Milan. October 25th, 2007 –Shaping the present, yet grounded in tradition. This philosophy always has distinguished Bentley Motors and is strongly reflected in the new site of Bentley Milano to be opened today in the presence of Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen, President of Bentley Motors, the brothers Antonio and Raffi Seferian, heads of the Carcomauto Group, of which the Milan dealership is a part, Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Member of the Board – Engineering of Bentley along with Christophe Georges, Regional Director Europe and Luca Marzio Garavaglia, manager of the stunning new venue.

Since the marque was established over eight decades ago in 1919, each and every Bentley has been an example of how an ingrained sense of traditional craft and contemporary engineering and design go hand-in-hand to create an exceptional car desired by enthusiasts the world over. Ten years after having become part of the VW Group, Bentley has achieved renewed vigor and growth: not only are the new models of the extended range among the most coveted in their respective segments, the enlarged distribution network allows for greater performance and efficiency.

The new site of Bentley Milano, situated in Viale Renato Serra 61, is a convincing example of this careful transformation. It showcases Bentley´s growing presence in Italy´s north and will further propel sales that have already ranked the Milan office second among all the marque´s distributors in Continental Europe between January and September of this year. The new venue is – one might say – the feather in the cap of Carcomauto, the company that has over the last 50 years very successfully sold and serviced cars from Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley (since 2000).

The new Milan headquarters blends traditional and modern elements into a harmonious whole. The generous, light-filled showroom invites customers to enjoy an ambiance created by the refinement of fine wood and the purity of glass and highlighted by polished, matte and chromed steel – elegant materials that pay homage to what a Bentley is all about. The models on show are presented on a “catwalk” made of olive wood. The customer area is imbued with the Bentley aura of crafted excellence down to the information counters and workspaces. The Bentley workshop, located right by the public space is defined by technology and innovation.

The idea behind the unusual proximity of these areas was to keep the “separation” of a customer from his beloved car as short as possible, be it for servicing, repairs or an update of on-board electronics. The personnel – specifically trained by Bentley – are outfitted with the most modern equipment in order to take care of the complete range of the British car maker. Along with servicing the registered cars of the customer base as well as the pre-owned models waiting for a new enthusiast, the workshop force also prepares the newly arrived models to Italian specifications and takes care of the vintage cars (including Rolls-Royce built in Crewe before December 31st 2002).

During the development of this new complex, which also houses the service/after-sales areas of the other Volkswagen family members represented by Carcomauto, Antonio and Raffi Seferian set out to present something absolutely new to the regional car business. The car tower is both stunning and functional, its twelve levels containing 400 electronically controlled parking spaces allowing the cars to be parked and moved via a complex network involving computers, elevators and sleds. This patented system is a rarity in Italy and a compelling example of Carcomauto´s commitment to state-of-the-art technology and quality. The Bentley dealership of Viale Renato Serra 61 welcomes customers alike to stroll around, to study the latest models and check out features and accessories via computer – so vital to ordering a car. Of course, samples of the fine, sensuous leathers and woods used to create the luxurious interior of a Bentley are also on hand to be examined.

Shaped by the present, yet grounded in tradition – this is written into the DNA of every Bentley that leaves production in Crewe and attests to the dedication with which these exceptional cars are designed and engineered for passionate and discerning drivers all over the world. Where before 1000 cars per year left the halls of the manufacturer, today around 9000 units sold each year indicate the great appreciation of Bentley Motors. By the end of September, already some 7800 new Bentleys being delivered to owners throughout the world.

Fascinating new models highlight the legend. And the saga continues: to celebrate the premiere of the new showcase in Milan, the high-performance coupe Continental GT Speed, the most powerful road Bentley ever, will make its Italian debut to a selected opening audience.

We of the North have always admired Italy for its light and lightness. The light of passion at the new Bentley show room in Milan is illuminated by the work-of-art, located in the main courtyard, created by the well-known Italian light designer Jacopo Foggini.

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