There have been some very unique cars come and go from the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds.  With 10 Carlisle-based, automotive-themed events, a wide array of makes, models and styles have been viewed and reviewed by millions of enthusiasts since the company’s inception in1977.  While no one can specifically say what the most unique car ever seen has been, it is fair to say that the seven just announced for Spring Carlisle (April 24-28) will turn heads and have attendees talking.  The vehicles were most recently featured at the famed New York Auto Show and are the brainchild of artist Laurence Gartel. 

Gartel, a New York native, was trained by the legendary Andy Warhol and has been considered the “Father of the Digital Art World” for nearly 40 years.  His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Joan Whitney Payson Museum, Long Beach Museum of Art, Princeton Art Museum, PS 1, Norton Museum, Palm Beach Photographic Center and in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of American History and the Bibliotheque Nationale.  His biography for his pioneering efforts is included in “Who’s Who,” “Who’s Who in the East,” “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s Who in American Art,” and “Who’s Who in the World.”  Along with his great career achievements, Gartel has since branched out into putting his special touch on otherwise ordinary machines via automotive art.

That special touch comes to Carlisle in the form of seven cars, all of which will be on display throughout event weekend.  Cars coming to Carlisle include “Bling,” a 1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille; “Hippie,” a 1975 VW Beetle; “Love Car,” a 1956 Cadillac Sedan DeVille; “Tiger Car,” a 2000 Mercedes Benz S430; “Psychedelic Drive,” a 1982 380SL Convertible; “Green Machine,” a 1963 Chevy truck and “The Aquatic Car,” a 2013 Ford Focus.  Of the seven pieces coming to Carlisle, “The Aquatic Car” and “Bling” will cross the auction block at Spring Carlisle, while “Green Machine” will be up for bid at Fall Carlisle (October 2-6).  In addition, following Spring Carlisle the “Hippe” car will be made available at Auburn Spring (May 9-11), “Love Car” at the Auctions America offering in California (August 1-3) and “Tiger Car” at Auburn Fall (August 29-September 1).  Each vehicle up for auction will be offered with a reserve price.

“I was asked by Zephyrhills AutoFest event manager Jim Brady to be part of Spring Carlisle,” said Gartel.  “Jim is new to the Carlisle staff but for a long time has been someone who has championed my art and understands what I am trying to convey.  My goal in designing cars like this is to change the way people look at vehicles.  I want them to see cars as not only transportation but as rolling works of art,” continued Gartel.”  What I am offering at Spring Carlisle is for its attendees to have a chance to witness something very unique and very different.  These cars are special to me and I feel that Carlisle is a place where something new can happen.  Seeing these machines will be a revelation for many and I can’t wait to see their reactions.”

The display itself will be positioned at the Carlisle Expo Center beginning Wednesday, with Gartel attending the event as well.  Photos and interviews with Gartel are possible via coordination with Mike Garland, Media Specialist at Carlisle Events. 

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