1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica

5029 SA is to me the most beautiful Superamerica, a Coupé Aerodynamico with covered headlights


The 400 Superamerica was launched in 1959. It featured a Colombo V12 displacing 3,967 cc and also boasted disc brakes, a first for Ferrari’s road cars. Over the course of a five-year “production” run, only 47 cars in two series (short- and long-wheelbase) were constructed.

These were very much bespoke automobiles, built to order. The demanding clientele at whom the 400 Superamerica was aimed had a wide choice of finishing details on their cars. No two Superamericas are exactly the same, and variations are both small and large. The appeal of the fabulous cars brought owners ranging from Nelson Rockefeller to Aga Khan, Gianni Agnelli to Enzo Ferrari himself.

5029 SA is among the rarest examples of the Ferrari 400 Superamerica, the Series II long-wheelbase, covered-headlight Coupe Aerodynamico. Delivered new in Italy, it was finished in elegant Grigio Argento (silver gray) with a red leather interior. By the early 1980s, this Superamerica had come to the U.S. and was painted dark blue with black.

In 1998, 5029 SA was sold in Switzerland, and shortly thereafter a full restoration was carried out by some of the most respected European specialists. This included bodywork by Carrozzeria Zanasi in Maranello, Italy, while Tappezzeria Luppi in Modena retrimmed the interior. Mechanicals were handled in Nyon, Switzerland, by Ferrari (Suisse) SA. Work was completed on the restoration in 2002.

Returned to its original colors of silver gray and red leather seats, 5029 SA was exercised the way powerful, capable cars such as this should be, successfully completing the Coppa Milano-Sanremo rally in 2004. It was sold at auction in December of 2005 to the present owner.

The Superamerica is ultra-rare, very expensive, very fast, and built for a demanding and exclusive clientele. The low grille opening, covered headlights, and long sloping rear deck combine with the double curvature of the windshield and rear window to give the car a taut, muscular look in keeping with its performance capability. Inside, the lavish interior and thickly bolstered seats coddle the passengers in sumptuous Italian hides fit, quite literally, for a king.

1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica is in superb condition. It is the desirable long-wheelbase Series II configuration, which provides more interior comfort and legroom-a welcome improvement on tours and rallies. It is equipped with the original number-matching engine. A proven performer in vintage rallying, this 400 Superamerica will now, as when new, put its new possessor into a very select group of people and provide a sublimely memorable ownership experience.

Steve Ahlgrim

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Steve taught high school auto shop before moving to Atlanta, GA, where his love of sports cars led him to FAF Motorcars, the former Ferrari dealer where he served as General Manager and Vice President. He has been a self-proclaimed “one-trick pony,” coveting the Ferrari marque. He has been involved in concours judging for over 25 years and is a member of the IAC/PFA, an international committee overseeing high-level Ferrari concours judging. He is chief judge of the Celebration Exotic Car Show in Celebration, FL.

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