For fairly obvious reasons, few Mercedes-Benz cars reached Britain or America in the late 1930s, which was our loss because, then as now, the company made superb, technically advanced motorcars. Introduced in 1932, the 200 series was unusual for the time in that it had all independent suspension, by transverse leaf spring at the front and by coil springs at the rear. Its six-cylinder engine was mated to a four-speed gearbox of unusual competence and several body styles were available.

Two wheelbases were available and the car we are proud to offer has the 120" long wheelbase configuration which was introduced in 1934. Total production for all 200 models was only 15,622 units so, today, any 200 is a comparatively rare car. No detailed production records exist since the car was assembled at Mercedes-Benz's Mannheim plant which did not survive the war, but it is reasonable to assume that the long wheelbase cabriolet "B" is among the rarest of the 200 variants.

This particular motorcar was first registered in Britain in 1937, prior to which Coys believe it was owned by the German embassy but kept on diplomatic plates. It has recently undergone a complete restoration which included regrinding the crankshaft and fitting new pistons, valve springs, glass, upholstery, interior cloth and so on. The car was re-wired and all electrical components were overhauled. The body was stripped to the bare metal and it was then sprayed in the correct shade of dark blue cellulose, as it was originally, and the underside was waxed and sealed. It comes with the original handbook.

It is in very fine showroom condition.

SCM Analysis


Vehicle:1934 Mercedes-Benz 200 B

$33,000 was not enough to cause the owner of this 200 to part with it at the 11 May [1995] Coys Auction. While the bid may not have reflected the amount spent by the owner on restoration, still it was respectable enough in the current market. These pre-war Mercedes Cabriolets are an acquired taste with a limited following, and will remain that way. – ED.

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