May 23, 2007; The Worldwide Group announced that the 1964 Cadillac Miller Meteor Hearse that Carried President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963 and the only known original copy of the death certificate for President Kennedy will be auctioned off simultaneously on Ebay by The Worldwide Groups’ Online Division.

The 1964 Cadillac Miller & Meteor Hearse has been in the headlines lately with the recent Worldwide Group auction in Houston Texas. Offered for the first time ever is the only known copy of the death certificate.

“These are two very important items that are being sold,” said Rod Egan, Auctioneer for The Worldwide Group “eBay management has been very helpful in assisting in the process of launching these landmark auctions and we are very thankful for their assistance and recognition of the importance of these auctions.”

Kennedy memorabilia experts know that there are two errors or omissions on the original death certificate which was issued and signed Vernon O’Neal from the O’Neal Funeral Home in Dallas Texas. The Kennedy family received a copy, the O’Neal Funeral home retained a copy, the original was filed with the city of Dallas, Texas and one copy was given to the same individual who is selling it in this auction.

The errors and omissions in the original certificate resulted in the O’Neal Funeral Home issuing a corrected certificate and all but this copy of the original certificate having been lost or destroyed. Certain parts of the certificate will be blocked out on the auction to prevent unauthorized duplication of the historic document.

“This is the only copy of the original death certificate in existence. According to the owner, both the original and the other copies were destroyed,” said John Kruse, Worldwide’s Managing Partner. “The seller received this copy from Mr. O’Neal personally in December, 1963.”

Both auctions are scheduled to start at noon (EDT) Thursday, May 24th and continue for ten days carrying, very appropriately, through the Memorial Day weekend.

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