Auto Buying works closely with customers to provide them the same
cars as dealers-from virtually any manufacturer-but without their overhead
costs and commissions. Once a purchase price or lease agreement is
established, Russell Auto Buying handles all the paperwork and a company
representative delivers the car anywhere in the United States. Cars obtained
through Russell Auto Buying can be serviced at any of the manufacturers’

“Many of our clientele know exactly which car they want; others rely on us
to make recommendations,” said Levine. “They come to Russell Auto Buying
because they are fed up with high-pressure sales tactics and prefer an
independent company that will put their satisfaction above all else. What
they get is the car they really want and need at a price not offered by
dealerships which is why the great majority of our customers have always
been repeat buyers.”

For more information, call Russell Auto Buying at 888-777-9190, send e-mail
to or visit their Web site:

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