We received this photo and note from SCMer Don Cooke who delivered our 1974 MG roadster to Albuquerque, NM.

Keith –

My friend Nick and I drove PJ to Albuquerque this morning, with him following in our Audi. The storm which is now rattling the window panes with rain and snow was a bit late in arriving, so we saw a window of opportunity and went for it. It was 217 miles from here to ABQ in beautiful NM weather this morning. The ride back in the Audi was a bit more interesting, but Audis are fantastic in snow and rain.

PJ ran flawlessly at 65-70MPH, with the temp gauge just below normal and the oil pressure at 60PSI. Nice and warm with the heater on. The little 4 banger British engine puts out a pleasant and insistent hum at speed, as if to say….we’re going to get there. No problems at all, except she did spot more oil after the long drive. I’ve had a diaper under her for the oil spots, but I’ve been told by MG people that this is something that is almost normal with these cars. Despite that, I rarely have to top up the oil.

Scott’s son, Kyle, was there to greet us. Their place is a gearhead’s dream with a big garage, lots of tools, and both street and race cars in various states of fabrication. (note the old Caddy Eldorado in the background). Now I hope you can find a way to get the car home expeditiously. It seems Scott and the boys have connections in the car transport business, so I’m hoping you get her soon. Please keep me posted and send me photos when she gets off of the truck. Good luck with the transport.

All the best.

D.C., Durango, CO

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