The first Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta with a 240cm wheelbase, later nicknamed SWB (for short wheelbase), was shown at the Paris Motor Show held in October 1959. It was still very much a prototype but the complete finished car was ready for the Turin and Geneva Shows held a few months later. Pininfarina was responsible for the design but the cars were made by Scaglietti. There were three versions: the SEFAC variant purely for racing with an all aluminum body, plexiglass side and rear windows, a tuned engine, outside gas filler etc.; an alloy-bodied version with some comp features; and a more luxurious street version with a steel body. According to Jess Purret’s book ‘Ferrari 250 GT Competition,’ the car we pictured here was built in June 1961 as a competition car. It is one of 23 superlightweight racing Coupes and has a long racing history. At some time during its life, the car suffered engine damage and is now equipped with an engine from a SWB California Spider, having been swapped by the person who owned both cars at that time. Attempts are being made at present to purchase the other car or swap the engines again.

SEFAC variant S/N 2725 was restored and successfully raced in American historic races by its former owner Chuck Reid. The engine was rebuilt and tuned by the famous restoration shop of Phil Reilly; in its present stage this 3-liter engine has an output of 296bhp at 7,400rpm. The car is well sorted out. It is very fast, competitive and ready to be raced immediately.

Many pictures and documents from the car racing in 1961/62 are available. Past races include: 1961, Le Mans 24 Hours, DNF; 1961, Clermont-Ferrand 6 Hours, 9th OA, 5th GT; 1961, Pescara 4 Hours, 4th OA, 1st GT; 1962 Daytona 3 Hours, 12th OA, 2nd GT; 1962, Sebring 12 Hours, 4th OA, 2nd GT; 1962, Riverside 6 Hours, 1st OA, 1st GT, driven by Ken Miles; 1962, Laguna Seca, 1st GT, Ken Miles; 1962, Pomona, 1st OA, 1st GT, Ken Miles; 1962 Reno, 1st OA, Ken Miles.

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Vehicle:1961 Ferrari 250 GT Competition SEFC SWB

On 5 May 1989, at the Eric Traber/Al Guggisberg Sportscar Auction in Geneva, a bid of $1,700,000 wasn’t enough to cause the owner to part with his car. Reserve was announced to be $2,800,000.

Current market for SEFAC 250SWBs is in the $900,000 – $1,200,000 range. This car was purchased by its current owner for about $765,000. SWBs are among the true, blue-chip Ferraris, and although fully priced at the moment, represent a decent long-term investment opportunity. – ED.

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