Normal, IL – Registration is now open for the SURVIVOR(r) Collector Car Show presented by Bloomington Gold on Sunday, June 28, 2009, at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL.

“As America’s only car show devoted exclusively to unrestored original collector cars of all makes and models, the SURVIVOR Collector Car Show is a great venue to see original cars that have escaped the wear and tear, restoration and modifications typical of most collector cars over 20 years old,” said CEO David Burroughs.

Now in its second year, the expanded Collector Car Show will offer three registration options for car owners. The first is a new recognition area with an awards approach that is both educational and unique in terms of presentation. By providing on-the-spot recognition for outstanding preservation, owners and fans can immediately see what “original” really looks like. Numerous special interest awards will also be presented, and the climax of the day will reveal the winners of what may become the most prestigious preservation award in history: The ZZenith. Register now at

“This year’s outstanding preservation awards are the first step in our evolution toward SURVIVOR Certifications(r) in 2010,” added Burroughs. Consistent with the SURVIVOR tag line phrase, “worn in, but not worn out,” the Fords, GMs, Mopars, Ferraris and countless other vehicles on display will likely fit that apt definition “worn in” but certainly not “worn out.” Each collector car brings back strong memories in the minds of the attendees strolling by.

The second area – an extended display area – will allow owners not interested in awards to still showcase their unrestored cars and share their favorite memories.

Lastly, a buy/sell area next to the awards field will give enthusiasts the opportunity to buy and sell unrestored collector cars at the show. To qualify, the cars must be over 20 years old, more than 50% unrestored and in good condition. It is not intended for customs or what may be considered simply “used cars.”

For more than 30 years, Burroughs has recognized the need to reward car owners who strove to preserve their car’s originality. In 1978, he introduced the GoldCertified(r) standard by which expert judges assess a (restored or unrestored) Corvette’s authenticity and condition. It is GoldCertified if it appears to remain within 95% of what it looked like on the day it left the factory: no better, no worse, no different. To give owners an incentive not to restore or recondition vehicles that didn’t need it, Burroughs developed a new judging process in 1989 that awarded SURVIVOR status to un-restored Corvettes that could meet a national standard for un-restored cars. They needed to be at least 20 years old, pass a 20-mile road test, remain less than 50% restored or refinished, and retain over 50% of their original factory finishes in nearly new condition. A year later Bloomington Gold conducted the first SURVIVOR Corvette show using these standards. Its success was not only great among Corvettes, but the entire collector car industry began to use the term SURVIVOR generically like other American brands like Xerox(r) and Scotch(r) tape.

In 2008, Burroughs expanded the SURVIVOR concept to all makes and models. The first event of this new vision kicked off last year as the SURVIVOR Collector Car Show. An amazing total of 128 entries parked on the beautiful fairways of Pheasant Run golf course – possibly the largest collection of unrestored collector cars assembled in history.

“The SURVIVOR Certification program and events allow vehicles to serve not only as an incredible research library for restorers to conduct more accurate restorations, but it also provides an incentive to think twice before improving preserved cars,” added Burroughs.

Pre-registration for the SURVIVOR Collector Car Show closes June 1, 2009. To learn more, including how to become a judge and vehicle eligibility/certification standards, call 309.888.4477 or visit

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