Meet Keith Martin at the Concours d’Elegance of America

Keith Martin returns as emcee for the Concours d’Elegance of America on July 26 in Plymouth, MI. View the three-day schedule of events here. The featured concours classes are as follows:

Pre-War Classes

Motorcycles 1918 – 1929: The Dawn of the Modern Motorcycle
Gas Light: prior to 1914
Jazz Age: 1915 – 1929
Duesenberg Model J
Auburn Cord
American Popular: 1930 – 1942
American Classic Closed: Pre-war, 1929 – 1942
American Classic Open: Pre-war, 1929 – 1942
Pre-war European Classic

Post-War Classes

Muscle Cars: The Pony Cars
American Post-war: 1946 – 1959
European Post-war
Sports Cars

Performance Classes

Super Cars
Racing Through the Ages: Sprint & Midget
Drag Cars

Special Classes

Ferrari Competition Cars
Vintage Bentley
Pierce-Arrows of the Classic Era
Bonneville Streamliners
Auto Show ’55
1980s Dream Cars
Early Japanese Sports Cars

Special Displays

Bizzarrini Spyders

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Tony Piff

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Tony has long trumpeted the virtues of collecting Japanese cars. His daily driver is a 1970 Toyota Hilux — the one with the turn signals on top of the fenders. His popular “Rising Sun” column keeps a pulse on the J-tin market.

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