TULSA, OKLAHOMA (May 12, 2009) — Leake Auction Company just announced that a 1936 Lincoln Boat Tail Speedster once owned by Howard Hughes will be auctioned during their 2009 auction, June 12-14 in the QuikTrip Center in Tulsa. Previously used as his personal limo, Hughes completely redesigned and restructured the limo into a Boat Tail Speedster.

“This is a very unique vehicle, and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to auction it in Tulsa,” said Richard Sevenoaks, president of Leake Auction Company. “Howard Hughes was a very complex man and this car is a reflection of its unique creator.”

Hughes reduced the weight of the vehicle and modified its engine to run up to 100 MPH. It was rumored that Hughes did this to compete in a speed or endurance contest or possibly to develop his version of the concept car. The Lincoln recently completed a body off frame restoration in April 2009 and has been restored both mechanically and cosmetically.

Because of the car’s aerodynamic design, it was able to get close to an aircraft while filming without disrupting the aircraft’s natural airflow. Although there is not a definite reason why Hughes built vehicle, it remains unique and eccentric like its creator. The Lincoln is like a window into the soul of a man who walked the wire between genius and madness.

Many remember Howard Hughes as a wealthy, paranoid recluse. Hughes was in fact an innovative business man. Not only was Howard Hughes a movie producer, mining mogul and a casino owner, he was an avid aircraft inventor and pilot. He set many aviation world records, including his 1938 flight around in the world in a little over 91 hours. Several business dealings in 1960 allowed Hughes’ wealth to reach one billion dollars, a staggering amount for this era.

The 37th annual Leake Collector Car Show and Auction will take place June 12-14 in the QuikTrip Center at Expo Square. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children. Doors open at 9am daily. 750 cars are anticipated.

For more information, visit a href=”http://www.leakecarauction.com”>www.leakecarauction.com.

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