The Worldwide Group, a leader in the vintage automobile auction industry, announced today that it has produced and published a video tribute to John F Kennedy in preparation for its sale of the 1964 Cadillac Miller Meteor hearse which carried President Kennedy from Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas to Air Force One on November 22, 1963. They also announced that Mr. McElroy, one of the key eye witnesses to the historic series of events and former employee of the O’Neal Funeral Home will appear with the hearse during the auction weekend.

Kennedy was carried in this 1964 Cadillac Miller Meteor hearse in preparation for his trip home and internment at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

This historic automobile will be offered by The Worldwide Group on May 5th, 2007 at The Houston Classic Auction, part of the Keels and Wheels Concours d’Elegance. In addition, they have published a web site for anyone interested in learning more about the history of the car; .

“This film is a remarkable tribute to the life and legacy of President Kennedy,” said John Kruse, Managing Partner of The Worldwide Group. “He was such a visionary, and while his life might have been taken, no one can take away the dreams that he offered for his country.”

The film contains never-before-seen footage including the tense moments outside of Parkland Hospital and of the hearse as it pulls slowly away on its fateful trip to Love Field with the President, First Lady and Secret Service aboard on November 22, 1963.

“The car is the carriage of a legend,” said Rod Egan, Managing Partner and Auctioneer for The Worldwide Group. “This film shows the car being used for what any American would have thought was an unimaginable journey only hours earlier. Certainly, it is one of the most historic trips ever taken by any automobile.”

The Lincoln open car that Kennedy rode in Dallas currently resides at the Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan having been reconfigured at least once leaving this hearse as the last remaining and truly untouched piece of Kennedy history from that day.

“Having Mr. McElroy there is a tremendous honor for the Worldwide Group as he has piloted this car countless times and was one of the O’Neal Funeral Home employees to be directly involved at Parkland on November 22nd,” Said John Lyons, the Worldwide Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “His story is a powerful one that is sure to capture the interest and fascination of many.”

The web site has been launched both as an educational tool as well as an informational tool for anyone wishing to learn more about the Cadillac Hearse and the significant role it played in the day’s events on November 22nd, 1963. This is the first time this car has ever been offered to the public and interested parties can contact The Worldwide Group by calling 866-273-6394 or by visiting .

For further information or media credentials to attend the event, please log onto .

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