STAMFORD, CT (May 3, 2007) – Putnam Leasing, the leading luxury and sports car leasing firm in North America, recently announced their top ten most desirable sports cars ever leased for 2007. Whether harkening back to the golden age of sports-racing cars from the mid 1950’s and 60’s or fast forwarding to the blisteringly fast supercars of today, Putnam Leasing has selected the Jaguar D-Type as the top pick for their ultimate wish list for discriminating car collectors.

“Whether collectors are looking for the very best vintage racer or new collectibles that blur past 200 mph in a heartbeat, this list represents the ten most desirable cars ever leased,” says Steven Posner, Chief Executive Officer of Putnam Leasing. “As people look to get the most out of their dollar, we had the opportunity to finance some of the finest cars ever created.”

Serious collectors can call Putnam Leasing when looking for the latest lease programs that provide flexible, advantageous monthly payments customized to each collector’s needs. The cars below were selected based on the year’s hottest collecting trends and every one was leased through a Putnam Leasing program:

1) Jaguar D-Type – One of the auto world’s most recognizable icons, the record-breaking Jaguar D-Type is instantly recognizable with its single large tail fin on the back of its voluptuous aerodynamic coachwork. Fueling collectors’ passion for 1950’s racers, the D-Type set the trend for Jaguar sports car design ever after. To this day, its lines still influence the latest Jaguar XK-R. Built in limited quantity, versions of this sports racing car won Le Mans three times and make it the most desirable collector car leased to date.

2) 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing – Continuing the trend in golden age racers, the 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing makes an incredible styling statement with its innovative wing-like upward opening doors. The fuel injected 150 mph Gullwing was extremely successful on the tracks all over the world and continues to be a benchmark car in the collections of established, serious collectors.

3) 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB “Sefac” Competition Berlinetta – The Sefac Berlinetta was an Italian factory hotrod delivered with special cams and improved carburetion for the track. The supercar of its day, Berlinettas won competitively almost everywhere the beautiful cars were raced, including Le Mans. The amazing vehicle furthered the growing legend of Ferrari.

4) Ferrari 250 Spider – The stylish 250 California Spider joins the above mentioned Ferrari Berlinetta as one of the most coveted vehicles ever leased. Along with the Berlinetta, the 250 Spider’s remarkable looks and performance were responsible for establishing Ferrari as the dominant manufacturer of sensually-designed, provocative high performance GT cars.

5) Porsche 908 K – No gathering of racing cars would be complete without one of the most excellent Porsche racers of all-time. Valued by vintage racing enthusiasts throughout the world, the super lightweight Porsche 908 K was successful in both hill climbs and the greatest of all open road races, the Targa Florio.

6) 1983 Lancia – The gripping Le Mans has always captivated collectors and the cars built to compete in the series are growing in popularity. The 1983 Lancia is one of the rarest of this hallowed group. These turbocharged prototype racers were competitive, well designed, and extremely fast.

7) McLaren F1 – Representing arguably the finest supercar of the late 20th Century, the McLaren F1 is one of the quickest accelerating cars ever. The car possesses unrivaled quality of design, fit and finish in automotive or aerospace production. The sleek three seater V12 McLaren F1 has been clocked at 240 mph.

8) Ferrari Enzo – The Ferrari Enzo blends the best of Ferrari’s GT and F1 engineering capabilities into a red hot modern road car. Offering the best performance available and uniquely designed looks, this dynamic car is already assured a legendary place among the finest creations in Modena.

9) Bugatti Veyron – The pinnacle of automotive luxury and technological achievement, Bugatti Veyron specifications speak for themselves. The latest creation from the company famous coachbuilder Etorre Bugatti founded in 1908 boasts a 1001-horsepower engine and an ethereal top speed of 255 mph.

10) Ferrari F430 – Ferrari’s smallest model is also its most serious road car. The 483 horsepower mid-engine F430 is the spearhead of Ferrari’s GT2 production car racing effort in Europe and North America were it has already claimed victory in the difficult 2007 Sebring 12 hour endurance event. Its competition proven engine, transmission and chassis dynamics systems reward the F430’s driver with shattering performance.

As is standard with all leases, monthly prices are subject to change based on down payment options. Serious collectors can call Putnam Leasing at any time to discuss various price options. Figures will be quoted based on credit approval by lender’s primary financial institution. From financial incentives and flexibility, to tax savings and deductibility, Putnam offers competitive leasing programs to discriminating auto aficionados.

Putnam Leasing, established in 1983 and headquartered in Stamford, Conn., is one of the longest-running and experienced companies in the United States to lease exotic and classic cars. With regional offices across the country, Putnam services more than 750 dealers throughout the U.S. and will customize a lease on luxury, exotic, and collector cars for any vehicle, regardless of brand. For additional information on vehicle financing and services or to contact Putnam Leasing, call 800-278-0071 or visiting the company website at

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